Star Trek: Discovery | S1, Ep #6 Recap, “Lethe” with Angela Bloom

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“Star Trek: Discovery” Season 1, Episode 6 Recap of  “Lethe” with Angela Bloom

Rob Cesternino is joined by Angela Bloom to discuss episode 6 of “Star Trek: Discovery”.  Rob & Angela discuss the 6th episode of Season 1 of Discovery.

  • AT LAST !! someone just talking about the episode 🙂 no canon, just cannon 🙂

    • Matthew Murphy

      Yeah because who cares about established details? When making a prequel details don’t matter!
      Who wants a sequel to build on established history? Just throw it aside I say!

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  • Charles Bikle

    The tech differences between STD and TOS could be explained as the holographic stuff later found to be risky to be on a starship (maybe it’s too easily hacked into or just drains too much power from the ship).

    Alternatively, it’s possible that tech was available during TOS era, but Kirk chose to have those functions removed from the Enterprise, to keep it streamlined for efficiency, plus Kirk tended to be mildly distrustful of any kind of technology that replaced/distracted from the “human” element of space exploration (but he wasn’t as close to McCoy’s borderline Luddite-mindset).

    Speaking of McCoy, I could see him, Scotty, Uhura & Spock all agreeing with Kirk’s decision to have the Enterprise be “hologram-free”, for a variety of technical reasons.

    • TrentC

      The difference between TOS and STD is about 200 cc’s of penicillin..

  • Charles Bikle

    I like the idea of Sybok being canon for Star Trek, because then it means that two out of three of Sarek’s kids are notorious criminals from Vulcan society (Sybok is a renegade religious fanatic and Michael is a mutineer who plunged the Federation into war).

    Sarek is not a good dad.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Why is the Discovery there secret weapon when it’s a science vessel? Wouldn’t it have been better to have the tardigrade set up put on another ship with more weaponry and a crew ready for combat at opposed to one composed of mostly scientists?
    This show would be more enjoyable if the lead wasn’t duller than dishwater and it always takes me out of it when they call her Michael. Also I wouldn’t mind if they adjusted the dimmer switch a little bit, so dark.

    • TrentC

      So did Lorca throw his squeeze Admiral Corningware totally under the bus…as in, she may die?

      talk about ghosting someone, wow

  • TrentC

    Star Trek : Discovery …Sundays on the CW.

    What in the blue blazes did I just watch? Is this The Dating Game or Discovery? And don’t get me started on emotional Sarek. Why not just have him cry next episode. Oh and btw Sarek, good parenting skills. Way to traumatize Michael…for life. No wonder Amanda wanted out of the marriage. Omg this is Space Dynasty : The Reboot.

    Nice to hear from Angela Blooooooom 🙂

    • TheTimelessOne

      another discovery hater. It’s funny cuz when people remember start trek they remembered the best from it.
      The first seasons from every Star Trek series is usually dull and some episodes unwatchable. The acting is strange, they need time for the actors to fall into the characters. also it takes them 7 seasons to develop characters . Also if it was episodic and not serialized i am sure it will fit in today time.

      Also back when TNG first started ppl trashed it so much…even the actors said many times for the first 2 seasons all they got was hate.
      Same thing with DS9 when it started they said its too warlike and dark
      Same with Voyager and same with Enterprise.
      They have been trashing every new start trek since forever.

      And if we just isolate season 1 from all series i will say this is the best by far.

      • TrentC

        Hater? That’s a pretty strong word, I don’t hate entertainment. Actually I hate people who generalize and make wild assumptions about strangers.

        I enjoyed the first season of the original season and was onboard early for The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise. Shocking I know. Doesn’t really fit in with your blanket interpretation about fans who disagree with your likes.

        From your post “.also it takes them 7 seasons to develop characters .” You do realize that television shows don’t have this luxury? Or that most television shows don’t last seven seasons for their entire total run?

        If you like a show, maybe try stating that and listing the reasons why, rather than making a thinly veiled passive aggressive post because you like something that other people do not. See you in 2024 when Discovery becomes great.

      • Hornacek

        “Same thing with DS9 when it started they said its too warlike and dark”

        You have that backwards. For its first 2 seasons, DS9 was non-warlike and non-dark. All self-contained episodes, with wacky situations at the station. It wasn’t until the Dominion was introduced in the season 2 finale and war broke out that it became serialized storytelling and it got dark.

  • Hornacek

    Rob says that STV is “not canon”. Unfortunately it is, but there is a popular theory online that the opening scenes with Kirk, Spock and Bones in Yosemite happen, they sit around the campfire, go to sleep, and then Kirk dreams the rest of the movie, until the last scene where we see the three of them around the campfire in Yosemite again – this is them after they’ve woken up and Kirk has told them about his dream. This fits into their whole “life is but a dream” conversation.

    Now I’m thinking that the only reason they named the show/ship “Discovery” is because they came up with the DISCO shirt idea and worked backwards to come up with a reason for those shirts. I almost wished they had VERY on the back of those shirts.

    I think in the TNG pilot when Riker first goes onto the Enterprise and goes onto the holodeck to meet Data, he makes some remarks about how amazing and real the holodeck technology is. So I think the intent for the audience is that this is new technology, not available in TOS times.

    When Rob was describing Burnham invading Sarek’s memories and he said “Get out of my dream!” I wanted him (or Angela) to say “Get into my car!”

  • TheTimelessOne

    First of all they meet a race with holodeck technology in enterprise and in the animated series they use holodeck tech. And Discovery looks like its a prototype ship and it would make sense to have advanced tech on the ship. Also the holodeck might be more like simulation then a world where u can live and interact with.

    • Matthew Murphy

      I guess. It looked like the Klingons were on easy mode during the simulation. They didn’t even fire a single shot.

  • Hornacek

    When Angela was giving her Twitter handle at the end, I really wanted her to say that it was @AnAngelaBloomType

    When Rob was talking about the next episode and mentioned that it was about a time loop, I wanted someone to say “Let’s do the time loop again!”

  • Hornacek

    There is a theory that I’ve seen online a few different times about Ash’s character: he’s actually Voq, the albino Klingon. When we last saw Voq, the female Klingon said that there was a path for him, but it would require him to “sacrifice everything”. What would be a bigger sacrifice for a Klingon than to be genetically altered to a human to infiltrate Discovery? Plus if you look at Wikipedia, there is no actor listed for Voq.

    • Charles Bikle

      I don’t think a Klingon could pull off that kind of undercover act in the short term, let alone as an ongoing mission.

      That’s more of a Romulan move anyways.

      • Hornacek

        Darvin (?) did it in The Trouble With Tribbles. People are also saying that’s why Lorca has a Tribble in his office. The first time Ash comes into his office the Tribble will trill, giving him away (to the viewers – the Discovery crew has idea Tribbles hate Klingons. “Checkov’s Tribble”.

        • Charles Bikle

          Ah, I’d forgotten about that.

          Never mind.

        • Darvin (?) did it in The Trouble With Tribbles. People are also saying that’s why Lorca has a Tribble in his office. The first time Ash comes into his office the Tribble will trill, giving him away (to the viewers – the Discovery crew has idea Tribbles hate Klingons. “Checkov’s Tribble”.

          • Hornacek

            Again, you just copied my comment and posted it without the spoiler tags. Why do this and potentially spoil someone reading these comments who may not want to read this? Don’t ruin things for people.

        • ‘…Arne Darvin was played by Charlie Brill.

          Though the Defiant crew continually referred to him as “Arne Darvin”, this name is most likely a pseudonym, and not his real name (since Klingons do not generally have first and last names). It is clearly established that he was surgically altered to appear Human…’ – Memory Alpha Wikia

    • There is a theory that I’ve seen online a few different times about Ash’s character: he’s actually Voq, the albino Klingon. When we last saw Voq, the female Klingon said that there was a path for him, but it would require him to “sacrifice everything”. What would be a bigger sacrifice for a Klingon than to be genetically altered to a human to infiltrate Discovery? Plus if you look at Wikipedia, there is no actor listed for Voq.

      • Hornacek

        This is the exact comment I posted above, but I used spoiler tags because everyone may want to hear this theory. Why post it like this and potentially spoil it for people?

  • Hornacek

    I didn’t think that it was Lorca’s decision to send the admiral to the peace talks. Pretty sure it was her decision. Plus she is an admiral. Sarek’s replacement would be a decision made by Starfleet Command, not the captain of a ship. So she was going to go no matter what Lorca said.

    Tully is sent in the shuttle because Burnham wants her there, and Lorca says that Burnham will need a calming presence for the mind-meld to work. Plus he says they’ll need a great pilot and he already knows that Ash is a great pilot from their escape last week.

  • Rob Punton

    Hey Rob, thanks for all yoyr hard work across many shows much appreciate.

    However i really continue to feel that ST Discovery is not a celebration of the show and new series. It feels very much like a complaint about what it is not.

    I think perhaps the podcast suffers a little from having guest commentators and its hasnt really found its groove. Apart from i think episode 4, most of your guests are quite negative about this show.

    I love this new trek. I think it is the strongest of all the series at a similar point. I cant help but think of how your walking dead or GOT podcasts are celebrations of the show. Even with their critques. Still i think this podcast needs a long term commentator opposite you. Hopefully one who genuinely likes it..

    As much as i like TNG it was also full of holes and a lot of techno babble. All im saying is let’s get behind the show a little more.

    • Tim Forbes

      Jim Gibbons in the Episode 5 podcast was very positive about the show. I wish he was the regular with Rob in these shows.

    • Matthew Murphy

      If this show weren’t so flawed there wouldn’t be so much negativity. No one asked for a prequel, If they set the show after Voyager, most complaints wouldn’t be valid.

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