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Wondering what and where that all came from? Not content to just let the mystery be? Do you just really need a hug?

Well fear no more, because it turns out Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) have answers, more questions, and maybe a few hugs to dole out on this week’s THE LEFTOVERS podcast.

The podcast will record on Monday afternoon, so in the meantime, please lave your questions and comments below. Let us know how it really FEELS to watch this show. People need to know. They WANT to know.

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  • Josh Wigler

    I’ll get us started.


    • Noa Na’aman

      How much time has passed? Is it years? I’m trying to understand how long it took for Meg to be in charge. Maybe I’m forgetting things from S1. That whole scene was the WORST. UGH. I was worried I wouldn’t sleep after that.

      • Antoni

        Season 1 unfolded over the course of a year, and some months passed beetween seasons, but i guess this Q was for Josh and Antonio…

  • Dave_Bakker

    What was it about Tommy that made Holy Wayne choose him for a “transfer of power”? And has the power already gone to Tommy’s head? Will we see Holy Tommy offspring as a result of the Meg encounter?

    Will Tommy and Laurie wind up in Miracle?

    • Antoni

      I am not sure if he really does have that “power”, or if he just was so obsessed over holy wayne that he studied his way of communicating with people so deeply that he learned whatever trick he had. I think that when he said “we need to give them something” it meant really that they need to build a mystique around this group that makes it worth “(probst)” living for. But maybe he does have powers, who knows, let the mystery be.
      I love the Holy Tommy offspring idea 😀 That encounter was messed up tho.

    • tar.sentinel

      Is it just me who saw Meg’s stomach is already bigger than usual? I don’t even know what I’m thinking right now!!

      • Bobby Marasa

        I believe she was pregnant at the time in real life or recently had a baby

        • Antonio Mazzaro

          They may well work this into the story then.

          • I can’t agree more! Because, it’s entirely their choice to show it or not.

      • Antonio Mazzaro

        I thought she looked already pregnant as well but I decided to not mention it because yeah.

  • Antoni

    My question to Josh and Antonio: How do you feel about the Holy storyline coming back ? I think it was a really well executed episode in that way, and I did feel this group needs something to believe in (which the show slammed in my face with the suicide) so it wasn’t really subtle but still… uh… nice. Had the same conclusions as the characters so that’s good on the shows part I guess. Rewarding episode – Lori spoke and awesome to see all of her newfound energy. Was happy the laptop story resolved so nicely (even if the actual book is probably dead for now). I really like the format of this season, fun to have different feelings about moments from previous episodes based on, well… the whole idea of perspective change. I love it and it fits well in this show which sometimes really is about things untold and just lack of communication beetween people leading to misery sometimes.

    • tar.sentinel

      Hey, you know what? I’m 99.999% sure that she’s been hugged!

  • sinto

    I have a few questions regarding Australia, Josh and Antonio:

    1: In the background of the show this week, there was a news report regarding a man who was supposedly “resurrected” in Australia. Is this man Holy Wayne?

    2: Do the strange happenings in Australia have anything to do with the man Rose and Bernard went to see to cure Rose’s cancer in LOST?

    • sinto

      Also, maybe Tommy does have Holy Wayne’s powers, and maybe he doesn’t (I think we can all say he probably doesn’t actually have any powers). I think one thing that can be said though, is that Tommy 100% BELIEVES he has Wayne’s powers. Remember last week when he refused to hug Jill because he was “sick” and then proceeded to wipe a tear off of her cheek? I think in hindsight we can say he refused to hug her because he was scared of his “powers”. Note that he didn’t look sick, nor was there one mention of it, at all on last nights show.

  • Bill

    When will the podcast be up?

    • Josh Wigler

      We’re literally recording the wrap-up right now, so give it anywhere from 1 – 3 hours.

      • Bill

        Nice! I’ve been waiting all day I think you guys are great on this show…did you guys notice the deal where the guy on the tower on Miracle had the kid send a letter to David Burton in Australia…and then this episode on the TV the news was talking about David Burton in Australia too…very Lost-y (my all time fav show)…full disclosure – I had help from reddit on finding that out…keep up the good work guys

  • B888

    I loved every minute of this episode until Tommy stood up and said “who needs a hug” Was it just me or were we supposed to think he may be lying about having Holy Wayne’s power or is he just a bad actor?

    • tar.sentinel

      well that was a little weird-ish. Was it really bad acting? I’m not sure though.

    • Drew Douglas

      His performance in that scene was the best of the series so far.

  • tar.sentinel

    it’s just like we are witnessing a beginning of some religion! For example, how about this? ‘Wayne said ‘all who you are thirsty and weak, let me hug you’ from the Gospels of Tom chapter x verse y

  • tar.sentinel

    In the scene where Tom and Meg were having sex, I thought she just stood up in the middle, but if that was all, what is the purpose? Punish him? A mild warning to Lori? If Tommy offspring theory is true then probably Meg saw something really strong in Tom; what GRs lack, and as a queen bee, she needed that seed.

    • Antoni

      thats some craycray stuff

    • TrentC

      How about, she stopped halfway through the sex and halfway through lighting him on fire as kind of an analogy to people who leave The Guilty Remnants? As in, they’re not going to be complete unless they stick with it until the end.

      • That’s really possible. If that’s their unique way to punish those people.

  • JNR74

    Now I get why Tommy wouldnt hug Jill.

  • Tyler James Linder

    Haven’t listened yet, but I found the orchestral cover of “Where is my Mind” a very striking justiposition from Kevin’s montage using the original song last week. Brilliant editing and choice of song right there.

  • TrentC

    Good gravy this show just keeps hitting it out of the park. The Meg scene, the Laurie scenes, the reformed Guilty Remnant woman scene with her family. Outstanding television. And a series that uses alternating timelines masterfully.

    They imply that Tommy is lying about the hug power but I wonder..

  • TrentC

    Great recap guys, thanks. It got pretty deep at times with the spiritual/religious theories, which I like. You hit the nail on the head talking about how people need something to fill the void in times of tragedy. I’m really interested now to see if they’re going to give away some of the tenets of The Guilty Remnants.

    Antonio made me roll with his Quantico reference. I was excited to see it and 34 minutes into episode one I gave myself a facepalm and turned it off. I’m sure it will find an audience elsewhere while we continue to watch The Leftovers.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      I watched episode 4 of Quantico last night. That is not a good show.

      • TrentC

        I tried to hate-watch (is that the right term?) episodes two and three. It’s like Beverly Hills 90210 + NYPD Blue. I’m interested in profiling and FBI training programs. How in the blazes did the FBI sign off on that steaming mess?

        Not a Quantico blog, I should show some respect. 2.5 minutes of The Leftovers absolutely crushes entire seasons of shows like Quantico in terms of writing and acting.

  • GeekFurious

    Loved the episode. Have no issues with it. Agreed with most of the things you all said.

  • Avery Gordon

    I put off this episode for a week, I was dreading it. I thought I was gonna hate it, because like Josh I was not the biggest Tommy fan last season. But I absolutely loved it. Its easily one of the best in the series so far.

  • Drew Douglas

    I only started listening to your podcast this season so I’m surprised at the hate for the Holy Wayne storyline. I really wish we would have gotten a Holy Wayne-centric episode last season. Would love to see them do some sort of flashback this season.

  • Jean-Damien Buisson

    Catching up with the show and loving it, I’m surprised everyone is wondering about the “price” of holy wayne’s power, to me it seemed clear in s1 and now that Wayne, then Tommy, would have to abosrb all the pain they remove for themselves and have to live with it. It explains how increasingly miserable Wayne looked and why Tommy wouldn’t want to use that power for a while. Or it’s a just a big lie and they’re both charlatans, albeit for different motives.

  • Sam S.

    Really late on this, since I recently began the series and have been pairing the show with the podcast and I just have to say that Antonio and Josh are incredible in their analysis of the show.