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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt | Season 1 Recap

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) is joined by RHAP romance expert Haley Strong (hstrong_) to recap the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. All thirteen episodes of the season, which focus on a rescued cult victim adjusting to the real world in New York City, premiered on Netflix on March 6.
In their recap, Mike and Haley discuss the numerous similarities between this show and 30 Rock (which feature the same executive producers), the variety of supporting and tertiary characters, their favorite guest stars, and the glory that is Jon Hamm. So stop spraying your apartment with Buhbreeze, turn off your newly-bought cassette tape of the soundtrack to Rain Man, and give a listen!

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  • Marcelo Sparano

    I cant believe u guys didnt talk about pinot noir!! Maybe a podcast just reviewing the song?? Great job guys!

  • heymikeymike

    One of my favorite one-off gags was when the handsome man goes to hug Kimmy from behind and she screams at the top of her lungs then immediately turns and smiles when she sees who is embracing her. It’s so subtle and says so much about what might’ve happened in the bunker.

  • Matthew Gregg

    I watched 12 of the 13 episodes all in one day. This show is really good and Ellie Kemper is everything I want Zooey Deschanel to be on New Girl but never quite fully achieves. The guy who plays Randy had me reminiscing about the greatness that was Don Knotts. So many jokes that were great but really enjoyed when Jane was with her parents and her “fashion magazines” and when Titus was auditioning for Spiderman Too and sang that song. I also really thought it was funny how logical Dong and Logan were when they argued over Kimmy at her party.

  • Sid

    Great recap of a fun show! I will attribute your relative youth as to why you did not give more props to the great Carol Kane, who plays Lilillian. A great comic actress, well known to oldies like me.

    • sunny

      Agreed, and they also didn’t seem to catch that Tina Fey are her co-council were a riff on Marcia Clarke and Chris Darden of OJ trial fame 🙂

  • Howard

    OMG…..Started yesterday about 4pm to relax after a busy day, and didn’t leave until after episode 13.

    My literal convo today w/ 2 friends on FB trying to out do each other on best lines….;

    “Troll the respawn, Jeremy.” # 1 favorite.

    “Excuse me, I have to go use the filth bucket – I mean bathroom.”

    “I figured out my phone has a clock on it! By the way, where is Cupertino?”

    “It’s like Jesus’s stepbrother Terry… that wasn’t in the Bible, was it?”

    “All I hear from you is, ‘What’s the internet? Who’s that guy? What’s Tilda Swinton?’ And the answers are tubes, the president, and no one knows.”

    “I know the exact minute I was born because it was in my mom’s lawsuit against the roller coaster.”

    “And I finally have a bra that fits right, thanks to that bra salesman in the other van.”

    “There was never an Entourage 2!”

    White Women Found: Hispanic Woman Also Found.

    The Martin Short part was the BEST.

    “It’s called ‘Pinot Noir’…” “Classy!” “…’An ode to black penis’.” “I assumed.”

    “The only thing I can’t find is the opening to the show: Six White Complainers”


    The whole Native American background of ” Jackie Lynn”

    Every single thing Carol Kane says

    Amy Sedaris

    “I’m proficient in WordPerfect and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.”

    “Did I say that right? “Curs”‘.

    I’m not paying Orlando prices for female condoms”

    “The world is your oyster”

    “Ew, why can’t it be my butter and noodles?”

    “I’d like to play you folks a little song about another crazy preacher you might have heard of. His name was JESUS. He was a one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater…”

    “If God wanted women to talk he wouldn’t have made their mouths look like their privates!”

    “I went to public school in Mississippi. They taught us the dinosaurs went extinct because an asteroid turned them gay.”

    “Oh my god, that werewolf is turning into Samuel L. Jackson! AAAAAAHHHH!!”

    That is why we came all this way in the giant iron eagle. I’m kidding. I know what planes are. I was in the Air Force.”

    “A Mexican candy animal!”

    “If my dad finds out, he’ll marry me off to one of his Saudi friends!”

    I believe in Gosh and his son Jeepers.”

    ‘Kathy Ireland Collection for Dollar Store”

    If something happens, who are they going to pin it on? Rainbow Bright or gay Tiki Barber?

    Wait, what were strikes 1 and 2? Has baseball changed????”

  • Just started watching this today, Cant wait to listen to your guys thoughts.

  • Chlsea_1905

    Can’t wait to finish watching the season and listen to this. I’ve only watched the 1st episode so far but was instantly hooked. I was such a huge Ellie Kemper fan from the office so I just had to give this show at try.

  • Anna

    I loved this show but it was interesting to me because I never really liked 30 Rock all that much. I think Ellie Kemper just put it over the top for me

  • Will Holston

    “It’s 2090. You’re dead, and you wasted your time on earth.”

  • I’m all for Post Show Recaps expanding the shows it recaps, I must say though I’m very surprised Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt gets the love it does. It’s watchable but it’s distinctly very average. There are some funny little one-liners, but for the most part the jokes are either overly slapstick or silly, predictable, or cliche.

    Also, they had this concept that was pretty unique and intriguing, but it just went absolutely nowhere. By episode 3 or 4 it had just settled into a regular sitcom. Then the final couple of eps when they had to tie it up again, it just felt really thrown together.

    Final thought. Diversity of a cast is good on tv, but not when it’s so obvious. Straight white female, gay black man, Asian love interest, Jewish landlord, European influenced rich family. Does every single person on the planet need a representation of themselves in every tv show?

  • Lovely

    It’s 2015 Mike, we don’t refer to black people as “colored” anymore. Jeez!