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Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) wrap up the peak season of peak TV that was The Leftovers Season 2.

Josh and Antonio’s deep dive on the finale and season in general goes ghost hotel deep, drawing from listener comments and the post-season interview victory lap parade of Damon Lindelof to touch on all stories big and small encompassed by the virtuoso finale episode “I Live Here Now.”

Hopefully, this is not the end of The Leftovers as we know it. But even if it is, the conversation can live on in the comments below. For now, it lives here.

Links from the podcast


Ask a Show Runner – Damon Lindelof New York Times Q and A

Damon Lindelof TV Line Interview

Damon Lindelof Fighting for the Life of the Show – Alan Sepinwall

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  • Antoni

    2 more hours of The Leftovers !!! Stoked.

  • GeekFurious

    I am about to listen, so I haven’t checked to see if you cover it, but someone cracked the code on the sideways realm!

    • oh yeah definitely covered!

    • TrentC

      Thanks for this. Unfortunately it makes me think how many other important background instances have I (we) missed?

  • Thank you for the awesome season wrapup! I’ll share more thoughts later but it’s been an awesome journey with you guys all!

  • Andrew

    Lost spoilers below:

    I’m listening to this now and I had a quick thought. If Kevin does become more Priest like, or a Man of Faith, will he become the John Locke of The Leftovers? I’m thinking along the lines of John Locke “changing” when he realized the island cured his paralysis. Will the second hotel experience change him in a significant way, having realized changing and giving in to “faith” or doing something like sing which he might have not done before, has given him what he wants, his family united under one roof.

    Will John Murphy become his Jack? Will we see his family divided over his new found perspectives on the world? I don’t know

    Yes, it’s a Lost comparison but It’s just a quick thought I had listening to you guys talk about Kevin possibly being more at peace, and changed from going to the hotel world twice.

  • Andrew

    WOO! The show was renewed…..

    I’m kinda scared though going forward….. The second season was so critically acclaimed and well received that the bar has been raised and people imo will be harder on the show. Fairly or not.

    • Andiamo

      Yesss!!! Since they said the 3rd season will be the final season, I sort of see it like the final year of a 2 term president. People can complain, but really they’ll get to do whatever the hell they want. And for this show, I think that’s going to be awesome.

      • TrentC

        That’s the bittersweet aspect. Last season but at least the creative team knows it. I think that really helps in some situations when the end is in sight and they work towards a decent finale.

        I hate it when great shows are cancelled without notice and as viewers we’re left hanging.

        • Andiamo

          Yes it’s definitely bittersweet.

  • Phillip Marshall

    Josh, You have got to review The Expanse… It is probably the best new pilot that I have seen in years. Now that Leftovers is over, this show would be a perfect one to take its place in your rotation.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    So happy it’s renewed for a FINAL Season!!
    Fingers Crossed it goes out with a BANG~~

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    No Golden Globe Nominations though……what a bummer!!! :'(

  • Andiamo

    Minor point, but as far as the timeline goes, it seems like at least one thing the girls did before going to the water was to go to the firehouse and steal the bolt cutters.

  • TrentC

    Thanks for the podcasts Josh and Antonio. Your work and interest in the show has really enriched the viewing experience. Not to mention Antonio turning my head to hear some Jim James, great music.

    Glad that you mentioned the short scene with Jill and Laurie. When Jill did the non-cry thing (people who don’t appear to be crying, but then the raw emotion tears fall without their consent) and quickly wiped it off her face, I thought it was a touching moment. She couldn’t let Laurie see that she was affected by her. And the choice of dialogue was brilliant as well.

    And this has probably been covered elsewhere. Is there a connection with the opening baby scene and Lilly? Both were left to someone else in a time of trouble.

    I know endorsements for favorite television shows are subjective. One person’s gold is a pile of garbage to someone else. For that reason I try to avoid hyperbole when I talk about something like this. The Leftovers is one of my favorite shows, ever. It easily sits in my personal pantheon along with Breaking Bad, Lost, Game of Thrones, The Wire, The Sopranos, the BSG reboot and Fargo. If someone gave me the ultimatum – You can keep watching 10 shows that are currently on right now, OR you can watch one hour of The Leftovers per week. I’d be tuning into the weekly chronicles of the Garvey Family without question.

    • Andiamo

      I’m with you on the favorite shows list, though I’d add Six Feet Under, Rectify, and maybe Oz. I think Transparent is pretty great, and it just started its second season, so at least there’s one show I want to watch. I may spend the cold of winter doing a rewatch of the greats. Or maybe start the ones I keep meaning to watch like Twin Peaks and The Prisoner. Since we seem to have similar taste in shows, have any other suggestions?

      • TrentC

        I knew I’d forget some from the pantheon lol! I’ve watched and enjoyed all three you’ve listed. I was blown away by Rectify. It reminds of the The Leftovers as it creates a sense of tone and emotion beyond the material.

        • Andiamo

          Rectify is so quietly fantastic. It’s another really challenging show that makes you question why you believe what you do, with all the major themes of connection/alienation, free will, faith, family, identity, and sometimes bizarre ambiguity all wrapped in a beautiful, purposeful package. Are you listening Antonio and Josh? Rectify begs to be dissected by the two of you.

          • TrentC

            Yes talk about ambiguous, two seasons in and we still don’t know…

            I loved the scene with Daniel and Tawney when he was describing his 20 years in jail and said what was real was ‘the time in between the seconds’. Powerful show.

  • Andiamo

    Thanks Antonio and Josh for such a great season!

  • Petzl

    Spoilers follow (but, hey, you’re only here if you’ve seen the finale, no?)

    So, when John Murphy encounters Kevin Garvey in the Urgent Care Center (where Murphy expects to find his wife), I almost thought he was going to kill Garvey again. That is, Garvey is a witness to Murphy’s [attempted] murder. Garvey is weak. If Kevin does away with him who’s going to know who did it, with all the chaos going on?

    Although, perhaps Murphy can get away with murder in Jarden: he’s gotten away with blatant arson previously; he’s traveling, armed, with the police who confront Garvey (which seems highly irregular). So, that, ironically makes Garvey safer: if Murphy kills with impunity, he can also allow Garvey to live, when Garvey survives the initial attempt.

    There’s obviously something very sociopathic about Murphy. He shot Garvey in cold blood, possibly even with the knowledge that Garvey was innocent; he just didn’t like that Garvey was voicing a disturbing truth. (And when Murphy finds out Evie is alive, he’s apparently not in a hurry to save the now indisputably innocent Garvey. Wouldn’t a rational person think: “OK, Evie’s safe– I just shot Garvey over Evie– Oh, No, let me try to save Garvey.”) And even though Murphy does have a “moment of clarity” with Garvey, how much can this guy change in one “moment”? Can he really be trusted not to burn someone’s house down again and/or shoot someone he’s suspicious of?

    In any case, I’m just glad the story did not go down this dark arc.

  • Esse

    Why would they blow up the bridge? Then how would the guilty remnant get in? Or out even?

    Seems like there is only one bridge.