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WARNING: Spoilers from the WALKING DEAD comic books, and potentially TV show, are ahead!

Welcome to the WALKING DEAD BOOK CLUB podcast! This is the place to talk about the story of Walking Dead from the perspective of people who have also read the Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard comics on which the show is based.

In their sixth episode, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) break down episode 615, “East,” an hour that puts the pieces in place for what’s sure to be a brain-busting season finale — literally, for at least one unfortunate soul. But who will wind up on the receiving end of Negan’s wrath? Josh and Jessica talk about all the possibilities and key in on four prime targets: Glenn, Daryl, Abraham and Morgan. They play out each possibility and walk away with some surprising predictions.

Beyond projecting the Lucille of it all, Josh and Jessica drill down into some other possible Easter eggs dropped during “East,” including what just might be the first sign of Ezekial’s Kingdom, the faintest whisper of the Whisperers, and Maggie’s new hair, straight out of the comics.

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  • Lance Davis

    My prediction on the finale: Glenn is a goner. If not Glenn, it will be Daryl, but with him already being shot and wounded, I think it lessens the dramatic impact overall when compared to all the foreshadowing they have done with Glenn throughout Season 6. BONUS PREDICTION: I also think we lose either Morgan or Carol as well this episode, but not BOTH.

  • Lance Davis

    ? = I know it is looking down the road quite a bit in terms of the show, but when do you guys think we start seeing signs of “The Whisperers” group appearing and being active on the TV show? The End of Season 7 or sometime in Season 8?

  • Paul

    I will be thoroughly disappointed if only Morgan or Abraham get Lucille’d. This moment needs to happen to a bigger character.

    I think it’s possible we lose 1 of Darly or Glenn and 1 of Abraham or Morgan

  • Mikk

    If The Kingdom is introduced in the finale, TWD is going to have to do a Game of Thrones-style intro for next season with all these new places.

  • Omega Kin

    First of all, people will care about a Glenn death for the simple fact that we’ve had 6 seasons of him on the show & the fans who love Glenn/Maggie as the characters & actors off the show. & lastly, I believe multiple people will get the bat head bash by Neagan. I say we lose 2 people from season 1 & one if not 2 from that love triangle of Abraham’s. & maybe even Neagan takes Rick’s hand.

  • NatalieKuchik

    It should be Daryl or Glenn but I think it’s going to be Abe. If during the episode Sasha makes the trek up to Hilltop with the group, then I will be fully expecting it to be Abe. What makes the scene so heartbreaking is Glenn being beaten to death in front of Maggie and having him call to her. They can substitute Maggie/Glenn with Sasha/Abe for that scene while still having Maggie / Glenn decide to settle on Hilltop because of her pregnancy.

    — I think Morgan will die in front of Rick during AOW in season 7 which leads to Rick honoring Morgan’s “all life is precious” by keeping Negan locked up.