Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Post Movie Recap (Full Spoilers)

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Post Movie Recap

Rob Cesternino is joined in the studio by both Josh Wigler and Kevin Mahadeo to discuss the film “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

Warning: We will be discussing all spoilers from the film in this episode and we’ll be doing it from very early on in the show.

  • Mike Christiansen

    Everyone I work with hasn’t seen the movie, and I feel like I’ve had nowhere to vent about how little I liked this movie. What I think is weird is that some of the stuff that some people really hate doesn’t tend to bother me, the main two being Leia’s Superman powers and parts of the Canto Blight scenes. To see that Leia’s an exceptionally strong force user was perfectly fine to me, and that she was able to control her surroundings in the vacuum of space isn’t that weird to me. Sure, I don’t know how her floating body got through the ship’s forcefield, but so did that TIE fighter.

    What didn’t bother me about Canto Blight was the tone. I understand that the whole Finn/Rose plot was pretty inconsequential in the long run and in my opinion should have been scrapped for a shorter run time, but it didn’t “not feel like a Star Wars movie” to me. I’m someone who unapologetically enjoys the prequels for the world building they do, and it did seem like something more from the prequels than the OT, but I’m fine with that. As you may be able to guess from my field of work, the animal rights message didn’t sit well with me, because taking animals that have been raised under human care and just releasing them into the wild because you feel bad for them is not a successful conservation strategy, just look at Keiko the whale from Free Willy who was rereleased into the wild and died a year later. The PT had a much campier tone than the OT, and that’s sort of where Canto Blight went, whereas a lot of this movie was just quippy. That’s fine in Marvel movies because it’s been like that from the start, but the tone of Poe flying up and pretending to be on hold for Hux didn’t feel right or funny to me.

    General personal gripes include but are not limited to: Luke’s a character who had his parental figures killed, saw that an entire planet was destroyed, and watched his Jedi master die all because of his father, yet still was able to look for good in him. Somehow, though, there’s definitely no good in Ben and he’s totally evil and thinks about killing him. Seems like a total betrayal of the character.

    One major theme of this movie was not being beholden to the past, but they decided to use the less emotive Yoda puppet for one reason and one reason only and that’s nostalgia.

    The major plot of this movie is that a ship is running away from another ship and only has like 18 hours of fuel, yet Rey, whose story is happening concurrently, manages to spend days on Ahch-To with Luke. The timeline doesn’t add up.

    Holdo made it seem like she didn’t like Poe because he was a bit of a maverick, yet she could have prevented a number of people risking their lives if she just told them her plan to evacuate people on shuttles. Also, those fueled, not tracked shuttles didn’t just jump to hyperspace once they escaped the main ship.

    Rey apparently not being of any notable lineage makes her an even bigger Mary Sue than she was in the TFA, which makes her somehow being one of the strongest Jedi ever with barely any training a bit of a let down. I feel no real investment in her moving forward.

    Snoke. Blegh. From my understanding of the whole Disney/Star Wars deal, Lucasfilm originally went to Disney with script treatments for potentially Episodes VII-IX for the sale, but when JJ Abrams took the lead for TFA he threw them out and wrote his own. That’s great, but he only did that for TFA, he didn’t plan out anything for future episodes. Much like Lost, he set viewers up for all these big reveals, but he himself didn’t even have answers for the reveals and just said “eh, I’ll let the next guy figure it out.” I’m starting to feel like he’s a bit of a con artist. For that reason, I can sort of understand why Johnson subverts a lot of expectations with things like Rey’s parents and giving us anything on Snoke’s background, because he wasn’t given anything to work with, but it comes off as being really sheisty to fans. Also, where/who are the knights of Ren?

    The fact that Rey was able to swim when she fell in the water really really bothered me while watching for whatever reason. She grew up on a desert planet, and people who don’t learn to swim as kids tend to not be able to learn well. It was just a really minor gripe that pulled me out of the movie.

    Luke dying really didn’t seem like it needed to happen. There was a moment when we first see Kylo’s lightsaber go through Luke that I thought Kylo had actually killed Luke years ago and he was living on Ahch-To and training Rey as a force ghost that whole time. I personally feel like if you’re going to just kill him off by himself on a rock anyway, that would have been a more compelling way to do it that just that like he strained himself a bit too much casting an astral projection.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    90% Happy with TLJ and what it did. I’m pretty excited to see it for a second time this weekend and see where I land on it. I do think my biggest problem with it, as Rob and Josh said, was the “Casino Planet” and there was some cool stuff in that story, but the whole side quest just felt pointless. I like what Laura Dern did the more I think about it, but hated that part in the moment as well. I’m coming back around on her though.

    • golden4815162342

      After hhh and tlj, I think we have similar tastes.

  • golden4815162342

    I’m with Kevin. TLJ is my favourite, most probably. Having said that, I’m one of those people that doesn’t think empire is the standard to beat.

    Canto Bight was the one weak part of the movie, but I think it wasn’t the concept but the execution – it had no depth. And even then, it’s not ‘worse than anything in the prequels’ – I think it’s more on par with something like the pod race… generally fun and ok enough, neither the weakest nor the strongest part of the prequels. The rest was all top notch for me though.

  • Lauren Gienow

    Had Holdo communicated her entire plan to Poe, he would have probably told the entire plan to Finn over coms (since he told him the part of the plan that he did know)….and due to Benicio’s betrayal, the First Order would have then known the entire plan. Holdo clearly made the right call to keep things close to the vest.

  • Al_Hajj_Frederick_Minshal

    There is more gay sex on PSR with Josh Wheeler than heterosexual sex in the entire Star Wars universe. Why is he trying so hard to inject it?

  • Matthew Murphy

    I went into this hoping it would be great, already spoiled on some deaths. I enjoyed a lot of it, but couldn’t shake off the feeling the director was trying to kick me in the balls every half hour.
    So many of the messages felt forced, pun intended. The writing for Rose was god awful, I wanted to like her but she came off as an idiot. Everything her and Finn did in that movie made them look like morons. The Leia scene was also one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a movie all year, and it made Palpatine look like a massive idiot in RotJ. Great action scenes but Jesus.

    • Matthew Murphy

      The thing this movie did best was make our protagonists look like the biggest idiots ever.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Your defence of the ridiculous Carrie Fisher scene was laughable. First of all she’s not a Jedi, and within the sheilds is still OUTER SPACE. This would’ve been a great death for Leia, instead it became a laughable blotch on the movie. No ammount of gifs is going to make it not dumb. Especially when’s Guardians 1 and 2 did it better with both the floating in space scene and Mary Poppins of it all. It was so stupid and took my right out of the movie.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Rose was pretty much the new JarJar in this. She screwed up everything. She took what was an intense scene and made it one of the dumber parts of the movie. And how did Finn drag her body across the battlefield before everyone got there? Ridiculous. Wanted to like her but the writer she made her the biggest idiot in the movie.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I’ve liked his reviews but I don’t know what Kevin Mahadeo could’ve said to sound anymore like a Disney employee in this review.