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WARNING: Spoilers from the WALKING DEAD comic books, and potentially TV show, are ahead!

Welcome to the first ever WALKING DEAD BOOK CLUB podcast! This is the place to talk about the story of Walking Dead from the perspective of people who have also read the Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard comics on which the show is based.

In the premiere episode, hosts Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) catch up on Jess’ take on the series, before running down all the events of “No Way Out,” the action-packed midseason premiere. They talk about what happened to Jessie’s family, the new adversities facing Carl, the showdown between the Alexandrians and the zombies, and their predictions for what’s coming up when Negan enters the scene.


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  • S_Carl_Dixon

    This podcast flew by so fast….I could listen to you both talk about this all day!! So excited you guys finally came together for this…and that we get to enjoy it every week – you are seriously spoiling us fans!! XD

    Since both Maggie and Glenn are kind of untouchable right now….I really don’t see them dying anytime soon….do you think maybe there’s a chance of them potentially losing their baby in a miscarriage of some sort, as it kind of makes sense in this intense and high pressured environment they’re all living in. It sounds horrible as I’m typing this out, I know…..but it’s definitely something they could work with, as both characters would for sure be changed from that loss. It could either make their bond even stronger….or dare I say it…drive them apart (which would also be depressingly tragic!! T^T) AND maybe Enid will end up really being a surrogate daughter to both Maggie & Glenn if they do lose their child….
    Do you guys think the show would go there….or is it just way too depressing? Cos potentially having 2 babies on the show….would that be a good or a bad thing, plot wise, for the show? Especially with how they are handling Judith at the moment, it’s like Judith doesn’t even exist!! LOL.

    As I haven’t read the comics….so I don’t know what Judith is like in the Comics, or whether she even exists….and since Glenn died so early….I’d assume Maggie’s not pregnant in the comics either, right? If they both exist, then I’d assume they both be little walker killing badasses by now? LOL

    PS. I don’t mind being spoiled since the show is like 80% different from the comics….and I possibly will never have time to read all the issues….it’s really fun listening to you guys who have read it all and watched the show your takes and opinions on them both…what the differences are….what you liked and did not like about the changes….and best of all filling in those gaps that the show kind of glossed over and didn’t quite portray properly on screen for some reason – for example the Rick going Insane and started going rampant on the walkers outside, was not just him trying to let out his anger and frustrations by killing walkers (like the show led us to think)….but actually trying to keep his son safe…so that Denise could operate on his son and save his life without worrying about walkers attacking the house! AND also filling in the emotional impact of losing Jessie that the show just skipped over for no reason….(maybe they were worried it would make Rick look soft again…or it came off as too cheesy)….whatever the reason….it made so much more sense knowing what suppose to have actually happened in that scene they left out~~
    This discussion definitely makes watching the show now so much more enjoyable and exciting….otherwise the show itself can get really frustrating to watch!! Haha…..Thank you guys for this gift….and I can’t wait for next weeks bookclub!!!

    • Pink Pearl

      This is probably a longer discussion that Josh and I will get into in a later episode, but after what’s shaping up to be about a season’s worth of action on the show, the comics do maybe a two or three year time jump. So we never see Glenn and Maggie’s baby AS a baby onscreen. I suspect the show will do something similar.

      But seriously, you should read the comics! Granted I am a fast reader, but it took me a little over a week to get through an 8-year backlog.

      • S_Carl_Dixon

        Does that mean Judith and Baby Glenn (I assume is what Maggie names their child if it’s a boy…) grow up to be little badasses that kicks some walker butts!?? xDD If that’s the case then I’d have to read the comics now!! >__< (Can't make any promises though, since I'm a really slow reader! :D)

        As for the time jump….If the show follows the comics, is it possible they'll do it by the end of this season? Or is it way further into the future like maybe S7 or 8 or 10? That would be so awesome….cos I really think the show needs something like that to kind of reboot the show and make it exciting again….for now it's really getting into a lull with every season repeating the same storylines, and blowing up places in finales! Plus Chandler is growing up way to fast for him to be playing a little boy still….LOL It would make perfect sense for them to do a time jump now!

        • Pink Pearl

          I think there’s at least another season or season and a half worth of action before we get to a logical time jump. I would guess if we drag out Negan, we might be looking at one for season 8. But it did occur to me when I got to that point that Chandler Riggs looks an awful lot like POST time-jump Carl, and not so much like PRE time-jump Carl anymore.

          • S_Carl_Dixon

            Yeah, even on Talking Dead Chris Hardwick mentioned Chandler’s growing a stubble already!!! Insane how he’s growing up right before our eyes~~ >___<

  • Edwin Johnson

    This is a long shot, but I think they’ve been building up Carol to get Luciled.

    • Matty

      I agree with this, because it has to be a an Atlanta five member that receives the attention of Lucile. In my opinion, because nothing would shake the viewers and the Survivors more then someone dying who’s been there from the very beginning. I also think they’ve been low-key setting it up, and its kind of breaking my heart. Cause I love Carol, it would REALLY suck if she died.

    • Andrew Garcilazo

      I don’t think Negan would kill a woman in that cruel of a way. Goes against what we’ve seen of his character, I think.

  • HomerBrannon1

    “In this Detour, teammates must catch a zombie, cut it open, smear the guts all over themselves to cover their scent, then walk hand-in-hand through a herd of zombies until they find the one zombie with the next clue.” So add me to the Walking Dead-Amazing Race crossover club.

    I’m with you, Jessica. I couldn’t just nibble on the Walking Dead comic when I got the three-volume compendium for Christmas. I had to chew, swallow, repeat.

    Damnit, Josh, you are close to convincing me Daryl will die. I had thought Abraham would get the Lucile treatment, but I don’t think that would have enough impact. We’ve known Abraham has been suicidal for awhile, although I guess opening up to Sasha has given him something to live for. But why make them an item if you plan on killing Abraham. Seems like extra torture for Sasha after losing Tyrese and Bob.

    If Daryl gets his brains smashed, it will enrage the fan base, but they won’t stop watching because they’ll want to see Rick get revenge on Negan. So you get an big, impactful death and you keep the fan base engaged.

    Although I think it will be Glenn. It’s too important to Maggie’s story arc.

  • Sean LaBua

    I think Morgan could get the comic Abraham death. Maybe he and Carol could be walking and talking, kind of becoming friends after they’ve had tensions. Then BAM! An arrow through the head. Then I think they’ll stick with Glenn for the Negan death. Norman Reedus is simply too huge of a marketing asset for him to not be on the show, and nobody else’s death would have that much of an impact to propel the group into All Out War. Other than Glenn, my second guess would be maybe Carol.

  • Andrew Garcilazo

    Josh and Jessica: Well done.

  • Mikk

    Great podcast guys! Thanks. Really enjoyed this one, and loved hearing Jessica’s take on the show having binge-watched five seasons, as that’s an experience many of us never had (at least not on our first viewing).

  • Andrew

    I agree with anyone that says The Walking Dead on the binge works great. I just finished a rewatch of season 5/first half of season 6 and watched No Way Out for the first time and it all flows really well together in my opinion. I get waiting week to week between episodes sucks and it’s a valid criticism of the show but I’m tired of hearing that argument in general from people. Oh well, it’s a problem that exists for a lot of tv shows now a days and a problem we all have to deal with.

    Anyways, great podcast. Really enjoyed it guys and can’t wait for more.

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    They showed a bit of restraint on the show.

  • Thank you so much for this show!

    Loved the first episode.

    I was surprised though that they was no talk about how Carl got shot in the face and had the “is he going to make it?” moment in the comics around the same time that the television show was having their earlier “Carl gets shot and we don’t know if he’s going to make it” back in Season 2. That was the first real time that I saw how they were weaving the two around each other.