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The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14 Recap | Twice As Far

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 14 Recap Podcast of “Twice As Far” on March 20, 2016

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) are your hosts tonight to recap The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 14, “Twice As Far”

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  • Matthew Murphy

    I thought for sure Denise was going to get hit by a train during her 15th speech of the episode.

    • Adam Bradford

      Now that would have been great TV!

    • Shai Vered

      I was kind of hoping for this to happen…does that make me a bad person?

  • TrentC

    Good episode and recap, thanks gentlemen. Both of you and some of the questioners already covered everything I was thinking about asking.

    Yes the Carol and Morgan juxtaposition has been going on all season and I think their relationship, along with what Carol went through with Paula last week helped change her outlook on life. As mentioned, Carol will either turn up saving Rick’s group, or Negan will have her strapped to the hood of a vehicle when he visits Alexandria.

    Sad to see Denise go.

  • ryan

    I disagree about blaming Daryl.

    Taking Denise or not didn’t matter. Sure she stopped at the car for a few minutes but its not like Dwight and his group came out of no where. They must of been tracking them so assuming they take the same route without Denise they still find them.

    Dwight also said Denise wasn’t the target which means Daryl was. Seems like a big win if you ask me.

  • Morty

    Not about the content of the actual show, but “Talking Dead” tonight was a hoot! I thought it would be lame with the “superfan,” but it may have been the most amusing one of the entire series.

    • I thought it would be lame too, will check it out before the feedback show.

      • Morty

        It builds, the superfan gets little time, and Josh McDermitt is quite funny. Christian Serratos also has, uh…appeal.

        • Lance Davis

          Christian Serratos brought out the big guns for Talking Dead last night! I had to stand up and salute her effort for that choice in wardrobe attire. Bravo!!!

  • Adam Bradford

    My read on the apothecary was a mother was locked in the room with her baby who unlike Judith, cried a lot. This was causing the zombies to flock to the building (evident by the hand prints). The mom got freaked out and killed the baby to stop it from crying.

    Personally, I was hoping that Denise was related to them somehow. Seemed somewhat implausible that she saw that apothecary from the road, especially because you could barely read “apothecary” on the sign.


    Other than to show Eugene’s evolution, this episode serve no purpose than to have the encounter with the Saviors.

    It’s difficult to tell how much time passes between episodes this season, but why would a 3 man unit do supply run given the threat of the Saviors?

    And it is impossible to believe the characters would still be so careless this far into the apocalypse.

    Nothing Denise said had any traction. The Rosita comment made some sense, but Darrel’s didn’t.

    The show has done a horrible job providing any depth to the “relationships” the want to us to focus on. What do we really know about Rosita and Abraham? We never saw a one on one conversation between them since we met them, other than what was said in the sex scene. We know nothing about them other than they were together. Same with Carol and the old guy. And there is really no basis for Abraham and Sasha to like each other. They had a conversation when Abraham found the military jacket, and that’s all we know.

    The best thing about the episode – NO CARL.

    *Abraham’s comment to Eugene about being a great dick biter was hilarious. (although the front of denim, I’m assuming, pants are pretty thick and I doubt one could sustain a bite unless the bitee wanted it)

  • Andiamo

    I’m with Josh on this one, I think you have to lay some blame on Rick for this mess. The Saviors were not aware of the Alexandrians until after they attacked the satellite group. When Paula asked Carol why they killed everyone, and she said it was because of the ambush, Molls said “So that’s what happened to T’s group.” They didn’t know who did it, so there was no immediate threat. They probably would’ve discovered the Alexandrians eventually, but Rick should’ve used that upper hand to scout the Saviors and get more information before deciding how to deal with them. Instead he acted impulsively, based only on the third grade drawing of the Hilltop guy, and put everyone in danger. Now they definitely have the Saviors coming for them, and they still don’t know anything about them. Their own people also took a psychological hit by being involved in an attack they weren’t convinced they should be carrying out.

    Also, I’m guessing Carol told Rick that Primo wasn’t Negan, and that there was a scouting group on their way, so they know Negan has more people. What are they doing allowing Abraham and Eugene, and Darryl, Rosita and Denise to go out by themselves? How are they not on high alert?

    I don’t know how much time passed between episodes, but it seems like the Saviors did the smarter thing and took this time to get some intel on the Alexandrians instead of just attacking immediately. They were also able to both capture Eugene, and follow the Darryl group. I hate to say it, but Negan seems like the smarter leader right now. Rick better get it together or they need to impeach him if they want to survive.

  • Craig

    So, I’m gonna drop the whole Craig from Walking Dead thing. He’s obviously not going to be a big character. Didn’t die though so that’s a plus.

    Just got done watching the episode, what a shot out of nowhere. The death was also unexpected. I must say, after the shock of seeing Denise get an arrow through her eye (this second half really has a “projectile through the eye” fetish) seeing that Cookie Monster Apple ad really calmed me down. I really want cookies now.

    Eugene must have not skipped brushing twice a day even after the outbreak. He bit a guys penis through jeans! Good thing Dwight didn’t try to kill him with that gun. I heard that when someone dies it can lead to an unfortunate case of lock jaw. Not good for Dwight.

  • Mira


  • Matthew Murphy

    Which was worse for Tyson? His experience on Heroes vs Villains or Eugene’s serving of street justice on this weeks episode. I’d say the latter because it had zombies and someone leaving you with 2 coconuts and no bandit.

  • Efrt

    Please stop talking about the comics!!