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True Detective | Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

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Gather around, Friends! The TRUE DETECTIVE season two podcast returns this week, discussing all manor of horrors!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward), Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) are here to discuss the sixth episode of the season, “Church in Ruin,” and all the big events and reveals made throughout the hour. Among the topics covered:

The House of Horror: Josh, Jeremiah and Antonio begin by digging deep into the episode’s final climactic showdown, covering everything from the music choices, the potential ramifications for Ani Bezzerides and her family, and much more.

Ray of Darkness: Colin Farrell’s formerly mustached detective returns to his brooding roots this week, severing ties with his son when it seems all hope is lost… but is it?

Frank Conversations: Was this the best week for Vince Vaughn’s gangster? The gang thinks so, and here’s why — even though they STILL have no idea who Stan is.

And That’s Not All: Listen to the podcast to hear everything Josh, Antonio, and Jeremiah had to say about this week’s episode, and where they think things are going next. As always, use the space below to leave your questions, comments and theories.

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  • MustardCannon

    Hey guys.

    While not being a huge fan of this episode, I did find it interesting how Ani’s roll on Molly revealed the catalyst to the duality between Ani and her sister through those horrible cult experiences they would have shared as kids.

    One ’embraced’ what happened and used it as a means to make money and pursue a ‘dream’ through offering her body. While Ani became a cold, sexually charged expert in taking down men in multiple ways.

    Ani also shuts her sisters life out in every scene only staying focused on the case at hand. Do you guys think Athena is going to pay the iron price for Ani’s freak out in the mansion?

    Also, the music selection was more dreadful than the writing in this week’s episode. I know what they were going for, but they didn’t accomplish it.

    • jeremiahp

      I agree, this relationship maybe the most interesting development. I am also interested in finding out more about the two children who’s parents were killed on the 1992 robbery.

  • Luke Strobel

    so you can just puke and then your not rolling anymore?…damn I could’ve used that knowledge in college

    • Matt The Golem

      If you didn’t throw up and then return to drinking/partying while in college what were you doing there, wasting your time studying and writing papers?!

  • Luke Strobel

    I love how tv just dismisses hangovers…if had the night ray did when he decided to let his son go, I would be m.i.a. for like a week. certainly not running covert ops the next day

    • I’m not an expert, but I think cocaine and alcohol kind of do weird things to cancel each other out in some ways? One being an upper and one being a downer.

  • Alex Wilpon

    1. This is the most important question – what episode of Friends were
    Ray and Chad watching? I don’t think it was “The One with Chandler’s
    Dad” given that Chad seems to be out on Ray.

    2. We’re not buying that the guy in prison is the rapist and Chad’s father,
    right? Ray said he saw it in his eyes, but Chad looks nothing like him. I
    think the paternity test Ray’s ex-wife is continuing to insist on will
    prove that. I also don’t think there’s any viable option besides Blake
    at this point.

    3. Irina said the guy looked like a cop. Is this more evidence pointing to Lieutenant Burris?

    • jeremiahp

      All great questions Alex!

  • So holy shit that was actually a good episode. I LOVED the opening with Ray and Frank, That was some dam good tv imo.

    My 2 questions are

    1. Wasn’t the girl Frank was looking for the same one that Bezzerides was looking for? And does that mean Frank got played by the Mexicans? (Also how good was Franks Mexican stand off line lmao)

    2. Do you think Bezzerides sister mite end up dead or in trouble? It was her name that was used to get in the party, and i can only assume the guards are going to go round up everyone at the party to figure out what happen and they have her purse with who knows what in it. Also Athena Bezzerides cant be the most common of names.

    • Alex Wilpon

      I think Irina was the girl Frank was looking for for McCandless and the girl the state attorney sent Ani, Ray, and Paul to track down. I don’t think Irina was the missing girl Ani has been looking for since the first episode – that was Vera.

    • Hopefully she didn’t plan on getting the purse back and didn’t put anything important in there, It seems pretty clear that she knew she couldn’t bring ANYTHING into the party, so I can’t imagine she would mess that up.

    • dapete

      The best was the opening line:

      “You want milk, Sugar?”

  • The first scenes in this episode were great, a few too many gangster scenes in the middle for my taste, but the end scenes raiding the party were pretty awesome. We got to know more about Ani and see her use the knives in a tense situation. It seems like things are going their way for now, but with two more episodes left I have no idea what’s gonna happen!

  • Boy, 1 hour with that kid would drive me to cocaine & giving him up too

    • Alex Wilpon

      they must’ve been watching the joey and rachel episodes

      • Yup, they’re all titled The Ones That Suck on the tv guide

    • dapete


  • dapete

    If the hashtag isn’t #donotbearguingbitch I’ll be disappointed.

  • Richard Swartz

    Best episode so far… which isn’t saying much.

  • Robert Miller

    Do you think the scarred server/bartender at the cantina has anything to do with the story? She is often in the background, and she does interact with Ray, Frank, and Ani. Could she be Irina?

  • Angie

    Still terrible, terrible dialogue. I’m beginning to think it’s on purpose, like we’ll get to the end and discover, ala the Lego Movie, it was a kid telling a detective story the whole time.

    (SPOILERS) Also, last season, at about the same episode, the narrative started pointing toward a massive conspiracy and in the end we only get one bad guy and that’s it. Since we’ve seen the conspiracy of season 2 now (with contracts and signatures even!) I’m wondering if there will be any large scale justice for their corruption or if the end will just be about finding out who killed Casper and corruption will win (as it does in life) In other words, what a downer.

    Also, next week’s predictions: Taylor and the girlfriend break up, Athena is a goner, and Ray starts using the e cig. Cheers! Can’t wait for the commentary this week!

  • Angie

    Antonio and Josh: Any chance of their being a live cast for the finale? It would be fun to interact after it’s gone off the rails!

  • Matt The Golem

    Finally a victory for our true detectives! Great episode. Frank’s cold deadpan “A Mexican standoff with real Mexicans. Now I can cross that off my bucket list” was awesome.

    • Matt The Golem

      also, kudos on the recap it was really informative. And thanks to Josh for checking in at reddit and other social media and giving us the insights he finds there.

  • Olly

    I get that party is not for the vast majority of people (including myself) but it was pretty tame to what I was expecting. Thought it would be shocking or sickening not just a bus load of girls being paid to a party knowing what it entails.

  • Here is the rabbit hole I have been down since like, Tuesday.

    What if Athena was recruited to get her sister into the sex party? McCandless and Osip wanted Paul/Ray to hear their conversation and retrieve that contract document. It is all a gigantic misdirection con to provide cover while the real estate deal finally lands.

    That tracks for me with the security guy saying, “What have you done?” when Ani stabs him. That is, everyone involved in putting on the party, including security, were in on a plan to lead them to the documents. Ani still being a ninja under the influence of pure MDMA was not something they had calculated.

    This brings up more questions than answering the, “Are we really supposed to believe that Paul was just in the right place at the right time?” question. Does that mean then that they also wanted Ani to find Vera as well? And does this mean that Athena is still in danger not as a traitor to the sex party people, but as loose end?