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WARNING: Spoilers from the WALKING DEAD comic books, and potentially TV show, are ahead!

Welcome to the WALKING DEAD BOOK CLUB podcast! This is the place to talk about the story of Walking Dead from the perspective of people who have also read the Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard comics on which the show is based.

In their final episode of the season, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) step up to the plate at Pee Pee Pants City Park and do their best to connect with a wild pitch. (How’s that for sportsing?) Josh and Jess, like many other Walking Dead fans, are not thrilled about how the show handled Negan’s iconic Lucille slugger moment, and after spending the first part of the podcast venting their frustration, they hop into the business at hand: figuring out who done got did.

Josh and Jess lay out the cases for two of the most likely candidates for the finale’s mysterious death, and Jess even pitches her own theory about what might happen to a certain crossbow-slinging individual nursing a gunshot wound. Plus, the Book Club hosts give their takes on Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s work as Negan, the impending arrival of the Kingdom, and more.

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  • Lance Davis

    I am on the Wigler bandwagon with his Glenn death theory to open up Season 7. The show went out of there way to show us that shot numerous times in the finale. At first, I kept thinking it was the last thing the character was seeing, because it looked like holes created by barbed wire wounds, until they revealed it was light coming through the boxcar door. I think Wigler hit the Lucille on the head with this theory. It makes the most logical sense & carries the most emotional impact overall in terms of moving the story forward in the strongest way possible. On Talking Dead, Kirkman said there was little clues you could gather to give you somewhat of an idea, and I think Wigler’s theory is spot on THAT clue. Braavos sir, right on point in my opinion!

    • Josh Wigler

      Someone on Reddit reached the same conclusion and laid it out visually. I’m sold. It’s Glenn.

      • J-me not Hi-me

        DAMMIT. I had the same thought, based on the POV shots in the truck and Kirkman’s comment on “clues” but I REALLY didn’t want to be right.

        At this point the writers have turned into Vizzini in the battle of wits sequence “Everyone expects someone to be killed, so we WON’T show who it is! And then, six months later, we WON’T remix the comic for once! It will be the person they all thought it was going to be anyway! Ha hahahahaha!”

      • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

        🙁 Glenn, sniff.. again…..

      • Lance Davis

        Thinking about it further, in my opinion Glenn’s death would have the most impact on all these relationships the show took time establishing in S6. It would have a massive effect on Abraham & Sasha who were longing and WANTING what Glenn & Maggie had. I would imagine Glenn’s brutal death right in front of their eyes would make them second guess that in some way the show can explore. I would think it also impacts Rick + Michonne’s relationship somehow, along with Carol and Morgan’s existential debates about life being worth living for and killing for the ones you love. Rick and Morgan’s conversation fit into this category as well as seen in the EAST episode. And most importantly this will be the major push Maggie needs to delve further into her leadership role the show has been teasing this season. Lastly, this will be the rallying cry Rick and his group needs to bring the eventual ALL OUT WAR to Negan & The Saviors.

  • Paul

    The language thing really pisses me off. If a word doesn’t have any racist/sexist/homophobic undertones to it, why can’t we say it on tv? Are people really that sensitive? If they are, then there are lots of other shows they can watch. This isn’t a network TV show, and it airs at 9 pm, I really don’t see the issue.

    • Lance Davis

      Preach on man. Plus if I remember correctly, they got away with an f-bomb on the FX show, The People vs. OJ Simpson.

      • Linus Wesley

        It’s completely absurd, the gross stuff we see on this show and to think that it’s foul language that would be too obscene…

        I noticed they said the f-word on Better Call Saul a few weeks ago too and hoped it would mean good news for Negan. I would guess that they would have been allowed to use the word once if they had wanted to, but with Negan you kinda have to over do it or just not bother.

    • Pink Pearl

      For real. Even Breaking Bad got one F bomb per season.

  • Lance Davis

    What will Ezekiel’s theme music/film score be in S7? Perhaps FLASHLIGHT by Parliament?

  • A.Claire

    I was really disappointed about that ending but with that said, I still loved JDM’s portrayal of Negan.

    Great point on Glenn. I actually didn’t think about those POV shots inside the box could also be that person’s POV while being Lucilled. Though what made me think it’s him is that by this time, the whole production would want us to think he’s not the one because we’re used to them changing it from the comics that we’re going to expect another person so they’re going to blindside us by actually going with the comics.

  • Shevek

    We know it’s not Carl because half the screen wasn’t black, right?

  • Brett Barsanti

    I have not read the comics, so I have a question for anyone who has read the comics to get their perspective on something.

    I know that the show apparently often does things similarly to the comics but changes different details.
    So back in the season 5 premiere when the Terminus people were hitting their prisoners with a baseball bat and then slitting their throats, they were about to hit Glenn with the bat before being stopped at the last second. Did comic readers think that maybe that they were about to kill Glenn in that moment and that would be the way they handled the Glenn death? I would at the very least that that moment in the show was a nod to his death in the comics.

    • Josh Wigler

      Felt more like a nod to his death in the comics, and there have been a few other baseball bat moments as well. Glenn picked up a bat midway into season five at Noah’s home town, he stared at pictures of Negan’s baseball bat carnage at the Savior compound a few weeks back… there might be more examples out there, but they’ve definitely been taunting the readers, if not outright setting up the death — and I do believe it’s set-up, as outlined in this week’s pod.

  • twodog

    I think Abraham but i like your angle Josh with Glenn…….end of show was a let down for sure!!!!!!!!

    Rick would be affected if Glenn died with the baby thing, but Glenn’s story line has not been much this season where I would miss him.

    I was hoping Maggie because that would be REALLY bad for the cast & fans to watch and deal with in the future (but I guess she plays a roll in the Hillside so not her?)

    Sorry but have no desirer for Daryl and his acting (or his hair always in his face to be sexy) so hoping for him, it would make a big deal for his fans but really for the cast hmmm?

    Abraham had a lot of screen time this season, they build up his character. He would be someone to rise again after the first hit, he has that kind of personality.

    THANK GOD CAROL is ok, she is the only female left from the 1st show! I would hate to think only the male cast members are important in hollywood like in the past!!!!!!
    I would have stopped watching if they finished her off…… 🙁

    Thanks guys, enjoyed the podcast!


    In the comic, isn’t Carl supposed to be a competent younger version of Rick as opposed to this very adolescent douche with no presence whatsoever? The episode starts with Carl talking about not letting something happen to the girl who hasn’t been in an episode for weeks. Are we supposed to think they are dating? If yes, why would she date Carl? Then Carl puffs out his chest talking about ending it with the Saviors. It’s a joke. The actor playing Carl can not project toughness or even competence that any adult on the show would take him seriously let alone fear him if he were the enemy.

    I hope Carl gets his brains bashed in.

  • Will Affourtit

    Woooo! 2 questions got in! I agree my Carol thing was a bit far fetched, just throwing things out there. Over analyzing as always.

  • Morty

    95% sure it’s Abraham for all the reasons discussed. The fact that Negan spared Glenn’s life after Glenn lunged at him…and made a show of doing so…kind of argues against Negan whacking him only 2 minutes later. Most tyrants don’t like to be seen as contradicting their pronouncements…especially immediately after pronouncing them and in front of all their followers.

    Nope, Abraham is dead.
    He’s been waxing hopeful about the future the last few episodes.
    He would certainly take a bat to the head “like a champ,” more than anyone else in the group.
    He hugged it out with and validated Eugene.
    TWD likes to change up its victims, probably especially if they know everyone has 6 months to race to the comics to see who the victim is there.
    The idea that Glenn was in the episode by virtue of the unspecified first-person view through the van’s holes throughout the episode strikes me as a bit of a reach.

    I’ll miss Abraham’s way with words the most…

    • Linus Wesley

      Well, just because Glenn dies by Lucille it doesn’t mean Abraham doesn’t also die in the same episode or soon thereafter. I agree they’ve been getting Abraham ready to die, but the arguments for why it would be Glenn when you consider the whole premiere could lead up to this moment from Glenn’s point-of-view are hard to disregard. If they give this death to Glenn, pulling a shocker by killing off Abraham too would really catch most viewers by surprise.

      • Morty

        Yeah, I’ve thought two is a possibility for awhile, too, but I don’t think it would be two bigger ones like Glenn and Abraham. I think it would be major/minor, like Abraham and Aaron, or Glenn and Aaron.

        I’m sticking with just Abraham, though. It’s too bad we can’t get a pool going or something!

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    As much as I don’t want to say this….but I feel like all this theorizing is just once again setting ourselves up to be let down by the show!! I really do think Glenn would be the most emotional (for me anyways) especially with Maggie there too…and for her to be potentially losing both her husband and child at the same time is just painfully devastating to even think about….so I’m not even gonna go there!!

    So, I guess my only question is the POV shots from inside the RV……from only watching the episode once…..I thought it was from the POV of someone closest to the door, not from further back….so I’m thinking it could have been any one of the four…..and if I’m correct about it being from the closest, then it’s Darryl….right?

    Anyways……after this finale, I’m with you Josh…..after this week, I’m done theorizing….and I’m going into the premiere with the lowest of expectations – they are probably just gonna take the easy way out, and Aaron or Rosita would probably be the one…..

    • Pink Pearl

      My expectations are so low at this point it would be pretty hard to be let down.

      (I looked at the images Josh referenced and the POV clearly shows the back of Daryl’s head at one point, so if the POV character is the one who dies, then it’s def not Daryl.)

      • S_Carl_Dixon

        Then it must mean it’s gonna be Rosita, right? Cos no way it’s gonna be Michonne or Glenn – that’s seriously expecting way too much from the show at this point….LOL….I’m starting to learn my lesson….xD

  • Linus Wesley

    Hmmm… Could it be that they changed a couple things in the finale after the huge reaction from the Glenn fake death fiasco? I know that what a lot of us interactive fans who talk about and podcast about the show were mostly bothered and angered by was the dragged out solution because we’d seen all the hints that he’d actually survived, but I think a large portion of the audience isn’t as savvy. So many people on facebook and twitter expressed their disgust at Glenn being killed, not that the show was trying to trick them. People were saying they would stop watching the show because Glenn died, not because of the lame trick. A lot of people who are “hardcore” Walking Dead fans aren’t the analytical hardcore fans of television and storytelling in general that I believe most people who comment on these podcasts are. It’s the most watched show on TV and most of the viewers are probably the type of fans who’d say “I just watched something so horrific that I’m never going to watch this show again.”
    Those of us that are the opposite, who feel completely disgusted by these cop-outs and letdowns, I believe are in a vast minority. Right? The Walking Dead comic sales of an approximate 65,000 is less than half a percent of the number of people who watch the show…

    To leave on a cliffhanger where Glenn is killed and smashed up in such a way that there is no question of his fate probably would have driven more people away than doing what they did will do. I know I was appalled when I read #100 and so upset by it that it took me several months before I felt like catching up on the next few issues, but in retrospect I regard it as one of the best moments in fiction that I’ve seen or read simply because it affected me so much. It’s a huge letdown to see how they once again lessen the impact of a shocking, upsetting moment from the comics.

    My question to all of you guys is, did the producers botch this moment on purpose so they wouldn’t scare away the casual and the “casual hardcore” viewers?

    • S_Carl_Dixon

      I was thinking the exact same thing!!

      That’s probably exactly what’s wrong with the show at the moment – the writers and producers are afraid of possibly losing more viewers that they end up having no cojones / balls to make any firm decisions. If Gimple had just stepped up and said, “NO! We are not doing this gimmick again….we are going through with the death scene for the finale….and to hell with what everyone’s gonna think….I am killing so and so off!! PERIOD. End of Discussion!!”…This entire situation could have been avoided….yet here we are….instead of being angered and saddened by a major death….we are left frustrated and extremely disappointed…..such a real shame really…..And it could have been soooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooood too!!! T^T

      If it is Glenn they decide to kill…..I do think showing it in this finale would have been a better choice than stalling it for the next season……as you mentioned, when you read his death in the comics….you had to stop reading and could only come back after a few months before you can dive back in again……so I think it’s going to be largely the same emotional impact on the viewers… giving us fans the off season to recover and process what just happened…..instead of diving straight back into the story the next week….and have it carry on in the following weeks – that would probably hurt the ratings a lot more. Most fans would possibly be too devastated to carry on watching just a week later….and would probably decide to wait until the entire season finishes to jump back in! So…..yes in the long off season fans would for sure be heart-broken and probably threaten to never watch the show again cos Glenn’s dead….but I’m sure 6 months later when it premieres again we’d still all be tuning in – time does heal all wounds, right?
      So, I think if it’s Glenn that dies in the premiere next season….stalling it til then to show us his death, in my opinion, is the wrong one….cos I think the backlash then would be even more raw than having it now and only come back 6 months later…..

  • Robert Marley Jr.

    As soon as the show was over, my wife turned to me and asked “What happened in the comics?”. I went to work and my co-workers asked “What happened in the comics?”. All non-comic readers are going right to the comics now.

    I hope they stick with Glenn. The show is so much better when they stick to the comic. They lean toward it being Abraham or Eugene, but is that just misdirection? I think Abraham needs to develop his relationship with Sasha more. Then Sasha can take Holly’s role of driving through the Saviors fence later in the series.

  • twodog

    Just a thought…… could it be Michonne.

    If the Saviour have been watching them gathering info they know Rick is the leader and Michonne is HIS partner. They want to make a big impact on them and the leader so…….. takeout what means a lot to him would make his follows stay inline?

    You have to wonder why all these big bikers would follow Negan, he is one man. I was waiting for him with all the talk, I thought he would be very scary. What shocked me was I didn’t find him scary at all (even with the bat). All I keep seeing was a small framed man in a size 2 pants that was loose on him. He has no muscles and his crew looked like it wouldn’t take much to wipe him out.
    I don’t know the actor but could they have found someone who even looked like Abraham, I would think he would be more believable to be the meanest person out there.

  • Sean LaBua

    The song at the end is perfect! haha

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    TWD = The Walking Disappointment!!!! =D

  • Luke T

    Agree with Wigler that it’s Glenn. Also was closely listening to the audio from the episode itself (NOT that leaked version circulating online) and I do clearly hear Glenn speak as the victim. However would love to see if anyone else hears it too haha.

    What I did was slow the speed down to 50%, if it’s too slow then the words become less clear. Then listen with only the RIGHT earphone, which I know sounds ridiculous but I think it’s just due to how the editors mixed the sounds during those last seconds as the victim is being bashed. Realised his voice was only coming through the right earphone and is much clearer when you take out the left.
    As Negan is saying “Look at that”, you can clearly hear Glenn say “Stop” and then “Maggie”, just before Negan says “Taking it like a champ”

    Anyone else here it? Or am I just going crazy.

    Btw even if that is Glenn’s voice, I reckon it’s a 50/50 chance that all the sounds/voices/screams we hear at the end mean nothing and it was all purely for effect. But if they’re legit i.e. they are the sounds of all the characters screaming as Negan is bashing his victim, then it must be Glenn right?

  • NatalieKuchik

    I have been saying Abe since the start of this backhalf has started, but now I am 50/50 on it being either Abe or Glenn. I freeze framed the lineup shot and did the eenie meenie miney mo – and it actually would land on Abe, but I took into account two words would be one person- like “my mother” is one person.

    The whole “point of view” thing is what throws me off, and makes me think it might be Glenn. I agree with Josh, it would make sense to throw people off by having them think it’s Abe / Eugene and then in 7.1. have the episode revolve around what happened with Daryl/Glenn/Rosita/Michonne and ending the episode with the death scene of Glenn.

    I will most likely be spoiled by it trending on Facebook this summer (just like GOT) or with the season 7 trailer at comic con.