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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 5 Recap | No Room At The Inn

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Hit play as hard as you can and call this podcast Brian, because the latest episode of THE LEFTOVERS is here!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) strap themselves in the stocks just outside of Miracle, diving into everything that happened on this week’s episode, focused on Reverent Matt. Josh and Antonio break down the possible interpretations of Matt’s actions, the stellar work from Christopher Eccleston, comparisons between Matt and John Locke from LOST, and what the character’s future holds on the series.

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Links From The Show:

** Christopher Eccleston on playing the unluckiest character on The Leftovers

** A picture of Sydney, Australia from this week’s show

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  • Andiamo

    I loved the groundhog’s day aspect coming into Matt’s story. The big difference is that each day Matt is attempting to repeat a very rare occurrence, whereas the townspeople are attempting to stop a very rare occurrence from happening again (or at least trying to keep themselves safe if it does.) Statistically the townspeople have much better odds. For Matt everyday it doesn’t happen he loses faith, but for the others everyday it doesn’t happen their faith is affirmed.

    Also, I’d like to see what the people in town think of the disappearance of the girls. It would make sense to at least consider that it’s another departure, but they have a vested interest in not seeing it that way. You’d have to think that even if it is, they would do everything they could to cover it up.

    • Drew Douglas

      I never thought about the town NOT wanting it to happen and him desperate for it to.

  • Gravy Train

    Hey guys, one thing about the $500 “Brian” whacking is that it felt like the old woman (and her son?) wanted to remove a curse and *transfer* it to someone else.

    From a writing standpoint, it would be pointless to put a curse on Matt, unless it was a strange or interesting curse, though…


    • Jack McKinney

      Given all the heavy-handed religious imagery, I thought maybe they were taking a moment for levity and doing a ‘Life of Brian’ reference. Any idea who played Reggie (the oar-loving son)? For a minute, I thought Lindelof had snuck in a Jorge Garcia cameo. I definitely recognized him but never got a good enough look to be certain.

  • GeekFurious

    Second least favorite episode. But always enjoy listening to you guys analyze the show.

  • Chanan

    As usual, you guys are incrediblyinsightful and amusing!!

    Can’t believe you skipped Regina Spektor but I guess you made up for it with a Brice Izyah reference..

  • Drew Douglas

    Pretty solid episode. Lots and lots of biblical references in this one.

  • TrentC

    Less than a million people per week watching? This show gets more interesting by the minute, c’mon people!

    Great recap as always. Thanks for the shout out about the newspaper article from Australia. Do you think we’ll ever see an episode centered in Australia talking about the crazy happenings in Texas, USA?

    Matt volunteering to be placed in the stocks will yield some important fruit I think. He must have a strong reason to leave his wife at this point after finding out she’s pregnant.