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The LOST LIVES podcast continues — and this week, it’s all about you!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) get together to answer questions and comments sent in by the listeners of LOST Lives. The panel will discuss characters who didn’t make the cut on the 42 LOST Characters We Can’t Live Without draft, deaths that didn’t make their list of the 23 Best LOST deaths, some of their burning questions from the series, their plans for the future of LOST Lives, and a whole lot more.

If you have questions for the LOST Lives crew, send them along atpostshowrecaps.com/feedback. You can also ask your questions live during the show using the hash-tag #PSRecaps.

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  • Noah Groves

    I don’t care what it is but Lost Lives has to live on after the 10th anniversary. If it is a full rewatch hopefully we can still get some other random topic casts as well! another great podcast.

    • Josh Wigler

      I think a rewatch would be the central concept, with other podcasts around it — more lists, feedback shows, deeper-dives into topics, interviews with guests, all that good stuff we’ve done so far. But the rewatch episodes would be the most frequent.

      • Noah Groves

        I’m down for it!

    • Agreed – as long as it’s Lost related, I’ll happily and eagerly be listening! I forgot how much I loved this show until you guys started doing this podcast. Can’t get it out of my head now – just like old times! Ah, the nostalgia.

      A rewatch would be super fun. Perhaps à la Chronologically Lost? Would be interesting to get your reactions/thoughts viewing the show in a somewhat “new” way instead of the traditional route.

  • EricD

    I would love a rewatch! I need an excuse to get my wife to rewatch Lost with me.

  • Chris Brannigan

    You guys have already inspired me to start a rewatch and am halfway though season 1 already. I haven’t watched in As Aired ordered since the show finished and have done the Chronologically Lost edit three times now. Watching it back in the correct order after seeing it chronologically is weird! I’d recommend a chronological rewatch but at about 70gigs to download the torrent it might be a struggle for some listeners.

    PS: On rewatching I really felt from the first 3-4 episodes that Locke was already evil and then around episode 5-6 the writers changed their minds.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    So one thing you guys were talking about in terms of Season 5/6, and Josh hit on it. A friend and I just rewatched both seasons over the summer, and fleshed out the discussion on why Sun didn’t flashback in time with the others. And we cam up with a two fold reason, and out of show/writing reason and an on-island reason. The out of show reason, is obviously so that there would be a Main Character that we care about, in the Present Storyline, and have a connection with Illana since she was supposed to be so important. The On-Island reason, and Josh hit it on the head, is that Sun wasn’t the Kwon who was a candidate. Just like Jacob says to Kate in season 6, “I crossed your name off when you became a mother”, the same can be applied to Sun. One she became a mother, she was no long a candidate for Jacob because she had a real world attachment/responsibility, and hence, she could not flash back with the actual candidates.

  • Stacey S

    A belated comment! This podcast has also inspired me to do a rewatch, and i’m halfway through season 2! It’s amazing how much i’m seeing this second time through that I didn’t the first time around. I will keep listening to anything you put out there with Lost Lives!

  • Noah Groves

    On the apparent inconsistency regarding Christian Shepherd appearing off the island and Freighter when the Man in Black couldn’t travel off island: After just rewatching ‘Something Nice Back Home’ on my rewatch I noticed that Christian appearing to Jack in Flash forward was in full suit dressed up while the Christian in the same episode appearing to Claire on island was in more raggedy, less dressed up clothes. Hurley tells Jack just scenes before in the flashforward that Charlie told him to tell Jack that he would be expecting someone. So is it possible the Christian that jack sees is in the FF is a brief crossover from the Flash sideways ala Desmond style and that the Christian Claire sees is the Man in Black. Note that I haven’t rewatched ‘There’s no Place Like Home’ yet and not sure what attire Christian is wearing. But if it is the full suit then it would make sense him showing up right before a tonne of people on the Freighter are about to die. Obviously this is a pretty loose theory/observation but there must be some significance to Christian stark clothing differences. Thoughts on this Josh, Antonio, AJ/JO and commenters?

    • Josh Wigler

      Did we mention that possibility on the podcast? I think we did. I can certainly see it! But MIB does wear Christian’s suit on the island during season one (Walkabout, White Rabbit), so it’s still not perfect.

      • Noah Groves

        I guess the argument there is that Christians suit was still pretty much intact at that point when MIB takes over the body but 100 days in, not so much. Also Supporting the argument, in SNBH and Cabin Fever Miles, Locke and Claire all see Christian while in SNBH Jack is the only one who can see him in the hospital. Not sure if I believe it fully but there does seem to be a clear distinction between the two, especially with it occuring in the same episode.