Star Trek: Discovery | S1, Ep #13 Recap, “What’s Past is Prologue”

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Star Trek Discovery | Season 1, Episode 13 Recap of “What’s Past is Prologue

Rob Cesternino recaps the “Star Trek: Discovery” season 1, episode 13, “What’s Past is Prologue” with Jessica Liese

  • Chris Basham

    I think we’ll find out more about the mirror universe Discovery in the next episode, because in the preview clip we see Admiral Cornwall and Sarek boarding the prime Discovery in angry fashion. I suspect we’ll find that the mirror Discovery caused a lot of problems.

  • K first can I say this was the best episode!!!! Giorgio with her kicks OMG! I heard that sword was custom made for her… Jess check out the after trek so much good stuff there you need to know. So anyways, when I first started binging this show after we get Michael’s backstory episode I was SOOO bummed when that crew wasn’t going to be the real crew and the Lorca situation took over. So now to have Giorgio back with Michael is a wow woman moment for me. So poo poo on both of you for saying she’s now going to die I’ve never wanted you both to be wrong more than this moment!!! Lol 😉 still love ya though. Also I was a little surprised you were down on the writing since we know now little dumb things can turn out to be freaky great twists Jess. Anyways thanks for the great podcast today!!

    Lastly I WOULD LOVE AN OUTLANDER PODCAST Jessica!!! Do you do one already I don’t know about? Book and show lover here woot woot!!

    • And also, if Mirror Lorca was the bad guy to Mirror Giorgios empire in the mirror universe, doesn’t that mean that Mirror Giorgio is a good guy? – That’s my question!!

      • Pink Pearl

        I think the lesson to glean from this trip to the mirror universe (and probably at least also the DS9 trips) is that there are no absolute good guys and absolute bad guys, but many different types of situations in which various types of morality can be applied.

    • Pink Pearl

      Ha, no, I don’t do one. There are like 90 of them if you look on itunes though. (I did float the idea to Rob when it was first coming out, but at the time I was too cheap to get Starz so I wasn’t staying current with it. Then between seasons we moved and my husband switched the cable over, and Spectrum talked him into subscribing to basically every premium channel ever and now it’s appointment viewing.)

  • Gal Baum

    Jessica was on fire! So funny!

  • Hornacek

    When Rob was talking about “good guys” and “bad guys” it reminded me of this: