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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 14 Recap: The Grove


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Rob Cesternino and’s AJ Mass (@AJmass) recap The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 14: The Grove. Right after the end of the episode, Rob and AJ discuss the following points and much more about this week’s episode:

  • How great of an episode of The Walking Dead was this? Is this the best episode this season?
  • How has Carol gone from Rob’s least favorite character on the show to his favorite character on The Walking Dead?
  • Were Lizzie’s actions consistent throughout the show tonight?  Why was she able to shoot the Walkers with her gun earlier in the episode?
  • Will there be repercussions for Carol with Tyreese down the line or will this be the end of their conflict?
  • Did Carol need to take Lizzie out and shoot her or could she have just let go off on her own?
  • Was the fire that was seen in this episode from the house that Daryl and Beth set on fire two weeks ago?
  • How was there a working gas stove in the house that Carol and Tyreese found?  Wouldn’t it be better to just crash there for a while longer rather than going to Terminus?
  • Will Rick accept Carol back in to the group now that she’s buried the hatchet with Tyreese?
  • How many more weeks will be go without seeing Rick or Carl on The Walking Dead?
  • What are the questions that we want to have answered before the finale of The Walking Dead Season 4 in just two weeks?
  • Why are there so many showmances forming on this show?
  • What was the significance of seeing the tea kettle at the top of the episode?
  • What does it look like is going to happen next week on The Walking Dead?

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 Recap: A Review of THE GROVE The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 Recap: A Review of THE GROVE[/caption]
  • jsizzlefresh

    Well, I was hoping that they would have reached Terminus by now, but I feel like this episode made the wait a bit more worth it. I can’t wait to see how they wrap up this season now!

    • bob


  • LiKeAfOx

    Does Tyrese = Mika and Carol = Lizzie? Tyrese and Carol seem like less extreme versions of the two girls. Tyrese the forgiving, honest person and Carol being the doer/unforgiving person.

  • Jorge Alvarado

    I really like this recap, maybe have AJ back a little more often for future Walking Deadcasts? At least for the season finale recap (with Josh, of course) 😛

    • bob

      no can we have rob and somebody that’s actually entertaining

      • Jorge Alvarado

        I thought AJ was really interesting and brought a lot of value in terms of clearing things up that just happened on the episode (which Rob and Josh sometimes seem unclear about 😛 )

  • cameron

    It would suck to be a girl in the land of the Walking Dead.
    The blonde girl in ep. 1 that Rick shot, Sophia, Penny, Meghan, Mika, Lizzie and that other random girl whose shoe Beth and Daryl found have all died.

    • Very tragic!

    • Linus Wesley

      It would suck to be anyone in the land of the Walking Dead.

      • cameron

        I think Daryl is the only person whose life has somehow improved from all of this.

  • Chris Burton

    I wonder if the actors got paid for all the episodes they had off this season.

    • susan appleby

      You think this episode structure may have been created in response to budgeting? I hadn’t thought of that practical concern.

      • Jason

        AMC is notoriously cheap. it could be the only logical reasons why they had an entire Beth and Darryl episode.

  • susan appleby

    This episode was great at showing even if you find what seems to be a safe place, you can never hide from the danger within your group of people. It is a balance between having enough people to survive and not being alone and the risks of dealing with strangers,

    I posted before that I feel the main reason of these episodes is to show why people would be drawn to terminus- a place they know nothing about – even though they know the huge risk it entails. I’m afraid that terminus will be even worse than I can imagine. At that point, I may just give up this show. I can only take so much bleakness! This episode was very dark and made me question if it is the right show for me to continue watching.

  • Gary

    RIP Billy, I mean Lizzie.

  • Snazzy Bean

    Rob, your impression of Carol explaining to Rick what happened to the two girls was hilarious! Thank you for brightening up a dull Monday morning for me. Great episode, great podcast. AJ was a good sub, but I did miss Josh. Josh, come back!

    • Josh Wigler

      Don’t worry, no one made me “look at the flowers.” I’ll be back on Sunday.

    • Thanks for saying that @snazzybean:disqus

  • Linus Wesley

    I was hoping this storyline would play out the way it did in this episode. In the comic book, characters excluded from the show played the parts that Mika and Lizzie filled in this episode so I thought they might skip it. It’s such a powerful and devastating scenario though, that would have been a real shame not include on the show.

    Still, one thing that I feel could have been more interesting is the discussion of what to do with Lizzie; they can’t kill a kid but she’s dangerous to keep around. So I wish they’d saved the resolution of that for later, where arguments for how to handle it and the result would have had a greater impact.

    Instead they really played up Lizzie being insane, waving guns around, stopping the others from killing walkers, etc. rather than just not understanding life/death/undeath and the consequences of her actions. The episode was really good though, and the way they used it to deal with and solve the Tyreese/Carol conflict worked well.

  • Josh Wigler

    Great stuff, dudes.

  • Matt The Golem

    I think Rick’s been off air so that next time we see him he’ll be recovered from all his injuries – just in time to enter…dun dun dun…Terminus.