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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and  Rich Tackenberg (@richtack) review episode 4 of the 42nd season of Saturday Night Live with host Tom Hanks & musical guest Lady Gaga, broadcast on October 22, 2016!

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  • Jean-Damien Buisson

    As the French resident patron I can tell you that Kate and Cecily are doing a very impressive job with those cats lady, the accent is whatever but the intonations, the facial tics and the “ouais ouais ouais” are freaking on point, their looks are pretty spot on as well especially Cecily.
    I’ve worked for a US company and the US execs would come and give speeches that we all thought were ridiculously over the top, I guess you find us ridiculous in our “low energy” levels too eh.

  • Mike Hasher

    I know you have said that the more weeks in a row the writing gets weaker but that’s only true with a new host not a 9 timer he was great with whatever he did and they put him through 2 and a half repeat sketches
    Did David pumpkins remind you of Kevin Roberts and did u expect to see him?
    Was amercan funniest cats better?
    What was the new angles with black jeopardy and was it better?
    Was Alex Baldwin being in a Sketch a nod that he won’t be playing trump anymore and is this an exception to your cameo rule?
    What’s your opinion of lady gaga not appearing in a sketch?
    And what are your thoughts or worries on November hosts?
    Thanks and a huuuuuge fan of the poscas

  • Matt Racine

    really enjoyed this episode!

  • redbluegreen

    Do you think the Sully sketch would have been funnier with Kyle Mooney or Pete Davidson as the pilot instead of Alec Baldwin? It seemed less embarrassing for Sully to be co-pilot given the gravitas Baldwin brought to the character.

  • Mac R. Whaley

    Was slightly disappointed by the episode, but a lot of highlights. Loved the Sully sketch and, like you, thought David Pumpkins was ridiculously stupidly hilarious. I thought Sully benefited from Alec Baldwin playing the other pilot. I don’t really see anyone else portraying the captain on that sketch.

  • Matthew Gregg

    I’m David S Pumpkins

  • Laws

    You both hated the animal videos sketch again…but once again, it was my favorite sketch of the night.

    NewsAF listeners: Did anyone else catch the lyric “…burns like coco rails.” in Gaga’s first song?

    • love it. I don’t *understand* it, but I love that you love it.

  • Chris A

    I’m happy to see Alec Baldwin in the Sully sketch, and he’s obviously the most convincing alpha male pilot who is some kid’s hero that was around that night….but an even funnier take would have been to make the pilot an anti-alpha male type – a down trodden, nerdy type played by Kyle Mooney.