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Walking Dead Season 5 Mid-Season Finale: Coda Recap


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Reaction to the death of Beth in The Walking Dead Season 5 Mid-Season Finale

LIVE at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 8 entitled, “Coda”. Join us for our live review immediately after the episode.

In this episode Rob and Josh discuss:

  • Why did Beth stab Dawn at the hospital?
  • Did Beth die a senseless death?
  • What can we expect for the back half of The Walking Dead Season 5?
  • Why was Rick so willing to fight to save Noah?
  • What was the significance of Morgan in this episode?
  • Why didn’t anybody get mad at Gabriel for leaving?


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  • susan appleby

    Keith Dixon had a great question. Would Beth have acted differently if she knew Maggie ( her sister) was very close to the hospital?

    • cameron

      I doubt it. She was being irrational at the time and had it premeditated. What Beth did was outrageous because it could have resulted in Rick’s group dying, so I don’t think she would have restrained herself because of Maggie’ presence.

  • Tiffany

    I agree that I thought the ending was bad storytelling as they had spent the last two episodes painting Dawn as palatable/not so bad and the progression of her relationship with Beth,almost to the point that I thought Dawn might go with Rick’s crew.I realize that they have to have some bloodshed in a finale,but seems like just killed her for sudden shock value ignoring the previous narrative.

    I kinda thought one of Abraham’s group dying this season would be “better” though I like them all.

    • cameron

      I thought something similar. I thought that Dawn would either be possessive of Beth and want Rick to give up a cop AND Noah for her, OR that Beth would simply not stab her. I’m kind of wondering why no one grabbed Beth to pull her back. Rick’s group is usually so careful and Beth was not armed, so it felt like was a silly way to write out Beth. I think Beth getting pulled down the elevator shaft would have been better, and then Rick’s group could kill Dawn in retaliation.

  • cameron

    Totally thought Judith would die getting swung around on Michonne’s back. Very unrealistic– there would definitely be damage to Judith’s neck or brain, at minimum.

    I think we all saw Beth’s death coming when Dawn predictably asked for Noah. I really hate Noah now for not dying earlier– his character is quite boring and I doubt he will bring any substance to the show. At least Gabriel is crazy and Tara makes stupid names.

    I think Judith could be next. Every girl 18 and under seems to die in the show (or every boy except Carl in the comics). By replacing the male children with females or killing off the one’s they don’t gender swap (like Sophia) the show runners aim to convey lost hope– I guess because girls are associated with innocence.

    Good ep overall, but it was utterly predictable and did not feel like a mid-season ender. I like the two cops who were exchanged, but it doesn’t look like anyone decided to come with Rick. I would have, rather than be holed up there.

    I think Beth’s death buys Glen some time. IMO Glen should have died in the prison when Maggie was choosing to save her dad or Glen, but had a fluke and saved both. For Maggie, Beth died at the prison with her father, seeing as that was the last time she saw both alive. I doubt the writers will want her to suffer another blow.

    • I also thought it was lucky that Michonne happened to have the baby in a backpack when Gabriel returned to the church. There is 0% of the time when I happen to have my baby in a backpack – just goes to show how useless I would be in a Zombie Apocalypse.

      • cameron

        You should probably get a suitable baby backpack then ASAP

  • StyleZ

    I think Noah made mention to beth in the hospital, that he had a father/relative in a “safe” area in the DC/Virginia area, my guess would be that he tells this to Rick and Co and they attempt to pursue this safe haven (see comics for additional basis for why this makes sense). Also if you watched the talking dead, kirkman didnt really deny following the comic’s arc in terms of the next destination/setting and he revealed that this cast will be getting even bigger, adding yet prominent another comic book character

    Also as far as Gabriel goes, I wouldnt expect him to go anywhere anytime soon. Kirman seemed to come to his defense, with a oh cmon he’s still learning guys, hell get there. I mean he’s pretty much just a way less badass version of Rick (in terms of “waking” up and being dropped into the apocalypse, only Gabriel was trapped in a Church not in comma).

  • Bluey Blue

    I totally called Beth bitting the big one!The title “coda” was a pretty big hint. Its a musical term for ending. Thought is was a good tie in for the song bird. She wasn’t ever an awesome character for me, but did feel so bad for Emily on Talking Dead…she seemed so heart broken.

    I think the whole “Dawn” stuff is that murder changes you. She killed the former head cop, so people fear her but then you start to become a crap magnet. If you’re a murderer your going to have rapest and other a-holes that follow you and use your past “sins” to keep you inline. When it comes to Beth killing Dawn all I can link it to is when Dawn talked about killing the weak to stay in power. Maybe Beth saw her power play as her last bit of power?

  • Ash

    I don’t think Beth’s death was as pointless as Josh and Rob make it out to be.

    I actually think it has a great impact that we spent a number of episodes on Beth and the attempts to rescue her, just to have her killed. It’s is a great reflection of what the characters go through living in an apocalypse. Carol’s “I don’t think we get to save people now.” ends up ringing very true and will have a big impact on different character archs. As much as they try, they keep losing their people. For the viewers, it was a big shock and is very symbolic of the frustrations of living in this world.

  • Carol Gillis

    Frigging great episode and post-show recap to boot. That “Dawn” character was more complicated than the Governor. Actor in the role is amazing. And it is a morose kind of poetic justice that Beth died. Great scene with Rick and others crying there. Very effective. Great episode.

  • Carol Gillis

    Just at the discussion around Beth’s senseless death. I think that Beth could always see that Dawn had really lost it. Even with those bonding moments that they had, you’d always have to go back to the previous episode where Dawn just struck Beth about the face, reopening wounds, willy nilly. Dawn called Beth a cop killer, admitted that she was herself and then had Beth abet her in the killing of douche-ex-partner douche cop. Anyway, I think that Beth just saw at that moment that Dawn’s getting Noah back was all about trying to redeem herself in eyes of the other cops…and then Beth knew that she had to be killed.

  • homertownie

    During the hiatus, Rob and Josh should do a look at “Z-Nation” on the SyFy network. It is a great companion zombie series to “Walking Dead”, in that it is low-budget and much more humor — sort of the Sharknado of the TV zombie world.

    The last several episodes have been real interesting — the group deals with a runaway nuclear plant, a feminist-prepper stronghold, and an interesting twist on the zombie “patient zero” meme. It is not high-art like Walking Dead tries to be, more SciFi and funny and B-movie and comic book-ish. A good companion show to Walking Dead.

    • Alycia Swift

      Its actually made by the same company that does Sharknado.

  • Petzl

    Rob and Josh never disappoint for references. My favorite this week:

    “It was a bad call, Rob. It was a bad call.” (to “Aliens”, at 5:18)