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The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap: ‘A’ Review


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale, entitled, “A”. Join us for our live review immediately after the episode.  In this episode, Rob and Josh discuss the finale and look ahead to what is coming up for The Walking Dead in Season 5.

Show Topics:

  • Was The Walking Dead Season 4 finale satisfying after the build up of the last eight episodes?
  • Are the people at Terminus cannibals?
  • What was the meaning of the flashbacks to Hershel at the prison?
  • What was the inspiration for Rick to bite Joe’s neck?
  • Did the show make it seem like Carl was going to get killed this episode?
  • What is going to happen when the show comes back in the fall?
  • What are the people at Terminus all doing in the control room?
  • Do we like the new old Rick that we see in this episode?
  • Why does the show want us to know about how Michonne’s baby was killed?
  • Will Carol and Tyreese be the one’s to save everybody from Terminus when the next season begins?
The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap: A The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap: A[/caption]

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  • susan appleby

    Great show and great people in the chat room.

    I liked this episode. Ending up trapped by those people who seem to have created a religion or code around cannibalism is pretty darn horrifying. I would never have suspected cannibalism, except last episode when Rob mentioned seeing her grill some steaks, and we all know there are no cows around. If I hadn’t thought of that possibility ahead of time, I would have been completely shocked by that revelation. Even being a little prepared, the whole idea makes me feel physically ill. And when you contrast that with the world Herschel dreamt of, it’s even worse. I spent the entire episode waiting for someone I cared about to die, but how they ended up, it’s a terrible situation, even if we haven’t see them die yet.

    The scenes with the Claimers were beyond intense. There isn’t much farther the show could go into fighting and killing just to survive.

    This show is smart too, with the parallels that were pointed out in the podcast, like Rick learning from the zombies and them being lured in like the rabbits to a trap.

    So I liked this episode a lot.

    Thanks for the great podcasts this season!

  • Rory

    Loved the show. Very funny and some great insights.

    This episode would have been great last week, but it really felt like they were pulling punches with so many Carl death fake outs. Plus, seeing their friends’ clothes would have been far more impactful if one of them had actually been eaten. Imagine it. They arrive, have some food, then when they get in the train car they find a manic Glen, driven crazy by the fact that Maggie just got killed and eaten.

    Also, well done to Rick and Co. for stashing the guns and coming in the back way, but ffs, think guys…camp on the outskirts for a few days and do recon. Then once you go in, leave Darryl and Mishone with the guns. If they don’t hear from you in 20 mins, they come save you.

    • susan appleby

      But how would two people go in? The one thing this season taught me was that it is better to stay together.

      • Rory

        The same way four people went in? I would normally agree, but being stuck together in a train car with nobody on the outside to help isn’t exactly ideal.

  • I don’t understand, the episode 13 Podcast you guys were like the season must end in a cliff hanger, now you guys are disappointed in the episode because it didn’t answer enough??? In the 13 Podcast, it was said, you want them to meet at Terminus and the last 5 minutes see what Terminus is really about. It’s kind of bogus how now you back tracked. Over all it left a lot of questions unanswered. What was the significance of showing the powder milk, also more then likely it is cannibals, but that’s not the impression I got. I thought it was more like a cult. Th candles, the bones, more like human sacrifice. Hey, it could be both. These are good questions for us to ponder over the summer.

    • Hey Dennis, I didn’t have a problem that we ended on a cliffhanger – that much we expected. I just thought we would get to some more resolutions before the end of the 16th episode of this season, which I feel like we didn’t get.

  • susan appleby

    So who is worse, the cannibals or the claimers?

    • Snazzy Bean

      That’s a good question, susan, but I think I need to see more before I have an opinion. Both are pretty darn horrible, for sure.

    • cameron

      I think the claimers are. The cannibals appear to be cohesive and well functioning– just doing what they need to do to survive. The claimers just went around intentionally causing suffering because they are bitter about how society treated them before the apocalypse.

  • homertownie

    Why was the Terminus radio lady reading a script for the radio? Hasn’t she memorized the script after reading it every day for months?

    • Why isn’t she doing a radio show? She could be #1 in Atlanta!!

  • Snazzy Bean

    Great show, guys, thank you! I was very relieved that Carl’s butt remains unclaimed. I am a horror fan, but there are some places I’d rather not be taken. Also, I always find it hilarious when Josh starts getting all bloodthirsty and wanting people to die. I like it when they survive! (Except for Lori dying. That was a blessing).

    • cameron

      Why the Lori hate 🙁

      • Snazzy Bean

        Sorry, Cameron, I just thought she was selfish and annoying – not one of their better written characters. I wouldn’t say I hated her but I couldn’t like her, although I did try.

        • cameron

          That’s true, but I started really liking her when she chose to keep her baby, even though she knew it would almost certainly mean death for her. Plus I thought Rick was the more annoying and badly written character between the two :p

          • Snazzy Bean

            Rick has disappointed me a lot, so I won’t argue with that. I did admire Lori’s bravery when faced with certain death during childbirth. That was rough. I wouldn’t have wished that on her at all.