Star Trek: Discovery | Season 1, Episode 2 Recap, “Battle at the Binary Star”

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“Star Trek: Discovery” Season 1, Episode 2 Recap of  “Battle at the Binary Star” with David Bloomberg

Rob Cesternino is joined by David Bloomberg (@DavidBloomberg) to discuss the climactic second hour of “Star Trek: Discovery”.  Rob & David discuss what the “Battle at the Binary Star” and a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day for Micahel Burnham.

  • Tim Forbes

    I thought the stuff with the Klingons was far more interesting than a lot of the stuff with the main cast/crew members.

  • Dudes this is so LAST YEAR 🙂 ‘…In 2016, the Vulcans made first contact with the Klingons at H’atoria, which resulted in the loss of a Vulcan ship. In all subsequent encounters, the Vulcans fired upon the Klingons on sight, earning the respect of the Klingons and averting war. (DIS: “The Vulcan Hello”)…’

  • Star Trek: Discovery shows us a side of the Federation we’ve never seen

  • wafezhmdc

    The way I see it is, we are looking at a higher resolution version of what the older shows would have shown if they could. Klingons in the older shows were just humans with ridges on their faces because that was all they could afford, but in reality they have always looked like these new Klingons it just would have been too expensive to show it. Same with the tech.

  • Rob Punton

    Rob i love yr podcasts and i think this episode was much better than the first.I am a lifelong Trek fan but i can’t help but feel you guys might be holding ‘Discovery’ to a much higher standard than you typically do for say GOT.

    I think this is much more ‘rogue one’ style Trek. I think serialisation will really help character development and ethical developments. ‘Discovery’ rediscovers the fun of classic trek. One of the major faults in my opinion on TNG was the over use of technology tropes and lauguage in the series. i felt whilst enjoyable as a whole there was a disconnect to humanity. i think a grittier Trek as much as Trek will ever go gritty might be a nice change.

    let’s give the series some space to breath. let’s give it a bit of creative licence as well. i thoroughly enjoyed it. BTW these klingons do look way more badass than Worf or Non classic klingons. i thibk they might grow on you. LLAP

    • Matthew Murphy

      I wouldn’t put fun and Discovery in the same sentence. There weren’t really any enjoyable characters, maybe Soru. Rogue One isn’t anything to strive for as that movie was super depressing with a terrible lead, so not really something that works for Star Trek. The effects were amazing but this should’ve been a sequel series instead of a prequel, that way there you can keep some sembelence of canon.

  • Matt The Golem

    Entertaining ‘cast, excellent mix of data and lore, reference and reverence to canon and nitpicking.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Rob you should review the Orville, it’s the only show on TV right now that’s actually Star Trek and not Battlestar Gallactica. It’s not perfect but you can tell Seth loves Trek and gets it, unlike the writers of STD.

    • TrentC

      Thanks for the advice, just watched the first two episodes of The Orville. Graphics look nice, cast has chemistry, and if you take out the occasional silly jokes, it’s a good sci-fi. Cheers

      • Matthew Murphy

        Glad you like it, episode 4 is my favorite so far. I like that it has a positive vibe and you don’t need to be shooting at everything in sight.

        • TrentC

          I was iffy on episode 3 lol! Some of the scenes sure remind me of a TNG or Voyager episode, down to the incidental music. Seth MacFarlane is paying tribute to Trek, it’s totally apparent.

  • TrentC

    Couldn’t agree more with the questions and nit-picking about Discovery. When you’re dealing with a show that has a 50 year history, I think some respect should be paid to the canonical ideas. Yes, you can flesh out and build upon certain areas, but that doesn’t mean forgetting about and changing the tried and true original rules that were created.

    Enjoyed hearing from David and Rob still finds ways to make me laugh during his reviews.

    Set that toaster on stun, not Burnham!


    I’m with Rob – too much Klingon. Everytime some Klingon starts a big dramatic long soliloquy, I get distracted by wondering how long the actor had to prepare to deliver the lines. They speak so slowly too. You never hear a Klingon having just a regular conversation. They only seem to have one talking speed: dramatic speech mode. I’m actually kind of dreading a whole season of Klingon story lines. I need more Picard. But at least watching is “free” in Canada.

  • In 2016 Vulcans first contact with Klingons lost a Vulcan ship since then Vulcans fired upon Klingons on sight=Hello, why did’t Captain Philippa Georgiou KNOW THIS ??

  • Tom Polite

    This was a fantastic recap. David Bloomberg clearly knows his Star Trek! I hope we get to hear from him a lot more through the course of these recaps!