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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler get you ready for Tuesday’s premiere of the final season of FX’s Sons of Anarchy with a pre-season preview.

In this episode Rob and Josh discuss many of the critical issues heading in to this final season including:

  • What are Rob and Josh’s opinions of the series to date?  What do the guys say are their favorite and least favorite things about the show?
  • What are Rob’s reactions after watching the entire run of the series over the last 2 months?
  • What do Rob and Josh have to say about the huge finale which included the death of Tara at the end of season 6?
  • How do Rob and Josh predict that the series will end?
  • Is Sons of Anarchy going to play out exactly like Hamlet?
  • Who are the characters that Rob and Josh think will die during this season?
  • Which characters do Rob and Josh bet will definitely survive through the end of the show?

Join us LIVE on Tuesday night for the first ever POST SHOW RECAP of Sons of Anarchy.  Ask us your questions about the season premiere and hear our reactions to the start of the Final Season.

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  • hint

    Kurt will realize to this Unser love and he will kill him off in season premiere.

    • Josh Wigler


  • Tom Oosterbroek

    My money is on Jax dying in the series finale, and Samcro being mostly legal.

    But I wouldn’t mind a much darker ending.

  • Linus Wesley

    I’m happy to hear you guys will cover the final season. I love this show for its twists, shockers and hard-to-watch moments, but I agree with Rob about the club politics haven’t always been very engaging. I’m definitely on board with lots of deaths and mayhem as the only way to end the show.

    Did you guys watch the British series Queer as Folk? Jax and Littlefinger are two of the main actors so I thought it would be fun to check it out. I watched the pilot and got a bit more than I bargained for when it contained some very graphic scenes of Jax and Littlefinger in bed together that I now can’t unsee.

  • Banglayna

    just finished binge watching season 1-6 myself, and its so interesting that I have the exact opposite opinion of Rob. Tera was my favorite character (outside of half-sack) from seasons 1-5, and she took a nose dive for me in season 6.