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Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 3 Recap | Thank You – October 25

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 Recap Podcast of “Thank You” on October 25, 2015

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3, “Thank you”

On this weeks recap, Rob and Josh tackle all the questions from this action packed episode, including the one on everybody’s mind: Is Glenn Really Dead?

Rob and Josh also touch on the trouble that Rick finds himself in with an RV that wont start and a horde of zombies closing in. They explore why Daryl went nomad just to come right back. They also touch on Heath and Michonne’s battle with walkers and how Michonne’s outlook has evolved.

They also try to piece together the timeline of the first three episodes overlapping parts, and Josh rejoices in striking first in the death draft.

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Thanks to Justin Holcolmb for this week’s episode summary

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The Walking Dead 2015: Season 6, Episode 3 Recap - Thank You on October 25, 2015

The Walking Dead 2015: Season 6, Episode 3 Recap – Thank You on October 25, 2015


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  • Russ W

    Holy smokes! That is all.

  • Emily Stobs

    Did Glenn get a proper sendoff in his death scene? Very brutal for such as beloved character.

  • Raegan Ruiz

    Do you think that Maggie is next to go now that she has lost everybody who was close to her and loved her? On a side note HOW IS GLENN DEAD BUT FATHER GABRIEL IS STILL ALIVE?!

    • Emily Stobs


    • Charles Bikle

      Father Gabriel will be necessary for helping Maggie through her grieving process.

      • Antoni

        veery helpful

  • Dave_Bakker

    Assuming Rick gets out of this, is he going to lose his hand?


      He only uses his left hand for a few things

  • Dave_Bakker

    Was there more story to tell for Glen?

  • Wesley”Walker”

    Will you guys please direct me to the nearest grief counselor?

  • Chris Edwards

    What do we make of Daryl’s story this episode? What caused him to turn around and rejoin Abraham and Sasha?


      It wasn’t clear what he was doing or why.

  • Wesley”Walker”

    I am also glad that walking dead is getting more progressive with racial equality…. First time ever three black people live and everyone else is killed off.

  • Wesley”Walker”

    Hey guys, now that Maggie is single again, what’s the appropriate mourning period before I can ask her out?

  • Legionwrex

    So does Glenn join Jon Snow on the list of people that are “dead” but will inevitably come back?

  • Sylvia Aponte

    Do you think the fans will be angrier now or later when they find out Glen’s not dead and the producer’s are playing with our emotions? 2 words, dumpster gap.

  • Charles Bikle


  • This one stings a little I gotta admit. Never saw it coming, and it leaves me pretty empty. So well done TWD I guess for succeeding in tapping into people’s feels.

  • Antoni

    I feel for Glenn, and I love the show, and i for now am taking on the mourning role – 100% I believe he is dead and am moving on in this way. It is absolutely devastating bla bla bla… That being said if he comes back, I really doubt I want to watch a show that treats its viewers like that. I did it with GoT, dumping it because im a book reader, and I will do it here, You have been warned Walking Dead.
    I will still listen to the podcast though… if you just treat Glenn as dead, just ignore anything he does in scenes, absolutely ignore his presence 😉 Thank you
    ( this post is meant to be received as a joke btw… but no, GoT im still not watching, send Jaime to Riverrun where he belongs)

  • Antoni

    btw. Isnt Heath a redshirt, he should be treated as a redshirt, he is only 3 (2) episodes in, you gotta give him some time to settle in, not just give him the the respect based on his actor status

    • I don’t consider him a redshirt since his character had a real introduction scene in the premiere and he’s from the comics.

      • Antoni

        Damn it, we are not all born equal then I guess.

  • Michele P.

    Rob, you really are cracking me up right now

  • Kyle William Ellis

    I agree that I hope he is dead, (or at least imminently about to be). I wonder if they meant to give him so much wiggle room , so that way in his flashback/final episode , he can get up and somehow heroically deliver a sign that he is gone and done for to the group, (writing a message in blood, placing his watch in a signaling manner, one last radio message) before the walkers turn on him, and have a proper episode ending scene befitting of such a beloved, staple character. Not the quick mid episode ending he seemed to recieve

    • belinda

      I like Glenn, but it would be so incredibly lame if next week we see Glenn somehow survive this. It would undermine the whole point of his death really – how senseless and meaningless some deaths are, how you never know if it’s the last time you see someone, and it doesn’t matter if the guy is perfectly good at being in this world and is a survivor, and perhaps also that no, not only redshirts die in this show. And out of all the veteran cast memebrs, he really actually is probably the least indispensible. But with his death, suddenly viewers can’t be as secure that the main characters wouldn’t bite it, after what seems to be a few seasons of the vets being entirely safe.

      Like, I see Rick being able to survive the predicament he’s in next week, though it would actually be super impressive of the show if they killed Rick off as well, but that I can understand the show not doing. But Glenn? I cannot see the show reversing his death.

      • Kyle William Ellis

        I don’t mean having him survive, I more envision an episode flashing back to Maggie/Glenn talking about the future in Alexandria and kid, then present time its Maggie and michonne and whomever looking for Glenn or any signal, then the last ‘flashback’ is the dumpster scene, with Glenn throwing off Nickolas eaten corpse, getting bit but some how leaving a clear goodbye message like ‘ love you Maggie, give this to (kids name) with the watch…then the final scene being Maggie breaking down as she sees the message in present time. Face it, Glenn deserves a better closure ending than 2/3rds through the episode vague departure, but I do want him dead, just with an extra scene or two

        • belinda

          Yeah, that I can see happening. Since no one will technically know he’s dead, just missing.

  • Chris Burton

    They didn’t show “Dead Glenn” so it’s not canon. They didn’t even come close to showing a “Jon Snow level” dead Glenn. Wigler can’t even write an article analyzing Glenn’s dead eyes at this point, so I think Rob is getting a little too carried away here.

    • Josh Wigler


      • Chris Burton

        Do it. I think you should make it a thing. So you have the complete set when anyone supposedly carks it.

  • hugatreemom

    You guys talked a little about timeline discrepancies.. but how on earth did Morgan (leaving a few minutes before the horn started) get back to Alexandria so quickly compared to the rest of these yahoos? I realize he had a bit of a head start, but it just seems so unrealistic!

  • TP222

    He better be dead. We still don’t know how he made it out of the last certain death situation.

  • Charles Bikle

    Hey in regards to the timeline discrepancy, “JSS” was written and directed by two different people than the ones who did “Thank You”.- that’s probably the issue right there.

  • John Santucci

    If Glenn isn’t dead, and only redshirts and minor characters get killed in The Walking Dead, isn’t the show really just Gilligan’s Island with zombies?

    • Tom Palmer

      they’ve killed so many major characters though.

    • Tim Forbes

      I think that is a major overreaction to maybe not killing one main character. Tyreese, Lori, Andrea, Shane, Hershel were all big characters that were killed off.

    • John Santucci

      You’re missing my point: I am not saying that major characters haven’t died. They have. My point is that if major characters do not die, the show would not be the show.

  • Alex Curran

    Has any other main character had a such a vague death scene? I don’t think so, and that’s why I am in the he’s alive camp. However, I would love to see a Maggie finds a zombie Glenn scene.

  • Charles Bikle


  • ItsAdroit

    He’s alive. Pic of him on set in a future episode:

    • Charles Bikle

      You should take that down – it’s a spoiler

  • Tom Palmer

    Haven’t the showrunners earned a fake out death? Heroes never let anyone die. Walking Dead has killed so many people…

  • Keith Dixon

    I am with Rob. If Glenn somehow survives I will be truly annoyed. That is an insult to my intelligence for him to somehow survive all of that! And I will not buy that Nicholas’s guts on top of Glenn will somehow save him. Those are FRESH guts. From my understanding zombies LOVE that stuff. It needs to be dead zombie guts that ward off the zombies.

    • Chlsea_1905

      yes, first thing I thought of. Even if Nicholas’s body was on top of Glenn I find it impossible that not one walker would take a bite of Glenn’s delicious smelling arms, legs, and neck.

    • susan appleby

      I love Glenn and for that reason, I will accept any justification for him to live.


    The show has done a horrible job w logistics since the truck horn.

    How loud was the truck horn?

    Two weeks ago, Ricks group heard it clearly.

    Does a truck horn travel more than 1/2 mile?

    But, last week Carl baked a casserole in 45 minutes and no Rick. This week Rick’s group is 30 to 60 minutes away, which means at least 2 miles.

    If a truck horn goes off in Venice, do people at the Santa Monica Prominade hear it?

    It wrecks the suspense if we don’t know how far from danger/safety Rick, the Alexandria folks, etc are.

    All we know is they are in random and vague states of fubar.

    SLOOPY story telling


      I went online. A basic air horn can be heard 1 mile away. Ricks group should have been able to get back to Alexandria in 15 or 20 minutes

    • Charles Bikle

      Both episodes had completely different writers & directors, so the logistics being off was probably a miscommunication issue.


    Glenn, Steven Yeun, is the star of DC’s Samauri slated to be released VOD in Summer 2016, the idea the character will also be in the big Justice League movie.

    He’s dead.

  • TrentC

    Glen isn’t dead. The way the scene was shot is way too vague. The horizontal, slightly downward angle on his body, the way the scene ends abruptly with him screaming. They wouldn’t kill a main character with a ‘maybe death’ scene. I’m sure they would show his body and the atrocities being inflicted until he takes his last breath and then cue the sad music. This was smoke and mirrors.

  • Hey will you let us know in the feedback show if anyone posts a timeline video?

  • Matt H

    After Rick kills the last Wolves and finds the bottle of Apple sauce, he looks totally broken, despite having just said to Daryl that they have to finish the mission no matter what. If the RV would have started right there and then, do you think he would have carried on the mission himself, or would have he driven back to Alexandra? Also whats your predictions on how Rick gets out of that sticky situation.

  • Jorge Alvarado

    I think the ambiguity in Glen’s death is a storytelling device by the writers to put us viewers in the shoes of the Rick’s group. They don’t know whether Glen is dead or alive, so we’re being put in their shoes, wondering about if someone we know and love is still alive. My prediction: they find Glen’s body later, confirming his death; they’ll recognize him by Hershell’s watch in his pocket. Thoughts?

  • Sean LaBua

    I 110% agree with Rob. The way I look at this whole Glenn fiasco is that if it turns out he’s alive, it would cheapen the show because then it’s like instead of the writers writing a well crafted story, they’re just playing games with us to rev up our emotions to get us to tune in. Rather than that, they should just get us to tune in by writing a great story.

  • homertownie

    What bothers me is how walkers just show behind people when they would make noise coming through the woods and they have visibility for hundreds of meters.

    However, it sort of is like what would happen in a comic book setting.

  • Wild_Orchid

    The conversation between Michonne and David talking about his wife was not about Glenn and Maggie it was clearly about Rick and Michonne. His exact words:

    She wasn’t my wife from before. It was early on. Aaron found me. I was alone, lost everything…everyone, by myself, I wasn’t crazy. I just gave up–on being someone, an actual person, you know what I mean? We found Betsy on the way back to community. She still saw me. After I thought I was dead and gone, she was my first friend, then she was more…she made me more, even better than how I used to be…finding her in all this, that was everything.

    That’s pretty much Rick and Michonnes story in a nutshell. I don’t even ship these two but it’s pretty freaking obvious what the writers were doing there. I find it baffling why people refuse to recognize Michonne as a potential love interest for Rick the way they have done with Jessie. Interesting.

  • OnTheRun

    What do you guys think of this possibility? Glen slides under the dumpster and maybe there’s a hole in the bottom and he climbs in. Then climbs back up the top and is able to escape. It would mirror what happeneds to Rick with the tank in the Premiere.

  • Alex from NYC

    I’m with Rob, if Glen isn’t dead I may have to stop watching this show altogether. Would be such a bs ratings grab to do it like this and not actually kill him, especially when they do it up with the music and everything to get the tears flowing from their loyal fans. This will determine whether I think this is the best season ever or the beginning of the end for me.

  • Charles Bikle

    If Glen does escape, he’ll be the “Houdini Of Zombies”.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    If next week is a Morgan Flashback episode only….it would be the worst possible timing ever…..and even if it is action packed and extremely well done, it would still be ruined by the lingering cliffhanger of whether Glenn is dead or not…and whether Rick escaped or not, thoughts in the back of our minds!!
    Hopefully that’s not the case…..given it’s a 90 minute episode….they should at least give us some answers, right?? Otherwise why extend this particular episode? It’s usually always the premiere or the finale that gets extended….so why episode 4 this season?

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    I thought we all agreed that if we don’t see the body being mutilated on screen…..then they should not be dead, right? For the fact that we haven’t seen Glenn’s mutilated corpse or him turning into a Walker…..we shouldn’t assume that he’s dead, right?

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    However it really would be a miracle if he did end up escaping that herd
    of walkers…..even if he did disguise himself as a walker covered in
    Nick’s guts…the flesh would still be too fresh for walkers not to at
    least attack him, right?

    So the next time we see Glenn, he better be a
    walker….or in really bad shape about to be turned into a walker so
    that he could say his final goodbyes to Maggie! That’s what would make
    for a mighty fine and depressing Glenn sendoff episode~~ T^T If
    not…..then I agree with Rob….it will feel really cheap…and these
    past 3 episodes as great as they were….would also be a huge

  • homertownie

    It is hard enough for a TV show to logistically have a baby. They won’t waste money on Rick’s and Glenn’s baby for a whole season.

  • Tom Palmer

    I think that Glenn represents the humanity of the group. So him seemingly dying can serve to show the group having finally lost their humanity. But when he returns, the characters can start on their return to redemption.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    Whether Glenn is dead or not… you guys think it was a good idea to kill Glenn off as a character at this moment in time? Or is this more created for shock value than anything else?

  • Brett Barsanti

    I just watched the episode and then immediately started to listen to this. I didn’t even consider that Glenn might be dead before listening, but now after listening, I’m about 95% sure that Glenn is still alive. This reminds me of 24 Live Another Day when they “killed” President Heller, once I noticed there was no silent clock in that episode, I thought it through and was 95% sure he was still alive too. The Talking Dead mourning segment is I guess the equivalent of the 24 silent clock.

    • A.C.

      I don’t think President Heller was an important enough character to ever warrant the “Silent Clock”.