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The Leftovers Season Two Episode Two Recap | A Matter of Geography

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It’s time to make ourselves a family, and we’re starting by putting $3 million down on a house we’ve never seen in a town we just rolled into. Seems like the right thing to do!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are back with another episode of THE LEFTOVERS podcast here on Post Show Recaps, chronicling the second hour of season two, called “A Matter of Geography.” Josh and Antonio cover everything scene by scene, including Kevin’s continued relationship with a ghostly guilty remnant, his father’s upcoming trip to Australia, Nora Durst’s decision to go all in on Miracle, the possible connections between Miracle and one of the darkest moments in history, and much more.

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  • Antoni

    I know they dont want to, but arent they heading in a direction in which they have to answer some questions ? Oh wait, Its Lindelof, he doesn’t care about that.
    And the first scene was just about the most laughs I had in Leftovers history.

  • Andiamo

    Great recap. I was also thinking about what Antonio brought up, that Murphy’s job may involve the regulation of the number of people in the town. In this light, the discussion with the other firemen about the numbers (before they burned the house down) may relate to the number of people that need to be adjusted for rather than the alarm level of the fire.

    Another possibility is that the regulation may have to do with the number of occupied structures (place having a lot of significance in this episode). This is the first auction they’ve had in a while and it occurred right after the other house burned down, although it looks like that house has been empty for a while. Maybe Father Matt’s shack doesn’t count since it’s part of the church, and it may be why he can’t go and stay with Nora.

  • GeekFurious

    Ahhhh…. OF COURSE! If you bring a new bunch of people in, then you have to take the same number of people out or you’ll have an event (or so they believe).

  • Jaxicat

    If the Garveys had moved into the rental, the number of people living
    there would have been 5. “Five” was the reason to burn that place down.

  • TrentC

    I really enjoyed season one of this show and like the progression into season two. It’s all sorts of weird and the tone can be disarming at times. Even the Garvey’s new neighbors appear so normal…for about five minutes until you start scratching the surface. Loved the recap as always, you guys are following some great shows on this site, thanks.

  • JCMac610

    With regard to the Garveys having mental illness or a spiritual awareness, I think it is spiritual. I think Holy Wayne is a fraud, but he was helping the people he hugs. People willing to drop that much money for a hug are people who need to believe the hug is going to take away their pain and so it works for them. A skeptic wouldn’t spend the money and not believing means the hug (if they paid for it) would not work because they wouldn’t believe it would. For Nora, I think Holy Wayne knows how to read people. The more he spoke, the more emotional she became and so he knew he was on the right track. She was numbing by hiring prostitutes to shoot her like depressed people cut themselves to pain, but in reality, all she needed was someone who understood and a really good cleansing cry. I feel like typically, frauds get big followings, but people that are for real having an experience think they are going crazy and work hard to hide it. I tend to believe that not believing in it and trying to suppress it, but having it continuing to happen would make it real. Medication isn’t working. I don’t know. It could be mental illness, but I believe it is real and spiritual for the Garveys.