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The Walking Dead | Season 9, Episode 5 Recap: “What Comes After”

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The Walking Dead | Season 9, Episode 5 Recap: “What Comes After”

Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap season 9, episode 5 of The Walking Dead entitled “What Comes After.”

  • Morty

    Glenn and the dumpster, version 2.

    • Not really, we found out what happened to Rick in the very next scene.

      • Morty

        Is that you, Scott Gimple?

        • Ugh, I actually take that as an insult, lol.

    • Andiamo

      The dumpster can fly now. It’s tooootally different!

  • Bruce Pierce

    And here I was hoping that they’d buried that damned hat with Carl. And I can’t watch Talking Dead with that bloody annoying Yvette Nicole Brown, it’s bad enough normally without that.

  • Stylez

    This kinda went under the radar with the hokey Rick bait and switch death (or lack thereof), but apparently this was Maggie’s last episode too and we won’t be seeing her on walking dead proper again (at least for now). Makes this past episode even worse to have not one but two terrible send offs for major characters especially considering they’ll probably just yada yada how Maggie isn’t around after the time jump presumably because she ran off with Georgie (hello Commonwealth prequal stand alone movie anyone?).

    • Pink Pearl

      I’m ok with it as long as we don’t spend the rest of the season talking around her disappearance so as to build suspense, and then once the cause of it is revealed, the characters mourn her as if she JUST left even though it was really five years ago. I mean, no show would actually do that, right? That’s terrible storytelling, right?

      • Agent__Zigzag

        I wouldn’t put anything past Scott Gimple. That man could shoot himself in the foot & put in his mouth at the same time. Looking forward to a Walking Dead Comic book update podcast! Been forever since I read any & I’m on pins+needles for what happens with the Whisperers & the Commonwealth.

  • Bruce Pierce

    Maybe there’s another Bobby Ewing dream episode coming.

  • Ok, I am done with this show. Not The Walking Dead, this podcast.

    1- Nobody said Rick was going to die, you assumed it.
    2- Nobody asked for the movies but they needed a way to placate Andrew Lincoln.

    This near constant crapping on the show is pissing me off, so rather than say you should probably stop podcasting about a show you despise, I’m choosing not to listen any more.

    • Morty

      That’ll show ’em!

      • OutsideLookingIn

        His only two Disqus comments are on this topic. Rob & Jessica finally pushed him out of the realm of complacency.

    • Pink Pearl

      Bye, Felicia!

    • Charles Bikle

      Like Rob said, the show has been hemorrhaging viewers for seasons now, so dissatisfaction with the show isn’t just limited to Post-Show Recaps. if you want unapologetic cheerleading for TWD, go watch “Talking Dead’.

    • XmanIce

      I understand you. Over the past year I’ve noticed many of the RHAP hosts have become overly critical of the different shows they cover. TWD has been pretty good this season.

      Complaining all season about not seeing everything that happened after the damn blew up to the point of the stadium on FTWD infuriated me. Why do you need to know the back story? Who the F cares, story is starting at the stadium. Get over it.

      Then there was the critism of the the BB20 competitions. They were the best in the years, just be happy with that. And alot of fans prefer the crap shoot comps because that’s how you get a variety of different HOH’s. Not everything on TV needs to be as serious as a cure for cancer. If a comp is stupid just enjoy it for what it is. If the storyline doesn’t pick up where you want it to, just watch or don’t watch the episodes.

      If a main character doesn’t die a horrible death, so what? The complaint about AMC counting us down to Rick’s last episode was stupid too. They did it so fans would watch the season and also because everyone knew this was Rick’s last season. There was NO suspense needed.

      The Sinner podcasts sucked because Josh and Antonio(?) refused to learn the names of the characters. They kept using the actor’s names which is very confusing to listeners.

      There are a bunch of other shows where RHAP is WAY too salty and critical. It’s clear most of them hate or are burned out on the shows that they host.

      By the way, this is not directed at Rob’s ranting. Those are fun to listen to.

      • tanja

        Agree. I also noticed an increased amount of complaining and ranting all over RHAP and can’t understand why it is a trend now, nor I enjoy it that much. I used to love all this shows for analysis and lightheartedness.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Scott the Pimple is very much like acne. You think it’s gone and then it randomly pops up again, worse than ever.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    You know what I extra-super hate about the movies (I mean, aside from them being pointless and a terrible idea)? You know there’s no scenario in which a Rick Grimes of sound mind and body isn’t trying like hell to get back to his family. So either he’s being held against his will, or he has amnesia. In either case, we’re being asked to watch a character we love suffer, or be frustrated because we know this isn’t what he’d choose. And we’re supposed to do that for 3 MOVIES?! Spanning at least the time jump, so five or six years? No. No thank you.

    • Pink Pearl

      Yes, this is my exact problem with it! How can it be the same character if he’s not utterly consumed with reuniting with his family? Maybe these movies are actually about his never-before-mentioned twin brother, Nick Grimes.

      • Agent__Zigzag

        Nick Grimes! Really funny!

  • James Griffin

    I often wonder what direction the show would have gone in, if Frank Darabont had remained. Saying that, the spin-off movies featuring Rick are overkill. I hope the Walking Dead becomes more exciting, as well. Most of the time, for me, it feels like a soap opera (with zombies), and am getting bored with the show.

  • Charles Bikle

    Andrew Lincoln’s family resides in England, so I suspect these “AMC movies” will be filmed at one of the bigger studios there, that are presumably closer to his home. After 8 years separated from them, I get why he’d want this move. Also, I suspect that Lincoln & Scott Gimple don’t really get along, so I’m guessing they really won’t be interacting with each other on any kind of regular basis.

  • Charles Bikle

    I’m kinda concerned about these “AMC movies”; the title of the first one has alrady been leaked:


  • XmanIce

    I really don’t get why anyone is upset that Rick didn’t die. I was hoping the show would leave the door open so he could return much later if he wanted.
    Rick leaving was the best thing for show. It opens the story up so much more. Other characters can be heard and have opinions.
    This season has really been great. For me, there hasn’t been a single wasted boring episode.
    Thank god they’re doing a big time jump next week. Spending the next 3 episodes watching everybody mourn over Rick’s death would have ruined the season. And I don’t want them living through Rick’s vision either. They need to have a society from there own vision.
    And no, I don’t read the comics.

    Jessica mentioned that in the previews “Michone had a new look. Almost like a new person”. She did look like an entirely new actress. She looked much younger than the current actress, not that she’s old. This one looked early 20’s. Did the original actress leave the series?

  • Wendy B

    JESSICA LIESE is a very smart woman. I like smart.