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True Detective | Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

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In case you need something to listen to on an ill-fated bus ride, The TRUE DETECTIVE podcast is back for this season’s fourth episode, “Down Will Come.”

We’ve had cryptic transmissions from Josh Wigler(@roundhoward) in upstate California, so he is away this week, but Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) are here putting out some fires and starting new ones. A and J are investigating this case from all angles, and just like A and Ray they are wondering where their third detective is, and if he’s on another tear-laden, paparazzi-infused guilt bender. This is the halfway mark of the season, so Antonio and Jeremiah reset the major storylines (train, murder, bird) and try to sift out which of the clues are gold, and which are just Nick Pizzolatto’s Id run amok. Honestly does the man just have a dead bird instead of a heart? WHAT IS GOING ON?

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  • Rubicon

    Finally a nice big set piece. The knife was unsheathed!

    About the Frank, Ray relationship. Half way through and they’ve switched trajectory’s. At the start Frank was ascending, now he is spiraling downwards. In the beginning Ray was washed out, now he appears reborn.

    So do you think Frank will be dead by the end of the season? Will Ray kill him?

  • Beefcake

    HOLY SHIT!!!

    That’s a lot of bodies.

  • Does Pizza Latte write the dialogue too? It’s so so bad – “my father – he is a very bad person”, “I guess I love you too”, “sometime your worst self…is your best self”. Has he ever seen 2 humans interact before?

    • jeremiahp

      I am afraid so Matt.

  • Robin Duns

    W. Earl Brown copped a headshot! “WTF!” Were you guys surprised?? They seemed to be setting him up as someone relevant. Do you think the little things he’d been up to (e.g. stalking and photographing Taylor Kitsch) are going to amount to anything? Or is he now just an interesting, dead end?

  • Holy shit that was sure something else, an i dont think they had enough man power…. I wouldn’t say that last scene was better than the long take scene from season one but that was a dam well shoot action scene, not much shaky cam and id say rather realistic. It wasent like in most movies an tv where when the cops an robbers start the shoot out magically all the civilians are gone. I liked how they showed how the every day person would react to that, I.E. just stand there in aw and get mowed down like a dumb ass lol.

    • stephanie wanamaker

      agreed @bigj8806:disqus

  • Pretty good action scene in this one, I was kind of confused what she was aiming at while chasing the SUV, maybe shooting out the tires would have been a better strategy. I think they did a good job, as others have noted, of showing a more realistic gunfight with civilians being in the way. Other than that, I think the episode was interesting enough, seems like more connections are being drawn.

    • stephanie wanamaker

      this was finally the first episode that was very fast paced but still confused about whole Taylor Kitsch thing why is he ashamed to be gay in 2015 to the point that he cries tears of shame and why was he running from reporters?

      • I think he may have been sexually abused by his mom. Seems like he has an unrealistic view of what it is to be ‘manly’ His military training might have instilled some homophobia as well. I think he ran from the reporters because he was having a crisis and had no idea what to say.

        • stephanie wanamaker

          Ian oh yes the military training ! And his mom definitely creepy !

          • Rubicon

            Being raised in an environment with a lack of healthy boundaries would make it hard for any person to emerge unscathed.

            Maybe that’s why the military appealed to him? He was overcompensating? The hierarchically system filled a need?

          • Antonio Mazzaro

            I think you are all on to something for sure. Hopefully the podcast goes up soon, we talked about this a little bit. There is definitely more to this story than repressed sexual identity issues.

      • Ocklett

        I think the fact that he was drugged and raped was making him kinda sad. He was obviously not just hangover the day after. He was wrecked.

  • Alex Wilpon

    do you think more people googled “louche” this week than “apoplectic” last week?

    • stephanie wanamaker

      hehe alex yes because I knew what aploplectic meant but not louche

  • Coach

    How can all these detectives do things to get suspended, but still go on solving this murder? How does that all work?

    • stephanie wanamaker

      that was my question! also after this bravery I don’t think Rachel McAdams will still be suspended! and she is right it wouldn’t happen if she was a man!

      • Martin Hess

        If a man searched mayors estate looking for evidence for a crime, he wouldnt get suspended?

  • TyreeBiggums

    What was with all of the really bad/awkward scene transitions? It was very jarring sometimes. This episode had probably the worst writing of the season. The ending shootout was action packed but that doesn’t make up for the rest of the episode.

  • A.Claire

    The thing that actually bugged me this episode was the fact that it seems very convenient that the 3 main characters were the only ones who survived that last scene..that just seems very unrealistic to me even if the action scenes were really good..

  • I’m dying for this episode man, I have refreshed this page like 100 times already, lol. It’s already 7/15/2015 here in Taiwan, that’s Wednesday!~ *Crying*

    • stephanie wanamaker

      same here just rechecking now after checking my podcast app first

      • tar.sentinel

        One more here. I think podcast could be a little slower because of Apple’s process behind it.

        • stephanie wanamaker

          most likely correct just never had to wait this long before anticipation!

          • tar.sentinel

            I know right? but usually one of these guys would tweet before recording the episode. I wonder if they ever begun the recording!

          • stephanie wanamaker

            well antonio replied once here below and did say it was recorded already so it must be apple and google issues

          • tar.sentinel

            great! I did not read all the comments my bad :p

          • stephanie wanamaker

            thats ok not many people do !

          • tar.sentinel

            🙂 I’ll just keep myself calm and wait..

          • stephanie wanamaker

            sounds like a plan watching network tv and reading while i wait

          • stephanie wanamaker

            the podcast is up going to listen now

          • tar.sentinel

            Thanks! Listening to it now 🙂

          • stephanie wanamaker

            Enjoy! The guys answered all my questions

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Is it okay to say, I kinda don’t like what this show has going on so far. it just feels like a pale imitation of components that have been done better on much better shows like Breaking Bad, Justified, The Wire, and Last Season of itself…i’m just not digging it…But i’m trying to.

    • Rubicon

      That’s interesting. What elements of other shows do you think it’s imitating, badly? Over on Reddit lot’s of people were comparing the shootout to the ones in Michael Mann’s Heat. Great movie!

  • Angie

    Thank you, Antonio, for doing in two minutes what the writer of TD hasn’t been able to do in four hours: explaining the plot!

    • stephanie wanamaker

      You guys did a kickass job of explaining this convoluted show and thanks for saying Paul had some childhood trauma that made him so uncomfortable in his skin

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      Thanks Angie! It definitely needed a reset.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Thank god for this podcast (and it’s occasional Princess Bride references). Thank you for breaking this episode down like you guys did, I swear every other place I go to read up about this season, people are just bitching and moaning that this season sucks and how much better season 1 is.

    I’m super excited for the next episode to see the fall out from this botched raid. I think my biggest question from seeing next weeks promo is why has Velcoro shaved his kick arse mustache off?

  • Aubrey

    My understanding is that there actually a gig eight like this withcilivian deaths in the 70s, it was huge news.