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This Is Us | Special Post-Superbowl Recap

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“This Is Us” Special Post Superbowl Recap

Jessica Liese is joined by Nicole Cesternino to talk about “This Is Us” after the big post-superbowl¬†episode featuring the death of Jack.

  • Morning Glory

    I am surprised that Jessica didn’t like the making of the birthday cupcake. That is one of my favorite parts of the character development. You see her being really mean to Jack. Then she goes out of her way to make something special with very limited resources. I thought the whole thing was a beautiful way of showing some of the ups and downs of marriage and how you can show love through concrete actions.

  • Rowena Rubin

    I love this show. We need a weekly Post Show Recap for this show!!! Please, Nicole, Jessica, make this happen!!!

  • Vanessa Yank Turnier

    Thank you for the show! Jack wanted to make his entire family happy, not just Kate. He saved the dog and he grabbed a bag filled with special things. Rebecca should have stressed this to Kate. It was his choice.

  • Sara

    I just listened to the pod cast and want more now. Please start doing this on the regular.

  • woodstock07

    I really enjoyed this Podcast and I wish it were weekly. This was my first time hearing Nicole Podcast and you were awesome. Jessica you are always amazing. Thank you for this, it was unexpected and right on time.