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The Leftovers, Episode 9 Recap LIVE: “The Garveys At Their Best”


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Josh Wigler and Antonio Mazzaro recap episode 9 of HBO’s The Leftovers: “The Garveys at Their Best”.

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  • toast

    Prediction for the end scene of the next episode.
    After whatever other madness happens, Kevin returns home and on the kitchen table is a little bundle wrapped in a cloth.
    He opens it up to see a RealDoll foetus, placed there by his wife.

  • prett77

    I could buy into the whole “burdened” theory if it weren’t for the woman Kevin Garvey is sleeping with. I’m sure Kevin was probably feeling regret or remorse but those are both completely different emotions than feeling burdened. If she would have been trying to pressure him into leaving his family or something or maybe someone in her family that is not on the show feels burdened by her then the burdened theory could be a possibility but as it’s shot, there is no way Kevin is feeling burdened by her. If there is anyone he might feel burdened by it would be Lori and she doesn’t disappear. Same goes for Nora. If her husband is cheating on her, he would probably feel burdened also but Nora doesn’t disappear. And that’s the problem. We all feel burdened by someone to some degree or another. So if it is the burden that makes everyone disappear, everyone would be gone, all six trillion, not just a few million. Just my opinion.

    • juvus

      but the people who disappeared were thought of as burden at the exact moment they disappear. Not everyone felt burden at that exact moment in time.

      Nora was waiting for a call from her potential employer. her kids were screaming, her husband is scolded her for yelling at the kids, at that moment she is looking at her phone she felt burden by them. Her family. The family she said she would pretend didn’t exist for the 4 weeks she would work for the council woman.

      Kevin is not burden by Lori. He is burden by the guilt he feels for what he is doing. At the moment they get in that bed stranger lady becomes a burden he is going to have to carry on his conscience and most likely thought it as they were doing it.