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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 Recap Podcast of “Heads Up” on November 22, 2015

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7, “Heads Up”

After weeks of waiting, we finally get answers about Glenn in the latest episode of “The Walking Dead.” Rob and Josh discuss how Glenn is getting along with the wandering Enid and look at how the producers and the actor handled the “death” of Glenn.

Rob and Josh also come back inside the walls to discuss the issues going on in Alexandria and what is the real reason Ron wants to learn how to shoot? Plus, can Morgan live in this society if he won’t kill? What will happen when everyone finds out that Morgan has a wolf locked up?  Can Eugene learn to defend himself, if everyone is wearing sandals?

Rob and Josh also get ready for next weeks midseason finale as the wall gives way and the walkers are let in. Who will survive? Who will die? What will become of Alexandria?

Special Thanks to Justin Holcomb for this week’s episode recap

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Walking Dead 2015: Season 6 Episode 7 Recap Podcast | Heads Up

Walking Dead 2015: Season 6 Episode 7 Recap Podcast | Heads Up

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  • Steve Davis

    Who is a bigger jerk during firing practice? Carl vs. Ron or Shane vs. Andrea?

  • Emily Stobs

    Is Spencer still the worst or is Ron coming close to taking his place?

  • Chris Edwards

    Can we expect Ron to die next week? And if so, who will be the one to take him out?

  • Steve Davis

    Checkov’s Bullets?

  • Steve Davis

    So is the bigger issue the fact that we will now be questioning every “death” on TWD?

    • Linus Wesley

      I wouldn’t worry about it. This show has never shied away from showing us how horrifically the characters are killed. The ones I think of when I think back to characters we’ve lost, don’t leave much room for questioning if they could have survived it.

      Also I feel like they won’t let anyone get killed off-screen or in an ambiguous way anytime soon, with the Glenn trick so recent in the memories of the viewers.

    • Edwin Johnson

      I really don’t think so. They were trying to trick us but with such an obvious wink that people quickly caught on.

      They lined up the escape route of the dumpster, as well as the Nick shield.
      Immediately after the episode aired they played up the mystery aspect of Glenn’s “death” on the talking dead by excluding the Glenn memorial and releasing a statement of ambiguity.

      If anything, the next time they are ambiguous about a death, they might turn it around on us. The deaths are usually pretty unambiguous though.

  • Paul

    I feel like the producers decided early on that the mid-season finale would be the herd breaking into Alexandria, and they just back-filled all the episodes from that point. This led to a lot of low quality filler. They could have gotten to this point after 5 (or 6 max) episodes.

    I guess they really do want to drag this show out for many more seasons with this main core cast.

  • Charles Bikle

    So if Steven Yeun plays hardball in his next contract negotiation, I think he has a LOT of leverage – they can’t kill him now. He’s immunized.

  • Charles Bikle

    Just heard that Michael Traynor, the actor who plays fan-favorite, “Nicholas”, will also be releasing a short message to his fans.

  • realtrinilostgirl2007

    Do you think Rosita is going to die in the mid season finale? Bc someone from the main cast needs to die and Glen is out of the picture. This will propel Sasha and Abraham “thing”.

  • RuddyG

    What if Glenngate is just a setup for Glenn’s fate on the show to match the one in the comic? Maybe at the end of this season? Even from the comments below, everyone seems to think they wouldnt kill Glenn now…and that might be exactly what Gimple and Kirkman want everyone to think.

  • Megan

    Yeah, everyone I talked to, even casual TWD fans, were sure Glenn was not dead. When I talked to them I realized that Glenn was definitely going to survive if even casual fans knew he wasn’t dead.

  • sunny

    great podcast and I got the seinfeld ref 🙂

  • I think the pacing is just like real life…even war…not always gonna be balls to the wall, random down time, random craziness. Glad Glenn is alive, but really, I would not have moaned in terror as Nick was torn apart…MOVE fool!! lol, also, I think if Glenn killed a few walkers, they would become barriers/protective field against other walkers grabbing….4 would be needed on each side of dumpster to wedge himself in right? anyway…glad he is back…

  • AJ Mass

    So, at the end of the day, with the whole Glen situation… would this all of have gone over differently if they simply had ended the initial Nicholas/Glenn scene with them falling off the dumpster and cutting away rather than the guts-being-pulled-out shot? Wasn’t the real issue the execution of the cliffhanger and not the decision to make this a cliffhanger? No shot of guts, no reason to have Yeun on “Talking Dead,” controversy averted.

    • @Wharfrat1625

      I agree with the sentiment AJ. Over the last few weeks I have adamantly defended Gimple’s choice to create distance between Glenn falling, and the reveal as to what happened. I appreciate people’s frustration about it, but I like it when shows take some creative risks, and understood the intention to put viewers in Maggie’s perspective of uncertainty about Glenn’s fate. It wasn’t inherently a bad choice on their part, but clearly the audience overwhelmingly feels like they missed the execution on this one despite my personal perception. I tend to believe that if they cut the scene with the fall, the hysteria would have been mitigated.
      The irony is, from all the interviews I’ve seen, they seem to feel like the storm of controversy the choice created is exactly the result they wanted to achieve, in that it stimulated a collective conversation (never mind that it was mostly negative criticism) and breathed some new life into water cooler conversation for the last month despite the age of Binge in which we currently exist. The joke I believe, is on us after all!

  • Tim Forbes

    I really enjoyed this week’s episode (seemingly more than most) and I thought your recap was really fun this week. I have a question about who the show wants us to identify or agree with the most. I feel in the minority in that I identify or side with the more positive, yet realistic characters like Glenn or Michonne (not like Tyreese or even Morgan) rather than the more cutthroat characters like Rick or Carol.

    Who do you think the show wants us to identify more with? Characters like Glenn and Michonne or ones like Rick and Carol? And does Glenn surviving despite impossible odds effect this in anyway?

  • Edwin Johnson

    I have a wild prediction. Sam will grow up to join the night watch where he will kill white walkers… and he will do it while working with the wolves.

  • KB

    I think Glenn has changed significantly. He used to help people who wanted and needed help like Tara. Enid escaped the Wolves, she’s sitting pretty in a room on the second floor with food and water. Forcing her out is not helping her it is hurting her. She can stay there waiting for the herd business to blow over or she can move on. That should be her choice. With the Tara situation Glenn was helping someone, with the Enid situation he is forcing someone to help him. That is a huge change. Plus he’s screaming at her the entire time, so yes I believe the Nicholas stuff had a big impact on him and now all he cares about is getting back to Maggie and he’s going to make people help him whether they want to or not. They’ve said this season “people are the greatest resource.” Glenn used to take people who volunteered but now he’s forcing people to be a resource for him. He knows with Enid if they run into some Walkers she’ll kill a few. Maybe she dies in the process but she will help him get back to Maggie. She gets absolutely nothing out of this. If we didn’t already know Glenn wouldn’t we think it is villainous to take someone against their will from safety into a herd?

  • John Santucci

    Do you think in the midseason finale Ron will make an attempt on Carl’s life, causing him to lose an eye as in the comic books? Sorry if this spoils anything but to me they’re kinda separate animals (TV show and graphic novels). OR is Ron angling for Rick AND Carl. #BadRonald Thanks!

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    Ron is so the worst!! If he doesn’t die next episode….I’ll personally go blow his eyeballs~~ XD. Spencer is a close second for sure, especially with the stunt he pulled this episode….maybe a Spencer death next episode too?? That would be GREAT!!

    Any predictions on how many deaths we will be getting in the Mid-Season Finale?? Not counting the red shirts btw….people from the main and supporting casts~ My hopes are for Ron and Spencer to die horrible horrible deaths…and especially for Carl to gauge Ron’s eyes out – that would be AWESOME!!

    AND…..where was Aaron this entire season???? Do you think he will have a part to play next episode….maybe he’ll lose his boyfriend? Could Aaron be the one calling for HELP?

    We are in serious need of some bloodshed this season, right? With this Glenn stunt they pulled on us….they better give us some REAL Deaths in this mid-season finale, agree?