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The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12 Recap | Not Tomorrow Yet

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10 Recap Podcast of “Not Tomorrow Yet” on March 6, 2016

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) are your hosts tonight to recap The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 12, “Not Tomorrow Yet”

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  • sunny

    Ok maggie must be done for right? Or she’ll at least have a miscarriage after this ordeal? I agree with Rob that no way can we have another baby on the show.

  • Katrice Renee

    Honestly I think it’s gonna be Carol. She’s so bent on Maggie not going to the fight and now she’s gonna give her life to save Maggie’s because she’s pregnant. I think Glen is safe for now.

    • Andiamo

      I’m worried for Carol after that mother speech. Add to that that we haven’t seen her much lately, and she’s a guest on Talking Dead next week, I’m afraid things are pointing down for Carol.

  • Katrice Renee

    I’m so confused about Father Gabriel. He’s a priest yet he’s now a murderer. Now I understand the group made their decision, but I’m just torn the priest volunteered. Like, dude stay back and pray for those who chose to murder. Someone needs to be pure.

  • Katrice Renee

    Was Morgan creating a jail cell back at Alexandria? Is it for him once he goes crazy or is he planning to lock up Rick and change him?

    • Morty

      It looked to me like he was making a jail cell, too.

    • great thought! I thought maybe it was a defensive weapon or trap like he had those spears at his old neighborhood!

  • Katrice Renee

    How is Rosita going to deal with Abraham when she sees or hears him with Sasha? Does anyone think Sasha is going to be with Abraham now?

    • Andiamo

      Rosita may be the hottest woman left in the world, so hopefully she’ll rebound just fine. But she might “accidentally” shoot him in the face after that BS breakup.

      • Rosita is the hottest chick to have been on the show imo. Jessie was cute too- that’s the worst part about losing her imo. Rick needed a stress reliever for sure…sigh- Michonne at least is capable and hopefully not gonna get easily killed….

  • Katrice Renee

    By the way, where is Abraham going to live now?

  • Katrice Renee

    Carol and Tobyn? Wow! AND as soon as she gets someone she gets kidnapped! Like dude come on! Lol

  • Katrice Renee

    The head that was used as the pretend Hill top leader was a cast of Greg Nicateros head.

  • Andiamo

    Great job filling in, Alex. Lol at keeping the rambling to a minimum.

    Now that we’re at the point that the group have started killing people preemptively, and morality is becoming far grayer than it’s ever been, are the 3 questions still relevant as a way to determine if someone is a “good person” and worthy of joining the group? Is there anyone left in their group that would even pass the test?

  • Edwin Johnson

    I certainly think Morgan is building a cheesemaker prison cell.

  • Andiamo

    Out of Rick & MIchonne, Glenn & Maggie, Carol & Tobin, and Sasha & Abraham, which couple has the best/worst chance of surviving the season?

  • Morty

    Rick punching the head in the face was my favorite Rick moment of all! I laughed so much I had to replay it twice! Love my Psycho Rick!

    Also, the difference between the what the Governor did and what Rick’s group did is that the Governor knew Rick’s group wasn’t coming for his and just wanted Rick’s prison…and to do some gratuitous killing, whereas Rick knows the Saviors are absolutely coming for his group.

    • Andiamo

      The polaroids looked like people to me too (with their faces ripped off). It was like a serial killer trophy wall, similar to the Governor’s zombie aquarium. Definitely put there to make us not start hating Glenn and reinforce that they’re making the right choice.

      Head-punching Rick was priceless.

      • jan

        I think it’s just foreshadowing.

  • TrentC

    Great episode and recap. Alex is knowledgeable and humorous, enjoy hearing him on the podcasts. Thanks guys.


    I had not idea what Carol and Morgan were referring to and once I did figure it out, I have no idea why anyone would care this much later. Isn’t Rick fully aware of Morgan’s position on killing?

    The cluster of new relationships seems really rushed. I like Rick-Michonne and Carol-Townee. But the Abraham stuff is written terribly.

    Any NO CARL episode is a Top 1/4 Episode.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Hey Rob and Josh. We’ve had Jason Alexander knock it out of the park, Carrie Underwood try, until Jesus took the wheel the following week. But this weeks guest on the Talking Dead was JB Smoove who’s always great. It seems like we’re circling the waters of Larry David getting on. Kind of a long shot but on a scale of Glenn’s odds falling off a dumpster to pretty pretty pretty good, what are the chances of Larry winding up on the show?

  • Craig

    Sweet freedom! Thanks for those guys who got me out of there. And they got me by handing in Craigory’s head! Boy am I going to be pissed if he is still alive when I get back! Thanks friends of Jesus, I can’t wait to see my brother Ethan. I hope that sour throat he had when I saw him last is gone.