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The Walking Dead | Season 9 Premiere Recap: “A New Beginning”

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The Walking Dead | Season 9 Premiere Recap: “A New Beginning”

Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap the season 9 premiere of The Walking Dead entitled “A New Beginning.”

  • Bry_Lander

    1) I’m confused at what was happening with the museum’s glass floor. It appears to be a single glass surface resting on top of a lattice of metal support underneath. So when walking across the glass surface that is cracking, wouldn’t you take extra care to only walk along the stable metal supports, rather than on the glass that is not supported? They made this into an Indiana Jones type of dramatic agility test, when merely walking carefully along the metal would have ensured that Ezekiel did not break through the glass and fall into a pit of zombies.

    2) Greg’s plan to attack Maggie was the most simplistic and improbable caper in the history of TWD. The premise of him announcing that Glen’s grave was being defaced clearly implicated him, and using a drunken, grief-stricken, recovering alcoholic old man to attack Maggie was so completely moronic that I wonder if the writers were also drinking when they thought this was a compelling idea.

    3) “Attention all Hilltop parents – we will be gruesomely hanging a man to death in the common area at midnight, maybe you should strongly consider keeping your kids inside.”

    4) The attack of the zombies approaching the stuck wagon was such an impending threat that they had to leave the horse attached, but then not so urgent that the group could hang around and successfully fight them off while giving the blacksmith’s son first aid for a long duration?

    5) Loud, backfiring motorcycles like Daryl’s seem to be a bad mode of transportation in the ZA and likely just draw all nearby walkers out onto the road.

    6) Walker scarecrows seem like a great idea, what was Daryl’s problem?

    • TrentC

      Keep in mind I enjoyed this premiere. I found it entertaining and interesting in spite of your list.

      1) I saw everyone walking diagonally across the glass, rather than try to move to the edges. That glass was breaking no matter how thick it was/metal crossbeams/the path they chose to walk on.

      2) Least trusted person at the Hilltop says to you at night – Hey, someone defaced Glenn’s grave, you should probably check it out right now. Just turn around and punch Gregory to save time.

      And why did Enid need to be part of this plan? You want to kill two main people at Hilltop and think no one will catch you or suspect?

      3) I did love Maggie’s line to Rick before the festivities – It’s time to put the children to bed…so much menace in the statement. Too bad they had to hang Gregory in a place where most windows of the mansion and surrounding buildings faced.

      4) Oh my God they killed Kenny! (I got nothing else here)

      5) The Pied Piper of mufflers. Agreed. Daryl probably leads more zombies to their homes than anything else.

      6) I don’t want to be a leader! *makes instant management decision and tears down scarecrow*

      • Bry_Lander

        1) I liken it to walking in the attic – you walk on the 2x4s, not the drywall roof in between. When all of the glass was gone, the metal frame underneath it that would be intact. That is what they should have put their weight on, not the unsupported cracking glass.

        3) Maggie’s line was cool. I guess next time she hangs someone she will be better at it.

        4, 5, 6) 🙂

        I did enjoy the show and seeing a lot of the characters I like again. I just sort of wince in the significant areas that they have diverged from the comic. Carl should be in the dungeon interacting with Negan, killing him has only diminished the plot. Dwight should be leading the Sanctuary, not Daryl. Some of the changes they make have been good, maximizing on the strengths of the actors, while others seem to be changes with no purpose.

        • TrentC

          Oh I’m with you on 1).

          It was an obvious outcome because of the blatant set up. They could have suspended the wagon from ropes on the ceiling and that glass was still gonna break somehow. They walked on a glass floor = Chekhov’s glass.

          I really liked Lauren Cohan in this episode. Maggie seems like more of a threat now, rather than her crying and screaming about the decision to let Negan survive last season. She’s become more empowered and dangerous somehow.

          I haven’t read the comics and am happy to be oblivious of potential ideas or events. I realize the show varies from the comics in a lot of ways, still it’s nice to see places and people without preconceived notions.

        • XmanIce

          I just don’t understand why all the Carl love. I don’t read the comics so that may be why. I’ve never liked Carl, not even when he was a little kid. And the actor was terrible.

  • TrentC

    A New Beginning of another thread?

    Okay summary time.

    I liked the premiere!

    Thank you for the podcast.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    Finally caught the first two episodes! I’m glad y’all pointed out how much time we spent at Ken’s funeral. All I could think was, “Wow, things must be going really well if they have the time to freak out this much over one guy dying.”