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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 “Thank You” Feedback Show

Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler answer the listener feedback from The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3, “Thank You”.

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  • Steve Davis

    Forgot to get my 7 questions in….

  • Tim Forbes

    If the writers wanted to write out Glenn to have him come back later then they had to have him seem to die in a convincing matter as people are more sceptical of off-screen deaths now. I’m fine with how they handled the situation if that is what they want to do. I also think it fits Glenn’s character to survive seemingly unsurvivable odds as his character has survived in awful conditions.

    • Steve Davis

      People overreact with some of these immediate reactions. I don’t think the show will jump the shark with killing off it’s main characters. But unless they have a major creative turn out of this, they may have painted themselves into a corner with their storytelling devices. But we’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out.

  • Tim Forbes

    I don’t really know how you count Carol as one of the ‘Big 3’. I think she is a great character but I would easily put Carl, Michonne and Glenn above Carol as one of the big characters. She was a relatively minor character for 3 seasons. For example, Ben was a great character on Lost but he was not one of the Big 3- i.e. Jack, Kate and Sawyer (or maybe Locke). I would put her at number 6 on the biggest characters probably.

    • Steve Davis

      1. Carl?? Oy
      2. Ben Linus was the main antagonist in LOST. He was originally supposed to be on for a 3-episode arc, and they wrote him into the show. Imagine the show without him.
      3. “Locke” did die and the show survived.
      4. Key words: “was relatively minor character.” They did a great job grounding out her character over they years.
      5. Daryl is not in there above Carl?

      • Tim Forbes

        1) I would say Carl is a more significant character for the show as a whole. He has been a key part of numerous big moments of the show and he is the motivation for the lead character.
        2) I agree the show wouldn’t be the same without him but I just would never say he was one of the 3 or 4 biggest characters of the show. Same as Carol
        3) I know he did and I think the show could survive with Glenn or some other big characters dieing. Although, I think if the show wants to last a while I think they need to keep some original characters around as long as possible. I Characters like Locke died when the show was nearing its end. Also, I don’t think the show would work or be successful with Carol as the main character if Rick wasn’t around as Rob was suggesting. I think Daryl being the main character would be weird as well. I think Glenn, Michonne or a much older Carl would work out better as a lead character.
        4) Yeah, I know she has become a better character but my point is Michonne, Carl, Daryl, Glenn and Rick have never been minor characters.
        5) I didn’t list Daryl or Rick because Rob already included him in his Big 3.

    • Wild_Orchid

      Agreed. Yes Carol is a badass and yes she is one of TWD OG’s but that’s about it. Neither Josh nor Rob have ever truly given Michonne here due respect as a character and have never truly acknowledged her importance on the show or in Rick’s life. Never. At this point in the show she is Rick’s #2. Period. Not Carol, not Daryl and certainly not Glenn. There have been so many moments that speak to this like in Conquer when he flat out said that Michonne could have talked him out of his plans which is why he kept her in the dark(not Carol or Daryl) or during The Distance when he decides to go to Alexandria solely because SHE wants to. In Conquer she pretty much tells him that she will follow him through the bowels of hell and that landed. No one else has given him that how of loyalty. She is his best friend(and potentially his something more) she has bonded with Carl in a meaningful way and is Judith’s primary mother figure. That means something. Please stop marginalizing her place in TWD hierarchy. As a Michonne fan it’s incredibly frustrating.

      In terms of level of importance on the show I’d say she has even usurped Daryl who the writers don’t seem to know what to do with.

      • Josh Wigler

        Hey, I love Michonne. I’ll try to give her more active props.

  • Josiah Ward

    Speaking of Fido, thanks Rob.. I think you just helped me realize my childhood dog is actually dead. I was told when I was a kid, maybe around 10 years old, that my dog went to a mysterious farm because she was getting old.. and that we might be able to visit her in the summer.. I’m now 21 and have never visited this “farm”..
    Yup she was dead. Thanks Rob.
    R.I.P. Jessie, you were a great dog.

  • Sean LaBua

    Honestly, if all the original Atlanta adults (Glenn, Rick, Daryl, and Carol) died by the time season 9 or 10 comes around, I would still love to follow Michonne, Carl, Maggie, and Abraham. The show has done a pretty good job of passing the torch.

  • Tom Palmer

    Woah! My question got read. Always a thrill.

  • ItsCola

    For me Michonne & Carl are way more important to the show than Glenn & maybe even above Carol as her development is so far on. A death of either would have a huge impact on the group dynamics.

  • Darylicious

    Here’s my speculation. Glenn is dead and we’ll see him again in zombie form. Then, he gets taken out by a baseball bat (Lucille) while the main crew hesitate to take action. Actual guess, he’s not dead and hid under the dumpster.

  • gplus46

    Great point Rob. I think the world of TWD is what is driving the show, and having great characters keeps it going.