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The 100 | Series Overview + Season 3 Preview Podcast

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Listen to the podcast:

It’s finally here: The 100 podcast you’ve been waiting for!

After months of avoiding taking the plunge into “The Hundge,” Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) has finally binged the first two seasons of The CW drama, and is here to talk about his findings with Jo Garfein (@jopinionated) and AJ Mass (@AJMass), co-founders of The Dropship: The 100 Podcast. Jo and AJ first met during the Lost Lives podcast series here on Post Show Recaps, and now they’re here to talk about why The 100 is worth your time, especially with season three premiering this Thursday (Jan. 21).

The podcast begins with about fifteen minutes of general spoiler-free conversation about the series, but quickly dives into all the particulars of the first two seasons. No spoilers in this writeup, but if you have not watched the show yet, LISTEN TO THE PODCAST YOUR PERIL.

From there, Josh, Jo and AJ begin talking about their predictions for season three, whether or not Fear the Walking Dead will steal Commander Lexa away at some point down the line, and much more. Plus, they answer questions from listeners.

There are no plans for regular The 100 podcasts on Post Show Recaps, but Jo and AJ will be podcasting at The Dropship throughout season three. With any luck, they will return here to discuss major events from the show as the season progresses. After all, as they say on The 100, “We hafta go back!” No, that’s not right. “So say we all!” That’s not it, either. “May we meet again!” There we go!


  • TrentC

    Haven’t listened to the podcast yet. I nearly stopped watching this show about two episodes in, as it seemed like teen angst and dating relationships were at the forefront of the show.

    Glad I stuck with it as the 90210 angle leveled off and it brought more sci-fi and survival ideas to the mix. It improved to the point of becoming a weekly habit.

  • Jeremy Miller

    Really like the 100 and look forward to listening to future podcasts

  • GeekFurious

    Watched both seasons over the past couple of days on the recommendation of the people on this podcast and a couple of others. And here is my overall assessment:

    Every few minutes someone is getting back-stabbed or a good situation turns bad on a dime. The drama is constantly amplified in this “we’re trying really hard to make this seem like LOST or BSG” way that rarely satisfied me like those shows did. If the writing was better, maybe it would work, but it didn’t… for me.

    Also, the thing that turned me off to it initially (the teen angst stuff) ended up being some of the show’s best written material. Season 2 is too dense with action cliches and pseudo-science… it’s often like watching a bad Michael Bay movie. Sorry, I meant to say… a Michael Bay movie.

    What I will praise the show for is that there are some very good performances from the young leads. I’ll also give them credit for killing off semi-main characters (or a main character or two). But I rarely cared. And the one time I did, they didn’t allow the scene to breath long enough for the full impact to hit me.

    So, while I am not upset I checked the show out, I don’t know that I will continue on to season 3. It’s also probably the last CW show I ever watch.

  • Ash


  • Jon

    Great comparison to Telltale games Josh! Whenever i watch The 100 i always have Telltale PTSD.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I love Sci Fi a lot and the world in the show is incredibly interesting. However, prepare to suspend you disbelief as every time you find out there’s a leader in this show, you’ll find out that it’s a woman and probably 17 and that people take orders from her unquestionably.
    If you want a world where the characters move beyond drama to explore and improve mankind go watch something else because this is about bi sexual Clarke’s tyrade through the wastelands. And don’t even get me started on Octavia. How is she an insta warrior princess in seconds? This show is as interesting as it is infuriating. There is a ton of CW teenage drama that makes this entire society look dumber for it.
    P.S. If you want great stories that make sense as well as a great experience, check out The Leftovers for quality television.

    • TrentC

      What I find odd/unique is that the only adults on the show are often relegated to support positions at best and usually treated badly in terms of contributing. Wasn’t Clarke’s Mom both head doctor and Chancellor at one point? And yet when she or Desmond offer an opinion they get told to go blow and are soundly ignored by Clarke and the crew?


      The Octavia ‘progression’ bothered me as well. She went from little sister on a ship to Zena in a short time.

      I’m not at the infuriated point but I understand what you’re saying. I tend to ignore the teen drama and focus on the sci-fi/exploration elements. I did make the same note as you though. All great leaders in that world seem to be hot 17-20 year old girls. I don’t personally mind as it’s somewhat progressive, but I somehow think that the beefy, killer males aged 18-40 in the same world may take issue.

  • Ash

    I discovered The 100 on Netflix. One afternoon my Mom and I watched a couple of episodes together while I was visiting for a weekend. It was agony to finish because we both got so invested and wanted to binge-watch, but we weren’t aloud to watch it unless we were together.

    P.S. I’m shipping Clarke and Belamy. I LOVE Lexa, but not that pairing.

  • AndyMcGill

    Thanks for reviewing this series. I watched the first season and half the second, and then just got lost. How did you not report that at least for the first two seasons everything happens at night, to hide the fact they are cheap and filming in a small studio what is supposed to be “outside”. Very annoying and makes much of it difficult to watch on TV in well lit room.

    I suppose the young thin long-haired blonde women being natural leaders would be a change of pace outside of CW, but it hardly comes across as insightful about human nature.

  • unicorn23

    Great podcast. Love this show so I’m thrilled that it’s getting quite a bit of coverage from various folks in the media. I got a kick out of Josh bringing up how Lexa says “Clarke.” That cracked me up.

  • TrentC

    Amazing voice. From season 3 episode 3

  • David Alexander

    This show is as Egaltarian as Anita Sarkeesian. Claiming this show as a fair portrail of American culture, with no bias is an outright lie. I love RHAP and PSR but dont tell me this show portrais men and women the same. How many male leaders are portayed positively? Bellamy in S1? Mount Weather? Thelonius? All either evil or idiots. Clarke? Octavia? Every grounder queen? C’mon guys, no need to lie.