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The Walking Dead + Zombies Galore | Most Shows Recapped Ep 3

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Rick Grimes and friends are coming back to television, and the MOST SHOWS RECAPPED crew is here to mark the occasion!

This week’s episode of the podcast closes the book on FEAR THE WALKING DEAD season one, and looks ahead at THE WALKING DEAD season six, premiering this Sunday (October 11). Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino), Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are joined this week by special guest AJ Mass (@ajmass), who plans on filling everybody in on the zombie shows we’re missing out on. Plus, AJ will be pinch-hitting for Josh as the co-host of the WALKING DEAD live podcast on Sunday night.

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  • Craig

    Oh I hope we get some iZombie talk in this (not negative talk though)! Rose McIver is absolutely spectacular on that.

    • Emily Stobs

      Love iZombie!

  • Chris Burton

    What other shows would you guys like to cover if you had time? Fargo was a really good one that you guys didn’t get around to. I believe the second season is about to start. I just caught Halt & Catch Fire which was a bit of a ‘hidden gem’.

  • Chris Burton

    I wish I could un-see that. (no pun intended)

  • Chris Burton

    I just started re-watching Walking Dead. For some reason, the first time around I didn’t understand why everyone hated Andrea but this time around, every scene she’s in is painfully grating. Ah! On another note, going backing to Season One, it’s amazing how much Carol has transformed from a fairly minor ‘victim’ character into an extremely complex lead.

  • Farhia

    Do you guys think that FWD starts slow to capture new audiences because I would never have watched TWD as I don’t like zombies movies if it wasn’t for FTW when I heard FTW was a prequel i gave it a chance I liked the premiere moved onto TWD now I’m obsessed I binge watched 5 seasons in 6 weeks just finished this Tuesday I think it gives beginners of the genre a chance to try out the show which may be why we barely saw any zombies in the premiere.

    I can’t believe I just found the show so lucky I saw you guys were reviewing FTW so I gave the premiere a chance and found TWD from there
    Thank you guys love this podcast idea

  • ryan

    Can you please talk about Fargo season 2 next week?

  • Tom Palmer

    Is there a book club podcast for this show?

  • Scream Queens & American Horror Story are good choices for next week. I’ve been having a fair amount of fun with Scream Queens – it plays almost like an homage to Wes Craven. There was one really meta scene that I thought was fantastic where one of the characters is thinking about who the killer could be and walks through the process of it’s not going to be a really obvious person, but it’s also not going to be the least likely person, and then preceded to think about who is the most middle likely person it could be.

  • Craig

    I would like some talk about live shows like Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris and Undateable. Undateable may be my favourite comedy on tv right now. Very underrated.

    • Stylez

      Undateable is fun, Best time ever not so much. Last Man on Earth is probs my favorite comedy on TV, that or the league.

      • Craig

        Yeah, I agree that BTENPH is not that great, but I would include it since the format of these MSR’s seems to be an over all genre or theme.

  • Matt The Golem

    Mr Cesternino, I don’t understand why you think placing the main cast on a boat will limit the drama. Most of the Star Trek series has concerned a lone ship traversing large distances, meeting up with hostile forces or those that first appear friendly but have hidden agendas; technical and supply problems that need to be overcome; and strange new threats to their survival. And that franchise has done pretty well.

  • Wild_Orchid

    Ugh…how could AJ not mention the baby zombie in the series premiere on Z Nation?! That pretty much sells the show right there…lol

    • Stylez

      Well we got a new baby now! I also like how they keep a running map online of all the places they’ve traveled across the country. It far more ridiculous than TWD (in a fun way), but it’s also cool to see their take on all these random places across the US.

    • AJ Mass

      Plant zombies seemed to do the trick, though. LOL. But you’re right…

  • Stylez

    Hell yes AJ!!! Kudos to you for watching the good shows that are somewhat out on the fringe. Z Nation and iZombie are both really fun shows. CW is really killing IMO, Flash, iZombie, the 100 and Arrow are all really quality shows. Really would love to here more from you AJ, maybe you could give some of these shows some coverage. Curious did you ever watch Helix, which was also on SyFy?

    • AJ Mass

      Did watch Helix. Good ideas, got really off track towards end of Season 1. Strong reboot in Season 2, but I gave up after a handful of episodes. Looking forward to Magicians, though. Love what Syfy is doing overall.

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    Why haven’t we talked about The Flash or Arrow?? Who do you think’s in the grave???