Star Trek: Discovery | S 1, Ep #3 Recap, “Context is for Kings” with Jon Reed

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“Star Trek: Discovery” Season 1, Episode 3 Recap of Β “Context is for Kings” with Jon Reed

Rob Cesternino is joined by Jon Reed to discuss episode 3 of “Star Trek: Discovery”. Β Rob & Jon discuss the first episode set on board the USS Discovery and why this felt like a second start for the show.

  • Picard picks Riker who was in a mutiny with his old captain, Lorca picks Michael from a mutiny with her old captain…

    Picard and Lorca WANT negative feedback, Pressman and Trump FIRE people who give them negative feedback…

    PICARD: I wanted someone who would stand up to me. Pressman wants blind obedience to his own bad decisions…

    TNG Season 7 Episode 12 PEGASUS Admiral Pressman played by Terry O’Quinn is taken down by Riker and Picard…

    are Lorca and Michael going to bring down the prosecution that convicted Michael of mutiny and the death of Captain G ?

    • Riker didn’t “mutiny” on the U.S.S. Hood. He was just adamant about the Captain not leaving the bridge during a crisis, which he was right about.

      • ok ‘was in’ did not mean mutinied πŸ™‚ ‘with’ his captain would imply which side Riker was on, however it is clarified πŸ™‚ NOTE: i accepted your negative feed back even though it was the antithesis of my original meaning which i poorly expressed πŸ™‚

        • No worries.

          • i often do not explain my idea very clearly at first πŸ™‚
            thanks for clearing up my comment, however this disqust user interface is too unpredictable for me, probably will stop commenting eventually, between my need to edit and the disqust interface, it just is too much trouble πŸ™‚ Rob C and i are friends on FB and follow each other on twitter, so i really do not like this disgust comment method so I QUIT πŸ™‚

          • Ok.

          • Charles Bikle

            Not sure why, but Disqus has recently become a little more intrusive. I think they have a new filter that isolates posts that have certain words like “Hate” or profanity.

          • i wish Charles, i was with disqust in its early days, they made 1984 [orwellian times] look like a pick a nik [yogi bearan times…not sure if you are right that they mellowed out some then clamped down now that words will never hurt me has been abandoned for words will always hurt me, cannot really say what hurts me any more, after 78 years its all a pain

      • and you did not answer the question πŸ™‚ will Lorca and Michael get her conviction overturned ?

      • Dave Mader my point in all my comments is what the writers etc do to manipulate the minds of the fans [viewers] and i really wish they would stop turning down the sound volume on normal conversations, then as soon as you turn up your volume the writers [or whoever] blast some idiotic sound into our delicate tympanic membranes πŸ™‚ why does every scifi show have some nauseating noise going on in the future, where is the sound and vibration analysis engineering progress πŸ™‚ THAT IS WHY I HATE THE TOS !!

        • I agree, regarding the writers. That’s their job after all. I didn’t really notice a problem with the sound mix.

      • actually Riker said: ‘…RIKER: I was seven months out of the Academy, my head still ringing with words like duty and honour. When they turned on him, I thought they were a bunch of self-serving, disloyal officers, so I grabbed a phaser and defended my captain. Two or three others joined us, but it was clear by then that the mutineers had most of the crew behind them. We felt a need to get off the ship. There was a running firefight all the way to the escape pod. About five minutes after we left the ship there was an explosion…’

        • In this example, regarding his time on the Pegasus, he most certainly did not mutiny.

          • absolutely Riker never mutinied, he just protected Pressman, and my guess is Riker was not informed at the time of the original incident that Pressman had violated the treaty with the Romulans or he would never have made the mistake of supporting Pressman during the time when some of the crew tried to stop Pressman from jeopardizing the ship ?? even if Riker had sided with the rest of the crew who stayed on the ship, he probably would have been killed when the cloaking prototype failed ??

  • just my opinion, the fight scene where Michael fights with the prisoners was to put Michael in the image of James T Kirk, in the bar fight where he gets recruited, in the minds of TOS fans…

  • Star Trek and The Beatles went to high school together πŸ™‚ here is a history of their class reunions πŸ™‚

  • just my WEIRD opinion πŸ™‚ star trek writers are skilled at [or addicted to] using imagos: [how many bizarre insect like species have we seen and how many father images, James T Kirk, Michael, Data, and mother images, Geordie, Spock, Michael, do we see making characters act out somehow? ]
    1. (Zoology) an adult sexually mature insect produced after metamorphosis
    2. (Psychoanalysis) psychoanal an idealized image of another person, usually a parent, acquired in childhood and carried in the unconscious in later life

  • Matthew Murphy

    This should’ve just been a sequel and not a prequel. But that’s assuming these writers know/care about what fans want. It’s sad when the parody is more Star Trek than the actual show.

  • Stamets is the Science Officer. Not the Engineer.

  • Rob Punton

    Love the character development, action and story arc. It has a grrat heightened feel. Keep it coming Discovery. Star treks ‘rogue one’ with kid gloves

  • TrentC

    I had similar questions about the breath activated doors, spores and condensation throughout the ship. Is this some sort of giant greenhouse running on dilithium crystals?

    I enjoyed this episode better than the opening two, but still not sure how many steps away from canonical ideas the series can withstand. With the exception of First Officer Scaredy Cat, everyone seems to be a bad guy or harbor some dark secret on Discovery.

    I was hard on Burnham for her actions in the opening episodes. Like Rob, I have to wonder how much of the death and destruction she was actually responsible for. She assaulted her commanding officer and disobeyed a direct order. But she never did fire a shot at the Klingons. So is she to blame for the 8000+ deaths on the other ships, or would the conflict have played out exactly the same way regardless of what they did?

    I wonder where Sarek has been during the past six months while her life was being ruined?

  • will Lorca and Michael get her conviction overturned ?

    • I’m going to guess no.

      • the judge approved Trumps pardon of sheriff felony in AZ πŸ™‚ who knows what people will do πŸ™‚ OJ is loose…twenty million criminally insane people in the world, only 16 to 18 million are in any kind of detention, 3 million potential mass murders at large, and probably well armed with illegal guns

  • Hornacek

    I don’t know anything about the behind the scenes trouble except that Bryan Fuller was the original showrunner, then he left (quit? fired?) and they reshuffled the show’s direction. Without knowing anything about Fuller’s direction for the show, it really feels like the first 2 episodes were under Fuller’s direction, then episode 3 onward was the new showrunners. It really does feel like 2 different shows, or one show and one sequel show.

    Alien Resurrection had doors that could only be opened by breathing on a scanner and it verified who you were by your breath.

  • Charles Bikle

    Not sure, but I think that creature they encountered might be a (redesigned) Horta, a mostly pacifistic creature from TOS.

  • Charles Bikle

    I don’t think Bryan Fuller has ever worked on a show that I’ve actually liked, so I guess I’m glad he’s gone.

    Especially with the radical shift in quality of the pacing in the 3rd episode was a big improvement over the first 2 shows.

  • just watched after trek for episode four, not sure why however i get a feeling that the klingon couple who snatched the dilithium are going to end up in some future relationship to worf, i know the couple are not in the house of mogh so maybe there is no house of mogh yet or ??

  • ‘…Voq and L’Rell scavenge the dilithium processor from the Shenzhou…’

  • Tom Polite

    The more I see of this show, the more I love it. I know it’s getting a fair amount of criticism but I hope it prevails nonetheless and stays on the air for a few seasons at the least. Another great recap, thanks Rob!