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WARNING: Spoilers from the WALKING DEAD comic books, and potentially TV show, are ahead!

Welcome to the WALKING DEAD BOOK CLUB podcast! This is the place to talk about the story of Walking Dead from the perspective of people who have also read the Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard comics on which the show is based.

In their fourth episode, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) break down episode 612, “Not Tomorrow Yet,” featuring the first full-scale confrontation between the Alexandrians and the Saviors. They discuss the action scene at large, and some of the seemingly smaller moments, including a subtle clue about a certain someone er something named Lucille, and whose head it might beat in next… or beet, as it were.

Plus, how about that Abraham? Such a jerk, right? Josh and Jess talk about how the big breakup played out in the comics versus the show, and more.

DOUBLE PLUS! Starting at the 51 minute mark, the podcast is dedicated to another show entirely: GAME OF THRONES! The season six trailer dropped today, so Josh and Jess give their super-fast knee-jerk reactions to it, with tons of spoiler alerts before the conversation. Final word of warning: TURN OFF THE PODCAST AT 51 MINUTES IF YOU’RE NOT INTO GAME OF THRONES, OR YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT CAUGHT UP, AND PLAN TO WATCH SOME DAY. OK? COOL? COOL.

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  • Linus Wesley

    So much hate for the relationship drama of the comics. Usually it’s just a few panels here or there and personally I love those storylines and the contrast between these banal scenes and the post-apocalyptic zombie setting. Then again, I grew up obsessively watching daytime soaps, so my threshold for serialized relationship drama is pretty low.

    The point that Morgan would die in Glenn’s place to influence Rick’s decision to later spare Negan is very good. My only problem with it is that the moment that introduces Negan and Lucille should be so much bigger than the death of such a minor character, who while having first appeared in the very first episode of the series just isn’t the huge fan favorite that I perceived Glenn to be in the comics. When I read that issue it was so incredibly shocking; rivaling the Red Wedding and some of the most iconic moments of television history. I think it has to be Daryl who gets to meet Lucille if they want to do it justice.

    I hope next episode will see a peaceful resolution to the confrontation, only to have Abraham get the crossbow bolt through the head when they’re back at Alexandria. They’ve done a great job with the character on the show and I was upset to see him go in the comics, but there’s something fitting with having such an unceremonious death for a tough guy like Abraham. Especially in having it done with Daryl’s crossbow by future major player Dwight.

    Here’s a question for next time: Do you guys think it could be possible that Rick will lose a hand towards the end of the all out war, only to have some sort of prosthetic after the time jump? I love that it happened in the comics because like Carl’s face, the effects are permanent, unlike most things that happen to the survivors through all the crazy stuff that happens.

  • Mikk

    Great podcast as always!

    One thing I found really weird during the episode was that hug between Tara and Glenn at the end of the episode. It definitely felt like a goodbye hug to me. Like they were not going to see each other again. I think I just assumed that it meant Tara was going to die on the supply run (possibly getting the arrow to the head), but if we assume Tara and Heath won’t be seen again until next season, then I’d really start to worry that Glenn might actually be the one to get Lucille’d… Or maybe I’m reading too much into that hug.

  • HomerBrannon1

    #boningarc is the best hashtag you guys have come up with. And I didn’t mind the boning arc in the comics. Well, up until Carol tried to get it on with a zombie.

    I liked your point about Morgan, but the optics of having another black man die, this time in the most infamous death of the series, is questionable. I don’t think the show runners want to add that level of controversy for a character death that won’t have as strong of an impact as other characters. Although I do agree at some point Rick will be swayed by Morgan’s philosophy. I think Morgan will die during the war with Negan. But Lucille only has eyes for Glenn.