Game of Thrones

The Road to Westeros: Day 6 of the Countdown to Game of Thrones

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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler embark on day SIX of a daily countdown podcast releasing one podcast a day until we arrive at the premiere of Season 5 of “Game of Thrones” on HBO on April 12, 2015.


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  • I’m not 100% sure if its cannon but in the third episode of the Tell Tail Games GoT game you see Drogon. And you tell Danni where you saw him so she knows kinda where he is if the game is cannon with the show.

    • Josh Wigler

      I believe the games take place concurrently with seasons three and four, though; the battle at the Wall hasn’t happened yet, for example. So I don’t think this totally lines up.

      • @Wharfrat1625

        Episode 3 of the game is occurring amidst S4 for sure. John is on his way to Crasters, and you get the purple wedding scene as well as the Drogon sighting. It’s a well crafted side story they came up with and an innovative kind of game for sure.

  • Sean LaBua

    Drogon probably had too many projects going on to be in season 5.

  • Matt Curran

    My gut says bobby drogon will be better than the old one.

  • Matt The Golem

    Hodor, hodor! Hodor. Hodor. Hodor.