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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 4 Recap | Orange Sticker

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Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are never going to give you up or let you down as they suddenly return with another episode of their THE LEFTOVERS podcast!

This week, Josh and Antonio are breaking down everything that happened in “Orange Sticker,” including Carrie Coon’s breathtaking performance as Nora Durst, the continued collapse of Kevin Garvey thanks to rick-rolling from Patti, the question of miracles in Miracle, and much more.

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Links From The Show:

** Kevin Carroll (John Murphy) Talks About His Work On The Leftovers

** Damon Lindelof Definitively Explains the Ending of Lost Once and For All

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  • Antoni


  • Antoni

    But i loved it of course. I just didnt watch it with the correct mood today.

  • GeekFurious

    About to listen… but if you guys don’t say this was the best episode of the series… and the best LOST episode since season 5, then I QUIT!

  • TrentC

    Enjoyed the recap gentlemen, thought provoking discussion as always. Some random thoughts…

    If 2% of the population has departed, that’s roughly 140 million people. Would it be reasonable to say that there are other places like Miracle, where no one has departed? I would say yes and go as far as to say places like State prisons could have been unaffected as well, perhaps giving John his disbelieving view on the world. As witnessed with Nora’s family where three out of four people in one
    room departed, as opposed to places like the science fair where one
    person departed leaving fifty in the same area, there have been a lot of hit and miss areas across the planet.

    The Miracle Numbers Balancing Game. I love the theory of 9261 and how the town can only a sustain a certain amount of people. If this is true, how come no one has noticed it or spoken about it before the Garveys showed up? The balancing must have been happening since people started migrating there.

    Kinda spooky to see the dogs again. From season one, the dog shooting guy seemed to be another mystery from within Kevin’s mind. Could it have been as simple as the dogs were formerly owned by people that departed?

    Patti and Rick Rolling. I think she was singing the song for him to note the actual lyrics, not the extremely hilarious idea that she’s Rick Rolling Kevin by existing. I also caught the doctor/patient confidentiality line and wondered if Laurie had told Kevin about Patti, thereby explaining the manifestation and where he’s getting parts of it from. The phone location, the truck warning, the explanation for where the girls went, could all be explained as Kevin’s sub conscience being the source. The crazy guy in the town square perch likely heard Kevin talking to himself. I hope it is something more with Patti.

    Isaac, Virgil, Patti and baby makes three. (four I guess…) You guys were pontificating on the maybe-mystical aspects. Are these odd occurrences and wild abilities real, or are they more mundane things, easily explained by science or mental illness in some cases? Based on everything in season one and what we’ve seen up until this point, I don’t thing we’ve had any of the strangeness explained away by science or misinterpretation. Everything weird has been…well, weird! That’s what I love about this show. They’re not afraid to throw something strange right into your face and leave it there. No red herrings, no walking it back with a lame explanation later, no cop outs with dreams or drug induced visions. Just good old fashioned wtf with a side of holy crap.

    Thanks Marshall Givens (Antonio) and Jumpin Josh Flash for the thoughts on the show, love the recaps.

  • Drew Douglas

    Haven’t listened yet but do you guys think the present Evie got her father is the cricket that was driving him nuts in episode 1?

  • Andiamo

    Virgil had an orange sticker on his trailer, so he definitely lives in town.

    The stickers are also an interesting callback to Nora’s 3 legacy stickers at the conference in season 1. Those stickers represented her connection to the departed and proof of loss, while these stickers represent proof of being spared of loss.