Star Trek: Discovery | S1, Ep #15 Recap, “Will You Take My Hand?”

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Star Trek Discovery | Season 1, Episode 15 Recap of “Will You Take My Hand?

Rob Cesternino recaps the “Star Trek: Discovery” season 1, episode 15, “Will You Take My Hand?” with Jessica Liese

  • Chris Basham

    I think the reason that Tilley was drugged so that Clint Howard would try to steal the case from her, and she would open it to check it and realize it wasn’t a drone.

    • Hornacek

      After she woke up to see Howard trying to steal the “drone”, he told her the ash he drugged her with was from the underground volcanos. The drone plan was based on the assumption that there were no active volcanos under the surface, so Tilly realized that the plan was probably a lie, which is why she forced open the case.

      So Tilly’s encounter with Howard was instrumental to the plot, otherwise they wouldn’t have tried to stop Georgiou because they would have thought it was just a drone and not a bomb.

  • Chris Basham

    They should get the guy who played teenage Spock in “Star Trek III”

  • DarrylWDC

    If we get Zachary Quinto as Spock next season then wouldn’t that put this show in the Abrams continuity rather than the one they say they’re in, the Original Trek continuity. If they get Zach to play Spock on Discovery, then TPTB need to come correct and place this show in the Abrams continuity. Considering the technology is more streamlined than the Original and the look of the Discovery Klingons look similar to the ones in the Abrams’ films, then why not.

    This is the main thing about this show that really annoys me and makes me hesitant to check out more than the first episode. It’s like the show’s creators/show runners are intentionally trying to annoy Trekkers. Either put the show in the Abrams continuity, which Discovery aesthetically matches up with, or take the characters, ship, etc. and place it in the TNG/DS9/Voyager timeline. The decision behind the continuity setting of this show makes no sense.

    It’s interesting that your conversation in this podcast about the uniforms kind of touches on what I said regarding the continuity.

    • Hornacek

      The Abrams continuity (aka the Kelvin timeline) starts at Kirk’s birth, so it’s possible Discovery is in that continuity. But I’ve seen nothing to suggest that it is, and there have been so many references to things from TOS and ENT that it is much more likely that it’s set in original continuity.

      And if they do get Quinto to play Spock in DIS, that doesn’t mean it would be set in the Kelvin timeline. Quinto is playing the younger version of Spock. Spock was not transformed into looking like Quinto once the Kelvin timeline was formed.

      • DarrylWDC

        Kelvin, I totally forgot the Kelvin aspect and I appreciate you pointing that out. I just wish TPTB would just stop the bull and go ahead and place this show in the Kelvin timeline, especially considering the look of Starfleet technology and the Klingons. Plus, I’m sooo over this attachment to the pre-Kirk timeline.

    • Pink Pearl

      I try not to get too caught up in continuity, but speaking purely about aesthetics, I try to think of it like they’re different theater companies staging Shakespeare. The costumes and settings are probably not going to be identical to the original, and the directors might take liberties with how a particular object, location, or culture is styled, but fundamentally it’s the same characters and political structures and premises.

      (Which is also why I didn’t need an Enterprise episode justifying the bumpy Klingons — Star Trek: The Motion Picture established that Klingons looked a certain way once they had the makeup budget to do it convincingly. I didn’t get bent out of shape when TNG introduced Trills and then Dax had spots instead of a forehead thing either.)

      • TrentC

        I like the Shakespeare analogy, but think they’ve changed more than some of the things you’ve listed. You try to keep an open mind as a fan, yet they’ll use an actual person, idea or ship from the past and then change everything about it. Sometimes it’s hard to keep letting go of canonical ideas.

        I think Rob suggested a scenario where Georgiou creates an explosion that kills off most of the Klingon tribes, possibly only leaving one type of Klingon. Maybe changing their appearance in the process to something more familiar to us. Evolutions like this I find interesting and fun while still in the same general ballpark.

        Wanted to say thanks for the season of podcasts. You and Rob do a great job running though the eps, as well as questioning various progressions.

        I caught Rob’s ‘additional Star Trek canon’ comment when you were talking about the Klingon having the back alley dual whiz. Most humorous!

  • Hornacek

    Back in the Ethics episode of TNG (when Worf got crippled), Crusher and the doctor who operated on Worf discussed Klingon anatomy and they mentioned that it had backups of almost every internal part of the body. After that was when online fans started making jokes about Klingons having a second (backup) penis. So it was funny to see the show-runners pick up on that.

  • Hornacek

    When Tilly woke up from being drugged by Howard and contacted Burnham, did she say “Hi”? Or did she say “I’m high right now”?

  • TrentC

    I really did enjoy hearing the original series closing theme in all of it’s groovy 60’s majesty and bongo drum goodness.