Star Wars: The Last Jedi | The Kylo Brent Review (Full Spoilers)

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi | The Kylo Brent Review (Full Spoilers)

Were you disappointed in Star Wars: The Last Jedi? So was Kylo Brent.
In our second Star Wars podcast here on Post Show Recaps, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) is joined by RHAP’s very own Brent Wolgamott (@OneLuckyGay), also known as Kylo Brent for the purposes of this podcast. A lifelong Star Wars fan, Brent walked away from The Last Jedi deeply disappointed with the latest entry in the storied franchise, and he’s here to explain why. Warning: full spoilers as well as some NSFW content are ahead in this podcast, especially if you’re a Laura Dern fan.
  • golden4815162342

    If holdo tells Poe the plan, he still probably thinks his idea is better and does it anyway. I could probably do an entire podcast on reasons why that specific critique of last Jedi is terrible in every way, but that’s the biggest – I don’t think it changes the movie one bit.

    • todahshy

      Except for the fact that in the movie as soon as Poe hears the plan he goes “Oh, that’s a great idea and immediately falls in line.” But please continue to spew fan fic reasons why that plotline wasn’t a complete disaster.

      There are good things about this movie, but that entire plot line is hot garbage and drags this thing into the abyss. All Poe wants from Holdo is a sign that she has a plan that’s not just flying (excruciatingly slowly) everyone to their deaths with no action. Since this was Battlestar Galactica, I will invoke a comparison to Admiral Adama, who absolutely would have given his crew some “spark of hope (gag)” to hold on to so they would not give up and keep going. But nope Holdo felt that teaching Poe a lesson and putting him in his place was more important than trying to be a competent leader.

      • todahshy

        Sorry, that came off way jerkier than I intended.

        But that whole plot just drove me crazy. I actually enjoyed the Luke/Leia/Kylo stuff but that other plot just kept pulling me out of the movie completely.

      • golden4815162342

        No, because Poe would never thin going to a planet where they don’t even know the inventory and it’s been long abandoned is a better idea than destroying the tracking device. If you learned anything about Poe in that movie, it’s that he always thinks his plan is better.

        If all Poe wanted was a sign of competence, why’d he go ignoring Leias orders at the start and getting people killed? Why’d he get that demotion? It wasn’t because he needed a sign of competence from Leia. It’s because he makes rash decisions.

      • Sure, Poe is receptive to the plan when he finds out what it is, but from Holdo’s perspective there’s reason to believe that he wouldn’t be (after what he pulled earlier in the movie). Why would she fill him in on the plan if he could potentially go off and do his own thing?

  • CamPT

    Boy, where did you get this guy Josh? The rant was a bit excessive. Rumour is there was a supposed traitor onboard which was why Holdo refrained from telling the plan.

  • Maciek Roszak

    I have same opinios as Brent almost every time but sorry, no this time 🙂
    I went to the movie, like it, went second time and now I love it. Time to go for the third time after Christmas.

  • Nabalab

    I still maintain that Admiral Ackbar should have had the heroes hyperdrive death – NOT Laura Dern. Just my opinion.

  • Major duke lacrosse

    there’s nothing wrong by saying you’re a republican Brent!

  • Snuffeldjuret

    I’m with Brent on pretty much everything about TLJ.

  • homertownie

    I was surprised with the crossover move with other franchises. For example, when Rey went to Hogwarts to fight Professor Snape and Voldemort in the Red Room. I liked the wand battles and the spell to kill Voldemort was a surprise.

  • Rory

    Glad to hear from someone else who appreciates Clone Wars and Rebels.

    I’m probably going to end up on a rant, but I think I liked this movie even less than Brett. I quite liked The Force Awakens (despite its shortcomings) and I had hoped TLJ would flesh out the world and characters a bit better while giving us some big surprises and intense moments. But it seems like Rian was simply interested in “subverting expectations” and writing the movie to make thematic points, rather than writing an interesting and engaging story. Misdirects are great, but the direction you take me in is supposed to be more interesting than the direction we were headed. (It would be like if Jon Snow turned out to be a nobody). I don’t believe Disney wrote the whole trilogy together, instead letting each director take it in whichever direction they like. It shows, and I walked out of TLJ not excited for the next movie in the least.

    75% of the story was rehashed from Empire Strikes Back/ROTJ and the other 25% was a low speed chase and that awful casino scene (totally agree with Rob on that one). Every few minutes I thought we were going somewhere interesting, like “ow wow, they killed Leia early!”, or “oh wow, Rey is going to join the dark side!” or “oh wow! Finn is going to sacrifice himself!” Nope. All fake-outs, like we’re watching Glen climb under a dumpster on repeat. Yet apparently this movie was “bold” and “risky”?! Even the humour was used as a sort of fake-out. Every joke was used to cut the drama like we’re watching Guardians of the Galaxy.

    The prequels involved politics, but didn’t try to jam obvious political truths down your throat. Watching Palpatine manipulate political groups into a war and overthrow a democracy was interesting and served a purpose for the story. Whereas this whole casino scene was essentially 20 minutes of orphans holding up a big neon sign that says “WAR PROFITEERING AND ANIMAL CRUELTY IS BAD”. You know what Rian? NO SHIRK. Fine, tackle some socio-political issues. But do so in a way that’s actually pertinent to the Star Wars characters and drives the story. If anything, TLJ needed more actual politics. How/why did the First Order “rise from the ashes of the Empire”? Why is the “Resistance” described like a completely separate entity to the Republic? How did the main characters let the galaxy get even worse than it was before A New Hope in a few decades?

    People are acting like Rian is George R.R Martin, but he’s more D&D to me.

  • def

    I liked TCJ a lot, and I like Brent a lot, but I was pretty shocked he found the politics of the movie so frustrating. The casino was a weak scene, but the ‘politics’ were the main thing that made me forgive it. It was barely political, it was about wealthy profiting on war. If you want to make big bucks and live large, that should make you a scumbag, shouldn’t it? Not necessarily a Republican, though *cough*Dick Cheney*cough. And the Lucas Star Wars were political, just we were too young to read into them.

    I was more of the Wiggler here, liking what he did, though I was glad to hear Brent acknowledge some of the good, like Yoda’s scene.

    Two big points, that had me need to log in to post:
    -fans don’t all hate it. I respect he’s a fan, but saying fans hate it and it’s for kids and casuals is just wrong. I have listened to god knows how many hundred hours of Star Wars Minute podcasts and spent thousands on Star Wars Lego. I’m a raised on the originals fan who loved this, and loved the way it broke the increasingly incestuous tone of the movies.
    -socialism is not communism! Socialism rocks! I’m Canadian, I know! America has socialist police, military, fire… America is partially socialist!

    Love you all. Bye.

    • realtrinilostgirl2007

      I agree with this post. I like it and I didnt like Brent saying He would have killed off Rose and FIn. I disliked the casino plot in some aspects but I got the overall message. But as a black girl from a Caribbean background, Fin and Rose allows me to imagine that I can be in that world. Did he hate it that Lando was in the star wars world bc of diversity? Did he hate jedi windau? He needs to check himself on that issue.
      My mom who does not like movies at all ( she hated avatar blue cat ppl) she went to see the Last Jedi with my brother and his family and enjoyed it. I think she enjoyed it bc of the politically issues hidden in the movie and I quote she liked Fin ( John Boyega) even though she doesnt know who he is, bc he was a black person in the star wars universe. She can see herself in that.

  • Melanie Novak

    This podcast was awesome. I actually loved the movie, but I’m a dirty casual when it comes to Star Wars. Despite loving it, I always appreciate a good Brent rant. Wigler feeding Brent topics to rant on was even better.

  • Beefcake

    I finally saw the movie and listened to the two PSR recaps. Brent gave me so many multiple geekgasms that I lost count. How can one man be so right about everything?

    I’m tired, but it’s a good tired.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Thank you so much Brent. This review did air a lot of the grievances people had. This mentality of all men are dumb or evil, that works soooo well for the Ghostbusters movie is insulting. Being smug and looking down on people makes for a preachy movie. Politics are as decisive as ever since the US election came down to Palpatine vs the village idiot. Democrats act like they have the high ground (pun intended) but those of us that sit in the middle see them as a warring faction of idiots which is kind of what this movie accomplished. Kevin said it’s good we have diversity but I don’t think Asian people were waiting 40 years to see someone that represents them act like the biggest idiot since Jar Jar Binks. Also the lack of black women is disturbing, we only have one character from Rogue One and Maz but we never see the actors face. Nope it’s just white women explaining how wrong we always are. Great. Thank you for sharing your honest feelings on the movie. It’s nice hearing from someone who doesn’t try to justify every dumb part of the movie.
    Another thing that’s annoying is that the dark side looks like the most incapable people when they’ve amassed yet another army from nothing. Now without Snoake (who I feel isn’t gone, or at least should’ve have died) we’re left with Kylo who I think is fantastic, but can’t beat anyone! And General Hux looks like a moron in this movie.
    I loved Looper and thought Rian Johnson did a masterful job but I think he should stick to glass bottle movies that don’t have an ongoing history. He took what JJ did and threw it out the window like he was a disgruntled employee on his last day of work. In the other podcast it was celebrated for defying expectations, but what the hell are they going to do in episode 9 now? They really need a Kevin Feige to map this all out like the MCU.

    Kathleen Kelly the EP has been in pictures with shirts saying the force is female. Last time I checked midoclorians have no gender. This movie and the behind the scenes has been perponsfully divisive which is not a strategy for a successful movie. Yes it’s the highes grossing film of the year, but it’s earned the least comparatively. I hope JJ can fix this, maybe get Damon Lindleoff to train him in the ways of a successful conclusion as the Leftovers showed us he’s capable of. Love that this movie had a cameo from Kevin Garvey. Please bring Brent back for the episode 9 recap and if Solo turns out to be as bad as it’s sounding get him for that too.
    Also it’s super dumb to bet on Carrie Fisher to live the longest of the three (even though Ford is livIng a final destination movie every time he’s near an aircraft) when she has her history. The bet it all at that terrible casino planet and came back empty handed, especially when there were at least two opportunities to kill her off.