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The Leftovers is not over, but perhaps you have not gotten started watching the HBO drama series — so we’re here to fix that for you.

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) have suddenly arrived to convince the uninitiated to test out The Leftovers, the show that just might be telling the most interesting and compelling story on television right now.

In this spoiler-free podcast, Josh and Antonio discuss the plot and premise of the series, provide a few cautionary tales for anyone considering watching the show, as well as more than a few hyperbolic endorsements of the acting and storytelling choices made in Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta’s fictional world where two percent of the global population suddenly disappeared without a trace on October 14.

After all, many of you will already be gorging on leftovers this Thanksgiving weekend; why not take the opportunity to give The Leftovers another look as well?

Let us know what you think of the show and the podcast in the comments below.

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  • Antoni

    Oh my god Guys, I think I am gonna have to start watching now that you showed how awesome this show is !… Or that is what I would say if I haven’t been already hooked on the show and your recaps of IT !
    Great job.

  • I started watching the show, because I was following a recap of the walking dead and Josh said “in my opinion The leftovers is the best show to watch right now in television”, or something like that… and he is definitely right

    • Ryan Oakley

      Which TWD episode recap was that, out of curiosity? If you remember.

      • Antoni

        any of the after-Glenn is my bet the one before the last one maybe.

      • Josh Wigler

        Pretty sure it was during the Always Accountable feedback show.

    • Yeah I’m in the same boat as you. When Josh said that The Leftovers was the best show on TV right now during a time when TWD is at its most frustrating, it compelled me to watch it. Only half way through season 1 right now but i’m loving it and if season 2 is even better then I can’t wait to catch up and catch up the podcasts.

      • tar.sentinel

        I’d love to hear what you liked the most in Season 1! Season 1 started slow but it was fantastic!

        • Sure yeah. I think Christopher Eccleston’s Matt Jamison character had one of the best introductions to a character I think I’ve ever seen in episode 3. I’m compelled by his presence for every second he’s on the screen. In general the character development is really strong so far for me and that’s really important for season 1 of any show. Season 1’s don’t need to be fast paced, but they do need to make you care about the characters that you’re required to follow for however long they exist, and that’s why I’m really impressed with The Leftovers so far because I’m already really invested in these people.

          • Absolutely! Character development is really strong and every little thing they choose to show and how they show it, it’s just so intriguing!

          • TrentC

            And if I can add to your comment to Matt, there’s a fair amount of connectivity between the episodes and seasons. I like a show that features something and it’s not just tossed away or forgotten. The show builds on itself in the most entertaining and interesting ways, like our lives.

  • GeekFurious

    I’m already watching but this made me want to watch! Again.

  • TrentC

    I started watching this when it originally aired. I enjoyed season one and season two takes the series to another level. I agree with the podcasters, it is one of the best TV experiences on right now. Completely unique and interesting.

  • I’m having a very unique experience watching this show. When I watch tv shows so awesome like this, I always have at least one person to acutally talk about it. The Leftovers, though, I have none. The show is freaking awesome but it’s kinda tough to tell people how awesome this show is. If I begin with talking about the show runner Damon Lindelof, their immediate response is `not very positive`. If I begin with rapture, my christian friends are SO ready to feel offended already. Then, where on earth, do I begin to introduce this bleak, depressing, but amazing tv show? But now we have two hosts, who have voluntarily stepped forward and introduced the show in the most hilarious and funniest way! Now what you really have to do is just to send your friends generous invitations to this podcast episode and let them listen to this hour-long introduction!

    • TrentC

      Don’t feel bad. I’ve been a longtime member on another forum where we discuss current events, weather, TV shows and movies.

      I’m trying to explain this show to them and I’m being met with comments like – Is it as good as Gotham or Agents of Shield? No offense to those shows or my friends, but I feel like I’m trying to describe a perfectly cut diamond with 1000 facets and they’re throwing pieces of coal at me telling me it’s the same.

  • JCMac610

    I absolutely love The Leftovers and love your podcasts as well. I watched the first season, but felt like the show ended in the finale. I wasn’t sure what they would do with Season 2. My husband and I had a baby in May and decided that we would not be tuning in to The Leftovers because it did feel depressing and since we were excited, busy and sleep deprived with our baby girl, we decided we would binge watch it at some point. My curiosity got the best of me and I started poking around to see what people were saying about Season 2. I ended up binge watching it without my husband this week as well as binge listened to your podcasts. How on earth is viewership dropping for this show? It is brilliant! I feel like I have been waiting for intelligent TV for so long. I love shows that make me think. I am never satisfied when the mystery is revealed and I love that this show is not going to reveal the mystery of why people departed. I love the depth of the characters and watching them struggle through the departure, coping and moving on. The characters are deep and at times relatable when you think about what they have been through and what brought them to that moment or decision. The show makes you think and entertains you at the same time. I also love the music they choose. Anyways, I now am binge watching it again with my husband who also loves the show. My issue with The Leftovers is that I want Lindelof to complete his vision, but without a guarantee of season count or whether or not it will even be renewed (based on falling ratings), he kinda has to tie up the seasons in a bow rather than a cliffhanger. Fingers crossed. This show cannot end! It is the best show on TV right now!

  • @Wharfrat1625

    I have mentioned in the main recap columns, but I got turned on to the show when Antonio n Josh started the recaps. If you enjoy their commentary, and value their opinions at all, I assure you this show will not let you down. Its extrordinary TV and Im so glad to see so many of you jumping into this. Dont worry about the destination, its gonna be an interesting journey for you.

  • Tom Palmer

    Okay guys. You got me to watch the first two episodes. I think I’m in!

    • Tom Palmer

      and just finished Season !. Great show.

  • Thank you so much for doing this for the Leftovers guys it was great!! I actually read the book a few years ago (ha ha it was an Oprah Book Club selection) and what drew me in then that I don’t think was actually said out loud in the show but was a big point in the book was regarding the rapture theory. You guys didn’t bring this up, but I thought it worth noting to the new viewer that the people in the Leftover world know it wasn’t a “rapture” because the rapture is suppose to only take those who have accepted Jesus, live Christian lives, etc. and this “event” took criminals, thieves, etc. it didn’t discriminate. It also left people wondering if God even exists, (which is why we see so few people in church). I hope that wasn’t too spoiley (that last line) but I think its important to remember for a new viewer, if they are familiar with that theory.

    In any case, as much as I like to comment on your podcasts (heh heh) this show is so stunning I am left almost speechless every episode. I cannot tell you how much I anticipate your podcast after I watch it. Thank you guys, so much. Especially to you Antonio, thank you for all your hard work and research each week– its phenomenal. Also I really hope you have AJ on again, maybe for the finale, he was really really great too!!

  • This series is a huge waste of time.

    I read good reviews on it and thought that Lindelof has really learned his lesson and started to write good screenplays. Man, was I wrong!

    This is the same shtick Lindelof is doing over and over.

    He is still using the “Matryoshka doll” style, where the mystery isn’t used to tell a compelling story, but just as a hook to keep people watching, waiting for answers that will never come…