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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 2 Feedback | Don’t Be Ridiculous

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Podcast:

Sometimes the world looks perfect. Nothing to rearrange. But sometimes you just get a feeling like you need some kind of change. Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) spend this feedback show delving into these two opposing forces, how they are manifested in Kevin and Nora, and what that crazy dunkaroo from this week’s episode means for where our story might be headed.
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Josh and Antonio will be back next week to discuss all the developments in Episode 3!
  • GeekFurious

    Here is why I think my scenario will play out as the final moments of the show.

    1. I’m Icelandic. Why is that significant? It is.

    2. I am about the same age as Lindelof and we lived 1 town away from each other in New Jersey during the time we were in high school. I also played football in high school and Teaneck and Hackensack (our respective towns) are major rivals, so much so they have a trophy for one specific game between the two.

    3. I was likely in Teaneck at the same time as Lindelof when we were teenagers.

    4. We both are deeply influenced by the same literature, especially The Stand.

    5. We’re both writers.

    There you go. All the proof I will end up being correct.

    • TrentC

      Your theory was that both Kevin and Nora were still alive and hiding? If I’m wrong can you give a brief outline again? (I listened to the podcast while having a group of visitors at home. Not my habit)


      • GeekFurious

        That they go to Australia, Kevin is eventually thought to be the messiah, so he fakes his death, or disappears, because he wants no part of it. Nora changes her name (and likely moves to another part of the country) and takes care of him. The show will likely end with her returning to their home where they’ve both grown old under assumed names. Obviously Kevin couldn’t leave Australia once there if everyone believed he was the messiah.

        It would fit in with the context of each finale. This is not a supernatural show. It is a show about cause, effect, and how people perceive reality. There is no grand mystery to get answers to so why would Lindelof introduce one? I believe the final scene will be about these two old people who have walked away from the madness and found peace in what they have left: each other.

        Is it romantic? Nope. It’s the opposite. It’s love.

        • TrentC

          It’s a good theory (and I’m not even Icelandic).


  • Andrew Rowe

    I was glad you mentioned the Nora/Brevity phone exchange and Georges affirmation that “she’s going” to his partner without context. Nora’s not exactly been employee of the month with suspicions on question 121s of the questionnaire, stealing a questionnaire, outbursts at conferences. Would it be out of the question that the DSD powers that be hired an out of work actor to stage a presentation to gauge the commitment of one of their employees?

  • Matthew Murphy

    Pumped to get a mention on the feedback show. Love these podcasts.

    • TrentC

      My question made the show as well. My 15 minutes!

      Josh and Antonio talked about how Mark Linn-Baker may have specifically been hired to recruit Nora because of their similar situations. They also discussed the puzzling Brevity comment which when coupled with the above, somehow makes the hotel meeting even creepier, if that’s possible.

      Is Nora being targeted with a hidden negative intent or do these people actually believe in the microwave incinerator chamber?

      Agreed. Podcasts by this team about The Leftovers and Mr. Robot are some of my favorite listening experiences on the net.*

      *I’m not a relative of the Wiglers or Mazzaros

      • Matthew Murphy

        Yeah Wigler and Mazzaro are a dope duo.

        • TrentC

          The dauntless, dazzling, dynamic dope duo.

  • TrentC

    Nora had a tattoo of her children’s names on her arm, then got it covered. And then she slammed her arm in a car door hard enough to break it.

    Did she ever explain why?