Star Trek: Discovery | S1, Ep #8 Recap, “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” with Chris Basham

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Star Trek Discovery | Season 1, Episode 8 Recap of “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”

  • Matthew Murphy

    The Orville continues to be far better and embrace the spirit of Star Trek. Critics hate on it but the fan reception is 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. It actually has enjoyable moments and tackles social issues unlike STD.

    • Chris Basham

      I agree that The Orville is a great show and more “Next Generation” like. I appreciate Discovery for trying to do something different though (except when it comes to the Klingons).

  • TrentC

    I enjoyed the mini-battle at the beginning and agree with Rob, the show looks good.

    Also, I thought Saru was possessed by the Tinkerbelle entities. Turns out he wasn’t and would fight fellow crewmen and destroy communicators because the aliens convinced him of a better life? I was unclear on that part.

    During the original series they went down to a planet, Spock got too close to some funky looking flowers and was sprayed/inhaled some spores that made him feel happy and groovy. They gave him emotions which caused all sorts of mirth and mayhem for other members of the crew.

    • Chris Basham

      I would say it’s similar to someone being blind all of their life, but suddenly being able to see, then being told that they have to go back to the ship and never be able to see again (assuming Geordi LaForge’s visor hasn’t been invented yet). The povens didn’t just convince Saru of a better life, they actually let him experience it. It’s hard to say how one would react without being put in a similar situation.

      • TrentC

        Thanks Chris. Yes you guys brought up the fact that Saru has been living in an elevated state of fear for his entire life, so breathing out for a bit and getting a break from it would likely convince him.

        I forgot to do my usual…thanks for taking part in the podcast. I know it’s not easy to step up to the plate. My threat ganglia would be extended (if it wasn’t too cold).

        • Chris Basham

          My spore drive was at black alert for at least the first few minutes.

          • TrentC

            lol, yes. I’m admittedly not much of a fan of this new series. I’m pretty sure Stamets is going to suffer a horrible death before this show concludes. The dude is literally organically plugged into a device that warps time and jumps starships.

            And shame on you for not watching the original Star Trek. Purple skies, Styrofoam boulders, red shirted ensigns, and Shatner over acting are the critical building blocks that all future Star Trek series were built upon.

            I’d have to say Voyager was my favorite spin off, but that could have been due to raging hormones and Seven of Nine. Seriously, I thought the Borg were one of the best alien antagonist species ever created for the show.

          • Chris Basham

            I never said I didn’t watch, I just said I haven’t RE-watched it. 🙂 That’s about to change, however. Now to just convince my son to overlook the 60’s era special effects and William Shatner’s acting.

            I’ve enjoyed all of the spinoffs, but story-wise I think DS9 was the best.

          • TrentC

            Oh sorry man, I misheard and thought you bypassed TOS altogether.

            If I happen to see an old episode in passing, I notice how much eye shadow Spock is wearing and how at times they dramatically light only Shatner’s eyes when he’s on the bridge. They were going for so much gravitas it does make me smile.

            Seeing the old phasers and communicators is a little jarring on Discovery. They tailor some things to fit history….and I won’t finish the sentence 🙂

  • bengal scott

    L’Rell is not a Federation sympathizer she is in love with Ash Tyler