Star Trek Beyond | A Summer Movie Recap

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It’s summer movie season, and Post Show Recaps is bringing you coverage of three of the most recent and most notable blockbusters: Star Trek BeyondGhostbusters and Jason Bourne.

Here, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) discuss the third entry in the rebooted Star Trek film franchise, which sees Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew stranded on a remote planet, squaring off against a mysterious villain with an axe to grind against the Federation. Rob reveals the backstory behind his Star Trek fandom, why he hasn’t loved the “Kelvin Universe,” and how a certain character in the new movie reminds him of a certain contestant on a certain reality show.

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From the Show: Why Is There Star Wars in My Star Trek?

  • Kathie

    No one even planted the Abi-Maria seed in my head prior to seeing the movie, but I couldn’t stop thinking it either. I was so hoping she’d tell someone “if you f- with me you’re dead.”

  • Kathie

    Also, thank you Josh, from this day forward I will now refer to the previous movie as The Khan Job. Did not care for that one.

  • GeekFurious

    In the new Trek trilogy… Star Trek >>>> Star Trek Beyond >>>>>>>>>>> The Khan Job

  • Labelo

    Very fun podcast! I will forever see Jaylah as Abi Maria.

    A few plot notes, since you asked:
    It seemed to me like Uhura heard the similarities in Krall/Edison’s voices. You know, being chief communications officer and all, I guess she’s supposed to be able to pick out things like that.
    As for why Krall started looking more like Edison, it seemed like he began to look more like a human the more humans he life/energy-sucked or whatever we’re calling it.
    If Jaylah comes back it will be because they want more female characters. The original cast is wonderful, but very skewed towards men, something I think the producers are consciously trying to correct. I wouldn’t be mad about it–the unpolished, gruff alien who’s been living on their own and struggles to adapt to civilized society can be a fun trope–but I’m not clamoring for her back.

    • Matthew Murphy

      She’s one of the better female characters had. I’m all for it as long as they’re enjoyable characters.

    • Matt The Golem

      After being instrumental in rescuing the Enterprise crew and saving Yorktown, Jaylah should have been given a little something more than acceptance into Star Fleet Academy.

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    Yes I was thinking about Abi- Maria while watching this movie. I liked this one very much, light years ahead from Into Darkness. Nerd alert. Wolf 359 was a battle between the Federation and the Borg. I had my Trekkie crew in the 90’s, but then again I was into the sci fi, fantasy, anime, comics, video games worlds. DS9 is my favorite Trek series.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I really enjoyed this one. I don’t think Chris Hemsworth will help the box office of the fourth though. He’s box office poison when he isn’t playing an Avenger.


    I, too, was thinking Abi-Maria the whole time – glad to know others noticed it! Rob, your thoughts on all things Star Trek are eerily identical to mine. Glad I finally saw the movie so I could enjoy this podcast – well done, lads!

  • Matt The Golem

    Really hope the series is better than the movie. Most of the actions chase/fight scenes went on far too long for ST.
    And when a song was used to make the bad guys explode all I could think of was: