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The Walking Dead | Season 9, Episode 10 Recap: “Omega”

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The Walking Dead | Season 9, Episode 10 Recap: “Omega”

Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap season 9, episode 10 of The Walking Dead entitled “Omega.”

  • Morty

    The groups had more than plenty of guns at the time time Rick left, and if kept clean, guns last forever. So, either they were taken or lost at some point during the last 6 years, or maybe bullets are at a premium…despite Eugene’s bullet-making ability. He would still need empty casings; maybe they’ve done a poor job saving them.

  • Morty

    Considering their diet of worms and dead animals, how is Alpha still so, ummm, robust in appearance?

    • J-me not Hi-me

      The same way Eugene and Jerry are.

      • Morty

        Oh, trust me, I’ve often wondered about that,too, but at least they can argue they’ve had a steady supply of healthy crops and game for years now. Lydia spoke of how scarce food was for her group, so it’s struck me again with Alpha. It’s just another of my many nit-picks with the show.

        • I’m guessing they wanted the best actress they could get for the role and weren’t going to tell a Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated actress to slim down.

          In universe answer? Not a bloody clue 😀

      • Matthew Murphy

        They’ve got a Dharma food drop they haven’t told the group about yet.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I think Daryl’s been reading the comics over the break. That’s the only explanation I can think of as to how he’s turned into the world’s greatest detective. Hell he’s probably gotten into the Batman comics too.

  • Matthew Murphy

    My favourite thing about Magna’s group is the way Rob says Magna with the Dr.Evil voice.

  • Bry_Lander

    A few thoughts:

    1) The Whisperer plot line may be the only one thus far that works better on the TV show than in the comic. Having the humans intermingling among the walkers provides a level of tension that I hope they will continue to exploit.

    2) Why isn’t the jail monitored 24 hours a day when there are prisoners there?

    3) How could a kid like Henry, who has been almost entirely raised during the ZA, have zero survival skills or common sense? He has the sensibilities of a spoiled private school kid who has a nanny do everything for him.

    4) Is it realistic that Lydia’s world view could be completely transformed over the course of one night? She has essentially been raised in a radical cult for half of her life, I think it would take months of deprogramming to get her to see the dysfunction of the Whisperers’ way of life

    5) I like the flashback sequence, but is that really the relevant aspect of Alpha and Lydia’s past that we want to see? Isn’t the transition into convincing a large group of people into wearing dead skin masks and living like animals more important to the story? Hopefully that is forthcoming.

    6)The writers on TWD and FTWD love, love, love staging big confrontations at the gates of prisons / settlements / compounds / arenas / hotels / factories / garbage dumps / other structures.

    7) I rarely disagree with Jessica, but I think that including the dark, depraved, and inhumane aspects of survival in the ZA makes the story more authentic. Horrible things are done every day in our fully functioning society with police protection and a justice system – imagine if all of that structure was suddenly removed and there were no institutional consequences for bad behavior. Unfortunately, I think a significant amount of society would become predators. The comic explores that frequently and although it makes you uncomfortable, I tend to think it make the story more realistic.

    • Agent__Zigzag

      Great points!

  • Emmy Snow

    I think it’s less about guns and more about lack of bullets. Eugene is the bullet maker and he lives in Alexandria. The Hilltop and Alexandria weren’t trading or communicating and so they don’t have access to bullets.

  • Jimmy B

    Henry was a fricking idiot talking about the Kingdom but letting Lydia out was part of the plan Henry and Daryl made together after the conversation about abuse they both had. 🙂