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True Detective | Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

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The truth shall set you free — perhaps even fatally, in the case of a few characters — in the latest episode of TRUE DETECTIVE, called “Black Maps and Motel Rooms.”

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward), Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) are back together to podcast about the penultimate episode of TRUE DETECTIVE season two. In this week’s episode, the trio discusses everything including…

Antonio Draws First Blood: The first point has been scored in the death draft! Antonio nailed his prediction — or shot it, rather — with the tragic death of Paul Woodrugh this week. The hosts talk through the way the death played out and the consequences that are sure to spill out into the final episode of the season, and they also reset the stakes for the draft heading into the finale.

Ray + Ani = Rani: Okay, we’re shipping it! Now that it’s official, the hosts talk about Ray and Ani sealing the deal and what that means for both characters moving forward, especially given the emotional epiphanies both detectives reached in this last episode.

Frank Semyon Becomes Frank Castle: Is Vince Vaughn actually about to access his inner Punisher? It sure seems that way now that he’s ordered an insane amount of guns, twice over, in what appears to be a plan to take down Osip and reclaim his stolen millions, and then some. The question is, will Frank’s plan work out, or has he reached the end of his rope?

And Much More: Josh, Antonio and Jeremiah talk about all the major revelations surrounding the Caspere case, the crimes committed by the Vinci police officers, the ramifications of the 1992 diamond heist, predictions for the 90-minute finale, and more. Check back next week for their recap of the TRUE DETECTIVE season two finale, and let us know what you think of this week’s show in the comments below!

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  • Luke Strobel

    annnd of course he’s behind the door…how…who cares how…

  • Luke Strobel

    when in doubt…just set everything on fire

  • Luke Strobel

    and as you guys said last week…ani’s sister has about a 0% survival rate

  • Dave_Bakker

    What is Frank’s end game? A self-imposed exile? Ambushing the Russians?

  • Dave_Bakker

    Is there any benefit to Ray and Ani solving the crime (or series of crimes)?

  • Glad I stuck with this season, I really want to see the bad guys lose at this point even if Frank is just as bad as them. I wonder if we’re even going to find out who the bird-man was. I hope Ray and Ani can make it out alive.

  • Alex Wilpon

    1. Antonio is winning the death draft right now WITH bonus points (RIP Paul Woodrugh, Texas forever). Will Josh or Jeremiah get some points in the finale? What’s the prize?

    2. Let’s say the assistant was the girl from the robbery, do you think Tony is still the boy? Do you think the Mayor’s daughter is going to play a role in the finale? I’m still intrigued by her from the few scenes we saw earlier in the season.

    3. Pick one thing you really want to happen and one thing you really don’t want to happen in the final 90 minutes of True Detective Season 2.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      First blood WITH BONUS POINTS. Boom. And if I recall they doubted me and questioned my pick. In your face, J’s.

      • Josh Wigler

        shut up you smell

  • AJ Mass

    An underlying theme of this week’s episode (which I loved) really seemed to be that those who are unwilling to accept their true selves are doomed. Obviously, we saw that play out with Woodrugh being shot after again denying his sexuality. Do you agree, and if so, what do you guys think are the other characters’ “truths” and which ones will “accept” them and survive the final episode? (I have my thoughts, but would rather not color your opinions.)

    • Angie

      What an interesting theme to explore, AJ…as Paul’s friend told him in scene, if Paul had accepted himself for who he was, they wouldn’t have been able to use it as leverage and lure him into a situation he knew was going to end badly. If we follow this thread, then we must ask who the other detectives are, truly? (Ha. Puns are fun) I think Velcoro’s true self is debatable as everyone seems to have a different opinion on the matter. Ani’s father calls her the most innocent person he ever knew..I’m guessing the answers to these questions are probably the most pertinent, much more so than questions relative to the plot–the decision’s Velcoro and Ani will make in the finale sequence are by far the most interesting to consider, but I’m wondering if we don’t already have the answers…

  • @Wharfrat1625

    While I didn’t initially find Frank’s story particularly compelling, I am very intrigued to see it play out after the last few weeks. Do you guys like the Wire style choice to explore the criminal element of Frank’s lifestyle this season alongside the investigation by our detectives?

    Did you guys find the consummation of Velcoro and Bezzerides relationship contrived and cliched or was it satisfying to see them find solace with one another?

    Do you guys think Woodrugh’s arc was ultimately meaningful to the overall story or did his untimely end turn him into more of an unnecessary plot device rather than a vital character?

    Did the show try to hard to connect all the disparate threads and characters that have been discovered throughout the season, or is that simply a fundamental component of a detective drama that I am being overly critical of?

    -R Filly

  • Jai

    guys I live in the u.k and want to know when you guys are uploading. currently its midnight here so im hanging on, just about. hurry 🙂

    • Josh Wigler

      Won’t be up for a few more hours, Jai. Go to sleep!

  • Angie

    Jordan seems to be a character similar to the ones played by Woody Harrelson’s wife/daughters in the first season…though it would be cool if she turned out to be the mastermind behind Frank’s doom for reasons unknown, I don’t see her as being anything other than a sidekick…Pizzolatto likes his herrings red and often..

  • nerfknuckles

    Ani’s sister killed Casper

  • Rainbow Shalom Hayes

    I had to give a slight correction to the podcast –

    It was said that Paul’s Baby Mama was “watching cartoons and laughing” in that motel, and actually she was weeping at a very touching moment of “Splendor in the Grass”, during a Natalie Wood scene where she’s talking about her hopes for her future baby girl.

    The pregnant girl seemed skeptical when Paul’s mom made them start watching the “old” film, but by the end of the movie – Paul’s mom was asleep on the bed and the pregnant girl was moved to tears by the story.

    Her tears came after Paul was tragically murdered and then my tears started coming.
    It was such a tragic storyline.

    Paul was such a bad ass – I would have really loved to see him pull more of his contract killer Bad-Assness.

    I guess as a mom with a kid – I was more tuned into the depth with which they told the dynamic of those women in that motel room.

    The way they cut back to his fiancé’s face after he was shot – was almost as if she felt something wasn’t right – like the baby kick or something.
    I was surprised you guys skimmed over that part about “Splendor in the Grass”- since you’re so thorough about everything else…

    Just in case it wasn’t clear – I could listen to you guys talk all day!!

    Thanks for all you do!!

    • Josh Wigler

      Thanks Rainbow! Great read on the scene.

      • Rainbow Shalom Hayes