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The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15 Recap | East

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 15 Recap Podcast of “East” on March 27, 2016

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) are back to recap The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 15, “East.”

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  • Wesley”Walker”

    Dont you think Rick is a bit hypocritical? He wants to kill everyone. At least the saviors don’t kill you right away.

  • Wesley”Walker”

    Is the group at Alexandria the NY Jets of the zombie apocalypse? They turn a sure win into a disaster!!!

  • Charles Bikle

    This felt like an episode of LOST, where the main characters wander off & more main characters try to track them and then get ambushed and captured by “The Others”.

    This happened every week on LOST.

  • TrentC

    Great recap as always, some predictions:

    Maggie will lose the baby.

    (Rob stole this one..)
    Morgan will have to shoot someone with the gun to save Carol.

    Dwight shot Rosita.

    Christian Serratos was unusually serious on The Talking Dead and she made a strange comment about how all of the cast members know that working on the show is temporary..

    I liked the full circle nature of the Carol/Morgan relationship. They’ve been bouncing off each other in various ways all season long and now it’s fitting he’s going to try and find her.

    And a little clarification for Morgan and his circle of life talk to Rick. If Morgan didn’t let the Wolf live, he would have never kidnapped Denise and put her life in jeopardy with the walkers. She was safe in the house to begin with.

  • Agree that Darryl was wounded rather than killed. But also agree in that why on Earth would Dwight NOT kill him? Darryl is actively on a hunt to kill him and he knows that, the arrow that killed Denise was meant for Darryl anyway, they have already got 2 of Alexandria’s A-Team members to use for questioning, leverage, trading, torturing for pleasure, etc. There is no reason at all for the Saviors to keep Darryl alive in this situation.

    • Katrice Renee

      My prediction is that Dwight shot Daryl to get the group to take Daryl back to Alexandria or he’ll bleed to death which is why he didn’t kill Daryl. I don’t think Dwight is apart of Negan’s group

  • Craig

    Interesting episode this week

    After the whole controversy of Darryl not knowing how to drive stick car, it’s good to know that Carol can drive a punji stick car.

    How did Carol hide a gun that was able to launch a turret of fire at those saviors? What hand held gun can do that?

    Morgan tells the story about how the Wolf saved Denise who was then there to save Carl, but he completely skips over the fact that if he just killed the Wolf, Denise never would have been taken in the first place. The same result would have happened regardless.

    Seeing everything that’s happening, I would have really liked to have seen a story from the Saviors point of view. I mean let’s face it, the only reason we like the Alexandrians is because we are following their story. The only thing that makes them less evil than the Saviors at this point from an objective perspective is a lack of mean spirited monologueing.

    I’ll end this by saying, it might be a good thing if Glenn dies next week, because then he won’t have to see Maggie looking like season 3 Carl

    • Katrice Renee

      On story sync, it said the gun eas was an uzi

      • Craig

        How would an uzi fit under a jacket?

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    I just saw the episode, Daryl got shot in the chest, Looked bad.

    • @Wharfrat1625

      KeK on point. Strong pull.

    • Katrice Renee

      Definitely agree, Caryl is getting Luciled

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    Is it possible that we’ll get another cliffhanger next week, like the Daryl & Glenn fake outs, where we are once again left wondering whether or not someone died, and have to wait until October to find out what happens?

    What are the chances that both Daryl & Glenn dies next week? Will the show dare to risk a real life World War Z by killing off two fan favorites at the same time? Will that be an Epic TV Moment, or just plain Insanity & Stupidity on the shows part?

    What about Rick? We’d all assume he’s the number 1 most un-killable character on this show, right? Is it even a possibility that they’d consider killing Rick now? Wouldn’t this be the most shocking time to do so, when we least expect it, or is it just me being cray-cray? >_<

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    Here’s another horrific thought I just had:

    If Maggie has a miscarriage (which is probably what we all assume, and clearly what the show wants us to think) and the baby dies……is it possible for the baby to turn into a walker inside her stomach and start devouring her from the inside, like some disgusting walker virus? Or maybe it’s already happening and that’s why she’s screaming in agony? Would the show really go that dark and disgusting?

    (Gosh! Can’t believe this show is making me go there, or maybe it’s just me having a messed up brain…LOL)

    • Andiamo

      You have issues, my friend. Lol. Have we ever even seen a baby walker on the show (the Crawling Dead)? As f***ed up as this show can be, I still think that might be a bridge too far (Although they did have Carol shoot a kid in the head, so you never know.) I’m going to guess unborn to undead is unlikely.

      • S_Carl_Dixon

        LOL. I tell myself that everyday!! xDD

        You’re right, we’ve never seen a baby walker before….only came close to it once in the Denise Episode where she stumbled into that small room where it looked like the mother drowned her own child to stop it from crying and attracting walkers to where they were hiding….we saw the foot of the baby….but not too sure whether the baby turned….which was horrifying just thinking about…LOL (In my messed up head, I was thinking we were gonna start seeing the baby move to shock the living daylights out of us – indicating that it had turned into a baby walker… that moment I was thinking the show’s just about to do something INSANE…so I was nervous as hell watching that scene…..anyways, at least it cut away after showing us the foot! =D)

        We’ve also never seen child walkers before….and I’m assuming there’s quite a few of them out there… you are most definitely right about the unborn undead being highly unlikely!! It might just be as simple as her having a miscarriage, which just thinking about it is already pretty horrific! >_<

        Who knows what the show will do next….personally I think it would be awesome if they went there…it is a horror show after all, right? XD

    • Katrice Renee

      I don’t think the fetus is developed enough to turn into a walker.

      • S_Carl_Dixon

        Very interesting!!! If that theory is true, does that mean the walker virus has no effect on fetuses? Could that mean they’ll be able to find a cure from undeveloped fetuses? Or am I just being highly paranoid? LOL

        Is this why we’re getting the “Maggie maybe having a miscarriage” storyline, so that it leads to some sort of development in the “finding a cure” theory, if there even is one?

        I’m probably over-thinking this….sounds ridiculous as I type this…haha…but it would be very interesting if that’s the case, right?

  • Tim Forbes

    I think Rob is really stretching with the whole Rosita/Daryl relationship prediction. Rosita just wanted to go find Daryl because she also felt responsible for what happened to Denise.

  • David Tapia

    I get that Morgan having the gun at the end could mean he has to use it, but could it be full circle of life that Morgan dies by gun Rick gave him?

  • William Northrup

    Maggie’s episode is so she can be out of Alexandria when the Saviors pay a visit, right? She’ll be on her way to the Hilltop posthaste.

  • William Northrup

    Does Negan have only one competent lieutenant? Why is everyone except Dwight so bad?

  • Matt Racine

    if next week’s finale ends in a cliffhanger, i’ll riot.

  • Efrt

    Stop talking about the comics…Josh.

  • Katrice Renee

    Anyone feel like michonn and Rick eating the apple reminded you of Adam and Eve?