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The Leftovers Episode 7 Recap LIVE: Solace for Tired Feet – Mon Aug 11th 4pm ET / 1pm PT


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Josh Wigler and Antonio Mazzaro recap episode 7 of HBO’s The Leftovers: “Solace for Tired Feet”.

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  • Rob’s Chimp

    Why am I getting a strong “American Beauty” vibe from Aimee? Is she trying to seduce Kevin Garvey or am I seeing things that are not there?

  • susan appleby

    Hi guys. Couldn’t find the chat room. Just wanted to remind you that you guys do a great job and work so well together. Thanks for doing this


    • I just added the chatroom

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      Thanks Susan. Sorry we missed you this week, and appreciate the support as always. We’ll cross paths again next week hopefully!

  • toast

    I do like the idea that nothing Supernatural is going on at all.
    Holy Wayne is just a paedophile that gives nice hugs.
    Kevin and his dad are just crazy people with blackouts and hallucinations and there are no secret messages in that National Geographic.

    The whole point of the show is that after an unexplainable event, everyone has gotten delusional.