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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 1 Feedback Show | The Book of Kevin

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Podcast:

O come all ye faithful! (And your faithful canine companions.) The Leftovers Feedback show has been resurrected! Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are back answering YOUR questions and discussing your theories from your readings of The Book of Kevin. Also, trigger warning, they even take a shot at some dog talk.
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Josh and Antonio will be back early next week to discuss episode 2!
  • TrentC

    From the description ” ..they even take a shot at some dog talk.”

    take a shot?


    You menz are on fire and we’re not even 10 minutes in.

  • GeekFurious

    Time to get ready for the aliens! I mean dogs! It’s a thing!

    • TrentC

      “And the show is a lot about what people believe mattering as much as what is true.”

      You made the feedback show and I agree. They’re going to add and subtract ideas for the next seven hours with the sole intent of turning us inside out.

      In other news to Lindelof, or Lindeloffing, are now verbs.

      • GeekFurious

        And I love it! 🙂 I mean, the Lindeloffing.

  • Matthew Murphy

    While listening to the podcast I thought of an interesting idea for Erica. What if she still was trying to get Evi to leave the GR and chained herself to the building that the GR was living in? It would be cool and add another dimension to the bomb going off. Just a cool idea and probably about as likely as Debbie winning Survivor.

    • TrentC

      I liked the idea that evil Erika stole baby Lily.

      And I believe the podcasters theorized that Erika joined the GR, perhaps took up Evie’s spot after she died. Evil GR Erika would be delicious.

    • Andiamo

      No! It’s bad enough if Meg is dead, now you want to kill Erika? You might as well just kill me too.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I’m pretty sure Gary Busey took hid knowledge of mechanical dogs to the other side when he departed and the last episode will be all about the mechanical dog uprising.

  • Justin Curry

    My theory about the dog apocalypse is pretty insane, but I do not think it will actually happen on the show but here it is. What if Dean the dog killer was actually right and that every time we saw a dog on the show it was actually a person. For example, when Kevin and Dean were killing the dogs in the first season, they were actually innocent people and when Kevin was in the dog kennel it was actually people in those cages, which kind of explains why the cages were empty when he woke up except for Kevin’s dog, which is actually his son or something. If this really happens you heard it here first!

    • GeekFurious

      While I hate the idea, I love that you brought it up and I encourage you to send it in as feedback for the next episode so it drives Josh and Antonio crazy! More Antonio than Josh… though I remember this one time, on another podcast, when Josh lost his doggie mind and started throwing stuff and it sounded like he broke a few things. It’s possible I made some of that up but maybe not. How would anyone know?

    • TrentC

      What if everyone from the departure turned into dogs? (2% of pop, approx 140 million) So sensitive people like Dean and Kevin’s Dad detect something is off about them.

      And OMG Dean and Kevin were actually shooting the lost departed people!

    • Matthew Murphy

      Would this make Scooby Doo a human in dog form that’s achieved speech?

      • TrentC

        Oh great now I can’t watch Scooby Doo without getting creeped out.

  • Judy W

    For some more Lindeloffing…….. what if,
    the old man on the tower in Miracle, is an old Kevin Garvey!
    What say you?

    • Judy W

      Well, so much for that theory… wrong!

      • 2thingsRinfinite


  • 2thingsRinfinite

    Do we have firm evidence that suggests Nora doesn’t want anything to do with Kevin in that end scene? If not, I think it could just be that they are in hiding together. Hence the name change and denying she knows anything about him. He could very well have changed his name also. Just a thought.

  • pdcrittenden

    (This is long. Sorry. But I had to get this out.)

    Here’s an idea I had while listening to the pod:

    There are some assumptions we have to make.

    Step zero is accepting that Kevinism is real.

    First of all, Kevin is going to die. And stay dead. That’s sort of the thing with messiah figures. They die. And they die in order that someone else may live.

    Secondly, Kevin’s “powers” only work in Jarden. Matt said so. We may get some sort of “proof” of this when Mary and Noah leave. If Mary goes back into her coma after leaving Jarden then Kevin and the Kevinites may see that as proof that Jarden affects these miracles somehow.

    So here’s the thing:

    I think that Kevin is going to give up his life for Nora’s. I think something will happen to her in Australia that will kill her. That will spur Kevin into heading down under to try and break her out of the hotel. Will he be able to get there and come back if his body is somewhere other than Jarden? What if Kevin, Sr. has found another Jarden (axis mundi) in Australia. It will be the ultimate test for whether Kevin will accept his messianic fate. But there will be a catch. Only one of them can come back from the hotel. And Kevin will of course send Nora back.

    I don’t know. That’s just my crazy theory based only on this first episode and some things from the Season 3 trailer (Kevin’s father drowning Kevin in on the boat, for instance.).

  • Ryan Wilson

    I dont think if another character goes to the hotel that the show jumps the shark. Wasn’t Mary at the hotel the 1st time kevin went? Wasn’t that mary going in her room when he was in the hall and wasn’t the package kevin asked was his for Mary? So there has already been 4 characters there. Kevin. Patty, Mary and the grandfather guide.