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Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 2 Recap: Strangers


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LIVE at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap season 5, Episode 2 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Join us for our live review immediately after the episode.

In this episode Rob and Josh discuss many questions from the episode including:

  • Can Bob possibly survive his encounter with Gareth now that his leg has been cut off?
  • What does Bob’s fate tell us about the creator’s view of Bob’s suddenly optimistic view of the world?
  • What is Gabriel hiding?  What are the things about his character that don’t add up?
  • Will The Walking Dead ever get to Washington, D.C. as Abraham hopes?
  • Was Carol trying to run away from the group again?
  • Why did Rob really love the twist on Rick’s three questions in tonight’s episode?
  • What did the messages in the church tell us about our story?
  • Is Gabriel connected to the abduction of Beth last sesaon?

Join us again next Sunday night when we recap The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 3 on AMC.

The Walking Dead 2014 Recap: Review of Season 5, Episode 2 - Strangers

The Walking Dead 2014 Recap: Review of Season 5, Episode 2 – Strangers

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  • jsizzlefresh

    That was glorious. Fear the Hunters is my favorite story arc from the comics and now it has finally arrived! I can already tell that this is going to be the best Walking Dead season yet!

    • It really does seem like the show has elevated itself in Season 5.

      • jsizzlefresh

        Yeah, I think that’s in part because Scott M. Gimple is really hitting his stride. The Walking Dead has gone through a couple showrunners now (Darabont, Mazzara, and now Gimple) and I think Gimple has the best feel for the type of storytelling that works on the Walking Dead. I hope this season keeps living up to the hype (after watching the third episode, I continue to be impressed).

  • Petzl

    Two things that didn’t seem to work for me in Ep 0502:

    Previously, on the farm and the prison, they had huge amount of security. At the farm, they could see people/walkers coming from far away. At the prison, well, it was a fortress. At the church, there’s in essentially a single large room, with the forest obstructing their visibility. If they’re all inside, they’re trapped. And anyone strolling by at night is going to see that the church is occupied. (Rob and Josh talked about the “oddness” of Bob being outside: I just assumed he was doing guard duty. But if Bob really was just sneaking outside, then, they have really no security posted? After all the they’ve been through? Why do they feel at all comfortable at the church, let alone that the reverend might still have some sort of “group” that will ambush Rick & Co. at the opportune moment.

    And, why are they so cavalier about going to Washington? Eugene, again, didn’t even explain what was there. He again didn’t clarify what the “Reset” button was. (They have already been to the CDC; that didn’t work out so good.) Plus, the baby. Bringing a baby hundreds of miles, from unknown campground to unknown campground, possibly engaging in firefights, requires extreme mobility– someone’s baby, let alone your own, is the last thing you’ll want with you. I thought that the baby would make Rick categorically rule out a DC trip, rather than whimsically sway him in favor…

    • Style-z

      I disagree that the Morgan or Gareth info is considered a “spoiler”, but to this point, could it be possible to have a spoiler segment and incorporate more of Wigler’s knowledge of the comic arc

      • Josh Wigler

        Petzl, I’ll try to do better with putting some kind of “spoiler-buzzer” before information like that; I tend to think of it as fair play, but I totally get that not everyone agrees.

        Style-z, maybe as an occasional one-off! We’ll see!

        • Style-z

          Awesome, cause this season so far has been dripping in source material

        • I finally was able to watch the episode last night, and am about to listen to this. But the first thing I thought at the end was “Man, I really wish Josh was doing a Walking Dead Spoiler Cast! ” about this to discuss how this relates to the comic.

      • Petzl

        Don’t really see how this is disputable. Affirmatively knowing someone is not going to die next episode and is contracted for a nice long character arc can be just as spoiler-ish as knowing someone is going to die next episode.

        • StyleZ

          Question, do you watch the opening credits? If so you already know the dude (Gareth) is a season reg. I can give a little credence to your moragan gripe, but should it wasnt a consequential spoil not even close

  • Matthew Gregg

    Did Bob get bit in that pool of water?

  • FC

    I think even if they get to D.C., it won’t turn out the way they are expecting it to..

  • Matt Campbell

    Anyone else think that Darryl sounds exactly like Christian Bale’s Batman so far this season? Especially when he only has to say 1 line of a few words at a time like chiming in during a group discussion.

  • Ash

    My guess is that Gabriel turned his back on his congregation. He had all the canned food and could have “tried” to create a safe haven for his followers, but he locked them out and kept the food for himself. He let everyone (including his friend at the foodbank with the glasses) die.

    Although the hole with my theory is that none of the stained glass is broken. If his congregation had been desperate (as the knife marks indicate), they could have forced their way in.

  • Kristin Schmidt

    RE:” Can Bob possibly survive his encounter with Gareth now that his leg has been cut off?”

    Here’s my theory: Bob got bit on the foot/leg while in the water, and Gareth accidentally saved Bob’s life by cutting his foot off. Good on Bob for finding the bright side of being eaten!