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The Bastard Executioner Premiere Recap + Everything You Missed This Summer

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Listen to the podcast:

If you have the heart of a pink dragon, then we have a show for you!

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino), Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) join forces for episode zero of a new (and currently nameless) podcast series here on Post Show Recaps, covering pretty much every show you can think of — eventually, at least. The trio starts with THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER, the new FX series from the mind of SONS OF ANARCHY creator Kurt Sutter, set in a fantasy version of 14th century Wales, and seemingly taking much of its violent cues from GAME OF THRONES.

Beyond TBX, the three hosts discuss all of the shows they missed out on over the summer, from REVIEW to MR. ROBOT and beyond.

Next week, get your Horn-Rimmed Glasses ready as we cover the HEROES REBORN premiere. Leave your questions and feedback in the comments below!

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  • Marcelo Sparano

    U guys should talk about the emmy

  • Chris Arrao

    Hey, like the idea for the show. Some recommendations: Black Mass, Macbeth, The Martian, Steve Jobs (Sept-Oct Movies). Knock, Knock and The Last Witch Hunter are movies coming out that might be more fun to review. Would enjoy a review of Mr. Robot and Vikings as shows that are already going and I’m sure you guys will review Heroes Reborn.

  • Emily Stobs

    Thank god I was not the only one that was confused with parts of this hot mess premiere. Also, what was up with those shock scenes. Was it really necessary to have the Baron taking a dump and have the shot of the rag with his sh*t stains?? I was not compelled to continue following Wilken. Like you guys said, there were other characters that were more compelling to learn about that got killed off immediately. I felt like they were trying to shove too many aspects of the show and cram it into this pilot. Like Rob said, I don’t think I’ll continue to watch this. The teaser for the show was bizarre and the effects looked really cheesy. I was laughing at the nitpicks you had with the show because I felt the same way.

  • Mr Robot is fantastic. Probably the best first season of a show I think I’ve ever seen. I felt that way about Heroes once upon a time, but that was more in a nerdy way, rather than a genuine 10/10 quality show.

    I don’t know what I feel about this new Heroes reboot tbh. I think it’s going to suck hard, but I’ll always have a soft spot for it and I’m excited there’s going to be a podcast about it.

  • GeekFurious

    MR. ROBOT has the most obvious “surprise” in recent memory. I figured out most of it within 7 minutes into episode 1… and the other twist to that in episode 3. Its techno babble is made for people who know virtually nothing about the subject matter… that idiotic show “Scorpion” on CBS makes more of an effort. Having said that, at least the show moves along quickly… until the final few episodes when it becomes a snoozefest of obvious tricks.

  • Rubicon

    Antonio, did you watch Season 1 of The Knick? I think you’d really like it. Most underrated show on TV.
    The second season starts October 16th.