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The CW’s ARROW | The Past, Present And Future

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LISTENERS OF POST SHOW RECAPS! You have failed… this… podcast… unless you listen to this special episode all about ARROW, right now!

Join us in the top-secret bunker under the Post Show Recaps nightclub as Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) geeks out with veteran comic book journalist Lucas Siegel (@LucasSiegel) about ARROW, the CW superhero series about eagle-eyed vigilante Oliver Queen’s exploits throughout and beyond Starling City.

The conversation covers all of ARROW to date, as well as some speculation about what could happen coming up in season three and beyond. Josh and Lucas talk about this week’s episode, MIDNIGHT CITY, and the rise of Laurel Lance as the new Black Canary, plus some theorizing about Oliver’s curious new circumstances. There is also some confusion over how to pronounce Ra’s al Ghul, and several deep-dives into DC Comics lore thanks to Lucas’ extensive know-how.

Josh and Lucas will get together again in the near future to discuss THE FLASH. For any questions or comments about that show and ARROW, send them to @PostShowRecaps or through our feedback form.

arrow-300 Josh is joined by veteran comic book journalist Lucas Siegel.[/caption]

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  • Matthew Gregg

    Was never much of a fan of this show in particular and only started watching in order to be update that they do so frequently. Vinnie Jones is doing a fantastic job in these guest episodes and really liking Brandon Routh, but don’t understand all the Felicity love who imo. is one of the most overrated characters on t.v. Do you want/hope there is a firestorm spinoff? Thoughts on the Live action Static Shock show in the works? Do you think there is two reverse flashes or is Harrison Wells a combination of both characters?

  • Kristian Zaccardo

    OMG!!!!!! Wigler you surprised me with your Tommy Merlyn theory because me and my friend had almost the same theory.

    Our big theory was that he was going to return somehow because of his random guest spot earlier this season and the one he will be in, in episode 14. It was that Malcolm was manipulating Oliver because he knew he would lose to Ras and die and he wanted to test the Lazarus Pit to see if it worked for people that were 100% dead and not just for people who are about to die (because he may not have that knowledge yet). So he would see that it works and Oliver comes back to life & he puts Tommy in there and when he comes out he turns batshit crazy which would be very similar to Batman Under The Red Hood with Jason Todd and because of the Pit he would turn into Merlyn and there is Season 3s big bad set up right there, or even a longer term bad guy like Malcolm.

    Yes, please do a podcast about The Flash….. I have a huge theory that I would like to write a whole book about as well and hear what you’d have to say about it even though it’s probably completely false!! 🙂

  • Roberto

    Does it bother anybody else that they don’t call him GREEN Arrow? It drives me crazy.
    Why don’t they?