Star Trek: Short Treks | Episode 1 Recap: “Runaway”

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Star Trek: Short Treks | Episode 1 Recap: “Runaway”

Jessica Liese and Rob Cesternino recap the first episode of the Star Trek: Discovery spin-off miniseries Star Trek: Short Treks entitled “Runaway.”

  • Matthew Murphy

    Rumour has it these “short treks,” were made to recoup some of the money lost on season 1. Really hope we get some people who love ST (and are well versed in it) to right the ship in season 2.

  • Charles Bikle

    You guys are right, Tilly SHOULD have gone to Red Alert as soon as she saw the alien, however, Trek characters DO have a history of playing fast & loose with Starfleet rules, guidelines & protocols, often ignoring them and going with “their gut” (which works more than it should).

  • Snuffeldjuret

    That civilization reference was to die for :). The original from 1991 is one of my most beloved childhood memories :).